“I Don’t Want To Sound Bitter”: Wale Speaks On Assistant Attacking Tiara Thomas On Twitter, And If He Still Holds A Grudge

June 27, 2013 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

Wale Tiara

Earlier this month, we told you about Wale’s alleged assistant taking to Twitter to try and air out Tiara Thomas. Of course, Thomas used to work very closely with rapper Wale, including on the popular track “Bad.” But despite claims by the rapper that he worked with her for two years, she went ahead and signed with Rico Love and his music management company. This, of course, Wale didn’t take well, and neither did his assistant, who went pretty berserk on social media. Here’s the exchange that occurred between the assistant, Reese, Wale and Thomas on Twitter a short while back:

Wale 1

Wale 2




Wale 3

It has been a few weeks and now that Wale’s new album, The Gifted has been released, he went to Power 105.1′s “The Breakfast Club” to not only talk about it, but to clear some things up about that tense exchange between all three parties on social media. Here’s what he had to say about Reese’s behavior, loyalty, and why his camp took things oh so personally:

Wale: “Reese old enough to be my mother. I can’t tell her what to say and what to do. But Reese was raised in the streets for real, so she has a specific code she goes by so it doesn’t necessarily coincide with how people do things in the music industry. She was speaking freely. I tried to tell her to stop but what you gon’ tell a woman–she gonna do what she gonna do. It f**ked with a lot of people in our circle because it was so close. They remember me spending money to fly her around, they remember me going to Joey who was at Warner at the time trying to get her a deal. They remember me taking her to Jay. They remember me taking her to Pharrell. They remember me doing all of these things.”

Angela Yee: “But no paperwork?”

Wale: “Me personally I had a different code by then. I was like, ‘You know what? You gonna mess up the chemistry if you start throwing around paperwork now. Let’s just make our music. We have an understanding, we’re gonna get it done.’”

DJ Envy: “Is that what you did with Ross?”

Wale: “Funny thing is, I wasn’t on paperwork when I did “Pandemonium.” I wasn’t on paperwork when I did “Play Your Part,” me or Meek. For real for real, I can tell you the list of people, artists, everything that was trying to undercut Ross and sign me. And tell me all the reasons why I shouldn’t sign with Ross. But, he gave me an opportunity. But at the same time, everybody wasn’t raised the same. I don’t want to sound bitter. She’s a small girl. I don’t want to sound like a bully or nothing like that, but she did what was best for her career.

I get a lot of flack for everything I do…I’ve tried to find peace in the music business…you can say ‘Wale sensitive,’ but everybody is.”

Interesting. Either way, he’s doing well and she’s doing her own thing. So while Wale and his team might still be a little salty about the situation, it’s time to keep the peace and move on. What do you think about his statements on “The Breakfast Club”?


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  • Christina

    If this was a man, it wouldn’t b looked at the same way, I’m sorry…

  • http://www.yourtango.com/users/cheekee-baby cheekee baby

    Most artists have a short shelf life these days. I say get while the gettin is good. Its business and its people’s livelihood you’re talkin about here. Putting that bread on the table comes before somebodies feelings. She should have let him know what’s up and gave him the option to get her a contract before she signed though.

  • AncientSpiritNewDay

    I’ve never liked Wale, he just seems like a real a**hole. I’ll just assume Wale is most likely a pain to be around and work with which is why Tiara signed with Rico Love, now Wale is all butt hurt about it. He needs to get his ratchet a** assistant under control, her behavior isn’t good for business.

  • jerrylarry

    ha he’s gettin his $ and she did wut she thot was best 4 her career but at the end of the day she mite turn out like the girl tha showed video last nite on 106 & park video idk who she is she premiered her video 6/26/13 young girl that video and song was irratatin lol so there for wale and tiara or wutever her name is no disrespect! loyalty equals royalty good guys all finish last!

  • Ms. Kameria

    Eventually some form of paperwork needed to be done.
    The last statement in this article sums up the whole situation. “It’s time to keep the peace and move on”.

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