Pass Or Play? LHHATL’s Rasheeda And The Baby Bump She Can’t Hide Release Video For “Hit It From The Back”

June 27, 2013 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

If you watched this week’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, you probably saw the scene where Rasheeda did her best to prove the naysayers wrong, and continued to promote new music and film the video for this song, “Hit It From The Back” while very pregnant. With Deb Antney giving her the side-eye on the sidelines and Kirk coming in later to put a damper on things, Rasheeda put on her tightest gold maternity pants and a gold peplum top to cover up her growing belly bump. After all that drama surrounding the video, it’s finally been released. In it, she can be seen dancing around with a few guys (who she was literally hiding behind at times), having some toned women drop it low in daisy dukes, and for the most part, Rasheeda showed off her breasts and kept her belly covered so she could maintain the sex appeal. Because nothing takes someone out of their element more than realizing a woman bragging about calling a man “daddy” while he’s hitting it from the back is actually with child.

In the end, it’s really not the obvious pregnancy that throws things off. Rasheeda looks cute, and the makeup is fabulous! But the song? Not so much. She should really take Deb’s advice and focus on making money off of her beauty, or get a new producer, because this right here is not working. Check out the video for yourself and let us know if you think it’s a pass or play.

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  • Taylor Williamss

    LMFAO. let me find you the nearest seat…

  • Marie Kanu

    “I’m so hot fire coming out my a**hole” Just that line alone…that visual…No!…just no…and you have a baby growing inside of you….no!

  • thedoggonetruth

    I will pass…she can do better, a whole lot better.

  • deschl

    who is buying anything these love and hip hop chicks do are they just local

  • jessrey

    Pass. I did not care for the video at all. Make up and hair was gorgeous though.

  • Darrin C. Winston Jr.

    Ooooo…this is trash; throw it in the can! She need to retire that. No wonder Kirk, fem self, was mad. Save your money Rasheeda and focus on fashion! PASS!

  • Sodia Napper

    Rasheeda is acting like a straight up nut!! she playing herself…this rap mess makes her look broke and thirsty…why is she doing this to herself…its like she is crazy…wtf???

  • Nae

    I mean her video was HOT!!!! This song is not the business, if i heard it in the club I would not dance to it.

  • Bertina Williams

    Sorry I have to say that song is “WACK”…PASS PLEASE PASS….Listen for 10 secs. mute/pause button got hit and just SMH….

  • Tiffany Rochelle

    ” I’m Rasheeda and I rap like Shawty- Lo” (in my K-Michelle voice.) That song is wack!

  • Li

    Her music is just not good. But she is a beautiful woman with other talents, I’m sure. She just needs to give up on the dream…rap ain’t it for you mama.

  • Cheryl Robinson

    I think I am gonna pass on this.

  • Delia Drayton

    you look great.

  • Divadej27

    no maam!!

  • Christina K

    Terrible- I actually am rooting for this chick. She’s beautiful and probably has a lot of other things going for her but rapping is -not- -it-. Find some ghost writers, lady.

  • Tashyia Hubbard

    I’LL PLAY.. I MEAN IF Whitney Houston CAN DO IT SO CAN SHE..


    • Eeka Baby

      Whitney was being classy in her video & singing an age appropriate song…Rasheeda is pregnant rapping about someone hittin it from the back??!?? Really not a good look even if she wasn’t pregnant that song isn’t a good look. I know you should never give up on your dreams but if your dream not making it happen after 10 + years call it a hobby & move on.

  • Jen

    My name is Rasheeda ,i rap like shawty LOooooo!!! E’nuff said.

  • Pamela McClair


  • prettyredbone

    All Rasheedas songs are a pass for me…her song bubble gum wasnt even a good song it just had a catchy hook…Rasheeda needs to stick to her clothing and make up line cuz musically she sucks.

  • Guest

    If she don’t go model somewhere and stop this foolishness I know somethin….

  • Crystal

    Just like I dont want to see a pregnant woman in the club. I think she would be better off doing other business ventures where she can stand to make more money. If LAHH ATL was not on, I would not know who she is and none of her music and to me she seems way too grow to talk about the stuff she’s rapping about.

    • MonicaT

      Exactly I think the bus left a long time ago for her to rap! She’s talking about things a young girl would rap about and because we know her age it makes her come off like she’s really struggling to keep her rap career especially since she has been doing this for over 10 years. She should focus on other things out side of her rapping. If she was smart she should have use this should to get a spin off about her and kurt, new baby and them building a brand outside of rap. She still holding on to a rap career which is done! The image and how they portrayl themselves on this show is not good.

      • Crystal

        Word! Your right she should have played it smart and do a spin off show for a few season’s. Dang, I’m too old to even have listened to that song for the amount of time allotted.

  • Drew

    This is 2nd in inherent badness only to the most unfortunate young lady who’s currently testifying in the Zimmerman Trial. The two are just south of Impossible to Watch.

  • GirlSixx

    Rasheeda girl if you don’t sit your pregnant arze down somewhere’s right now!!!!! Her time has passed for this rap genre of music.. She needs to face reality.

  • nick

    rasheeda is just too grown for this smdh i cant take this seriously

  • Reese

    It not as bad as I thought it would be. But still, Rasheeda needs to do better rapping just isn’t her forte. She needs to take Debra Atney’s advice to heart about various business ventures.

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