The ‘R&B Divas’ Season 2 Reunion Show Last Night Was In One Word — A Mess!

June 27, 2013  |  

If you’ve followed the second season of R&B Divas you know that it has had its awesome moments of support, love, growth, hilarity, and friendship. You also know that it has had its fair share of drama, tears, cusswords, fly makeup/outfits and conspiracy theories. The bad outshines the good – sadly enough.

So, as I watched the reunion show last night I was not surprised that I found myself shaking my head at so many things: Some of the horrible outfits (Nicci Gilbert looked one shade of UniverSoul Circus ringmaster crazy), Joe Clare, the random host who could NOT adequately host a reunion of six Black women with tons of passion and differences alike, and the total disproportion of listening to speaking skills of a few of the women on stage (Nicci and Syleena).

It was what I expected. I expected Nicci (formerly of the group, Brownstone) to be ultra defensive and play the victim as she masterfully has throughout the season. I expected soul singer Syleena Johnson to throw her stinging one-liners out at Nicci (“You foul! But you casket sharp!” to Nicci Gilbert).

I expected neosoul legend Angie Stone to keep her cool no matter how many curse words or accusations were hurled. I expected 90s R&B vixen Monifah to remain true to form in minding her own business and staying out of the drama.

So I suppose TV One delivered the right amount of drama we were all looking forward to during this first part of the “R&B Divas” Reunion show. And even though drama is what we crave to see, we’re still hoping for there to be some sort of resolve between the women before the season comes to a full close.

What was supremely telling, and I applaud Faith Evans for this, was the fact that she did not appear with the other ladies. While it has been reported that she had a previous commitment which did not allow her to be present for the reunion taping, I am almost certain she was protecting her reputation and her business brand by not mingling in all the tom foolery that has taken place on the show. Recording her part of the reunion show separately was extremely smart on her part. While these ladies were fighting over workout DVD releases and tour dates, Faith was performing, taking care of her family and building her own brand. That’s wise, Faith and we ain’t mad at you.

July 10th will give us the second part to the R&B Divas Reunion Show and I was elated to see that production will be swapping out host Joe Clare with actress, philanthropist, and motivational speaker Sheryl Lee Ralph to mediate between the ladies of the show. From the preview clips, it seems like it will make for great television as she raises her voice a time or two and pretty much all the ladies on stage are dabbing at their eyes by the end.

Will you be watching the second half of the reunion or have you had enough of The Divas? Who is your favorite R&B Diva?

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  • Tasha Russell

    The Reunion show was so boring to me. I don’t know if it was host and/or whether or not he asked the right questions. And yes, I agree with some of the comments regarding Nicci and I was happy that Selena finally told her off on the season finale last week. For her to have her own clothing line, she should have chosen a better outfit but then again, according to Selena, she is shaped like SPONGE BOB so it was probably diffcult finding an outfit for her square body! I love Keke and she can sing her A$$ off and so can LaTocha. When I first saw the show, I thought that Nicci resembled a horse and I think she looks somewhat better with short hair. I had to google Brownstone and look at pictures of her while she was with the group. And I am sorry but can someone please explain why Angie Stone looked “weird” in the face?? In my opinion, and others as well from other blogs, some people said that she looked old, like a frog or a lizard?? Something is off with her face??

  • Angelitis

    Also I think Syleena and her fam need their own show shoots

  • Angelitis

    Nicci is sooooo silly…..she has a real communication and understanding problem…Joe Clair and Syleena both told her the videographer was playing her and she still didn’t get it….I remember she did the same thing in the first season with Syleena and the concert promoter that did a wack concert…Nicci got all defensive and wouldn’t listen to Syleena and Monifah when they were trying to explain…she is just too bullheaded….sheeeeeeesh

  • MonicaT

    SO SCRIPTED AND A POOR ATTEMP!!!!! I applaud Faith Evans for opting out of this Scripted Tom Foolery! Angie I would have thought she would have opted out because she has a lot to lose. Angie may be older, but musically she can back up that first class mentailty! She’s not a one hit wonder or one album wonder! Angie and Faith this is not going to help you’re music career. Faith stay behind the scenes. Now the others this will give them exposure but for all the wrong reasons. I think Syleena if she does it right with the right music she can make it work for her. Not that the other ladies can’t sang it’s just that I don’t think they can sell music.

  • Nicci is foul – just like Syleena says. But I enjoy hearing Syleena break her down – cause she needs it! Loves me some Syleena!

    I love how Angie stays calm, cool, and collected even when she is telling folks off! She is FIRST CLASS and there is no problem with her saying so! I love her too!

    Keke can sho nuff sang, but is crude and rude as all get out. She needs to grow up and practice giving respect to others.

  • MIA

    Can somebody please tell me which song (30:05 mark) they were playing on th reunion show?? I really looove the song..please reply if u know which song that was 🙂

    • LaaLaa

      For everyone interested it’s Keke Wyatt – Weakest xo

    • LaaLaa

      For everyone interested it’s Keke Wyatt – Weakest xo

  • ChocolateE

    Why was Nicci Gilbert dressed like the Michelin man in drag?!?!?

  • NJ2

    It is sad that Nicci does not see herself the way we see her. She blamed everyone else for why the public does not like her, even “The Wizard”. Never once did she take responsibility for her own actions. People did not begin disliking her when the whole dvd thing came out. She wasn’t liked in the first season–amnesia much? It is just that each episode we find a new thing that builds up distaste for her. And would someone please tell her that if you have shoulders like a linebacker, do not keep bringing attention to it with bows and ruffles. Still love Syleena, flawed but real!

  • Really?!

    I haven’t watched the reunion yet, oh but I will as SOON as I get off work. But, I just hope its nothing like the last episode of the season. I was extremely disappointed at the ladies, and how they really cut up at restaurant. Everybody getting into it with everyone, like wth???

    As for Colonel Sanders looking Nicci, she needs to be removed. Please!!! She IS the problem, period!

  • me

    I don’t really like Nicci but it seems like all this stuff with the DVD was, as Syleena hinted at, some sort of breakdown in communication or just flat out flat out dishonesty on the part of the third party. I enjoyed the special over all but I had an issue with Faith not being there – they are all mothers so that’s no excuse. And Joe Clare is cute as a button – watching him struggle to rein all of them in was comedy in of itself. LOL. I would venture to say even Andy Cohen couldn’t keep them under control – they have even stronger personalities (in a good way, I think) than the Housewives and that’s saying something. lol