I Have Plenty Of Black Friends: The Black Folk Who Used To Rock With Paula Deen

June 26, 2013 ‐ By
Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that frequently, when people are accused of racism, they always reference all of the “black friends” in their arsenal. Paula has already said she’s cool with the darkies African Americans and we’re sure if she had to name names these folks would probably come up in conversation.

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  • atlasshrugged2u

    I’m black and I don’t believe Paula Deen is a racist.
    This was just all blown up out of proportion and it needs
    to end lol!

  • fair and balanced judgement

    Plus she has the crazy eye “shudder” cold chills

  • fair and balanced judgement

    Paula dean is losing touch with reality. Her lack of respect for others in general goes back to her diabetes scandal. Hiding the disease, while continuing to promote unhealthy eating habits as well as collecting endorsement money from diabetes drug companies on the side clashes terribly with the careful southern charm image she has cultivated during her career. Bolo for her to make this kind of move again in the future. A persons upbringing should never be used as a lifelong crutch, whether they were conditioned as a victim or to believe that they have a right to entitlement based on their looks, wealth, connections or personal magnetism. We should respect eachothers personal belief and cultures, but not at the cost of endorsing the basest personalities a person can exhibit.

  • childofjesusrose

    I think Paula is not a hateful racist, after looking at her video when she made biscuits with Nita Jones, she just got “too comfortable” and got carried away that’s why she taught she could be using the “N” word and not get any backlash. I hope everything works out for her.

  • Caridad Hilaire

    LET’S do the same for the famous word “FAT”, and all other racial slurs.
    Why is Paula Deen crying on television? Is she crying for losing money, fame, and using the word n…. or got caught.
    She is not the only one, and many use racial slurs in private.

  • Kenedy

    I’m more surprised by all the companies that are coming out of the woodworks just dropping her like flies, Walmart, Target, Nova Nordisk, and a bunch of others…I didn’t know she was a high roller like that

  • Nonya Bizness

    Actually the new “I have B friends” is “I’m not racist. My daughter’s boyfriend is B.” Read it in the comments on a site last week.SMDH

  • writingmomma46

    Paula just wanted “Jelly Roll’s” recipe. They want to take away everything black. From music to hairstyles, to clothing styles, then call you the N-word when they aren’t around you. So sad that we are still dealing with this in 2013.

  • Researchthentalk…facts

    You don’t have to WAIT for the info to come out, it is already there. Just like you took the time out to type a comment, you can look up her DEPOSITION and also her brother Bubba. I read it, ALL 149 pages of HER DEPOSITION, the media is only telling maybe 5%. If u know what she and her brother were actually doing to their employees both black and white, you would NEVER feel sorry for her. It amazes me how ignorant people love to defend people when they don’t know what they are doing 24 HOURS a DAY/7 DAYS a WEEK. Only GOD can see YOU every second of the day. I go by facts, not emotions. Plus, I could NEVER feel sorry for folks who don’t give a damn bought me or my people.

  • Christopher Wilk

    Boycott Paula and her Brother!!!

  • Lola

    For goodness sake, let the woman live. Yes she has made some ignorant comments, but she has apologized and it’s time to move on. Quite frankly, I am more offended by Lil Wayne comparing a sex act to Emmett Till’s murder and stepping on the American flag than I am by this old woman’s lack of awareness. Let’s start calling out some of our ignorance as well.

    • JustSaying_IMFO

      I’m not offended by what she has said/done. But I’m not the one they have been directed at. I’m offended that she is so clueless about how hurtful words and actions can be to other people.

      She said in an interveiw today she is who she is and she’s not changing. That’s her choice. No one is keeping her from “living”. She’s free to go on as she likes. At the same time, her sponsors have a right to want to part ways, if for no other reason than to not want to be associated with someone so dumb.

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    I don’t think she is a racist in the sense that she has hatred in her heart for black people. I think she is ignorant. As the last guy in the slideshow said. She is the product of the white South from 50 yrs ago. Oblivious to the unacceptability of the use of racist language.

    Now, her brother Bubba, on the other hand…..

    • scandalous7

      i dont think she deserves all that she is getting. But ima wait til all tho info comes out.

      • JustSaying_IMFO

        I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt (for that one time 30 yrs ago with a gun to her head) until that video came out where she is clearly telling a dark skinned man, “Come on over here. We can’t see you against that dark board.”

        She may not be a sheet wearing racist, but she is an ignorant one.

      • JustSaying_IMFO

        I was willing to give her the
        benefit of the doubt (for that one time 30 yrs ago with a gun to her
        head) until that video came out where she is clearly telling a dark
        skinned man, “Come on over here. We can’t see you against that dark

        She may not be a sheet wearing racist, but she is an ignorant one.
        She doesn’t know or doesn’t care what is or is not appropriate to say.
        Perhaps, even do (if she did hold a sl ave plantation theme party).

        • spookym

          If someone said something similar to her or any white person “you’re skin is blinding me, get some sun!” “I can’t see you against that white board!” would that also be racially motivated? There is skin color (frequently taken into consideration when choosing clothing, makeup, etc.) and there is race. Very dark skin against a very dark board would make someone less of a stand out.

          • JustSaying_IMFO

            If an old wh ite woman said it to another wh ite woman, probably not. If a black person said it to a white person, then, yeah, it would be. Regardless, it’s a completely insensitive and inappropriate way to speak to another person.

            As for a “Very dark skin against a very dark board”, nice try. I’ve
            never known a dark skinned person to stand against a dark board nu de.

    • Nonya Bizness

      Nope, I’m not giving her a pass because”she’s from the South of 50 yrs ago.” My family came from Ga to Utah longer than 50 yrs ago, and they did NOT use that word,or treat people differently.She’s old enough to know better,ESPECIALLY since she’s from the South.