You Can Never Be Too Old! Animated Movies We Love As Adults

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Face it, we’re all kids at heart! If you catch yourself singing the theme song to Tinga Tinga Tales when your child is nowhere around, then you can appreciate the hearty laugh and storyline animated movies and cartoons provide. With kooky humor that we can relate to as adults, these films make it as easy for us to watch as our children. Plus we’re catapulted back into a carefree, whimsical world where giggles and knee-slapping ha-has are allowed, and nothing less – no stress, no worries. Let’s move it, move it to see which animated favorites we have in common.


What happens when four pampered wild animals from the New York Central Zoo escape? All chaos breaks loose, especially when they find themselves on the island of Madagascar in the mist of many crazy, dancing lemurs! Don’t forget about the Navy Seal penguins and their wild, covert mission to help save them.

Lion King

It’s the circle of life!!!! Oh, how we loathed Scar for his jealous ways towards the king. Poor Simba, guilt ridden with the death of his father, flees the pack and his future of being King. Throw in the amazing music,  hilarious hyenas and funny duo Timon and Pumba, and this film is sure to please time and time again.


Finding Nemo

Just keep swimming! We loved Dori and her forgetfulness (how many of us can relate to that)! Nemo’s journey begins once he ventures into the open sea despite his father’s constant warnings of the dangers. He is captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney, where he is kept in a dentist’s office. His timid father, Marlin, stops at nothing to rescue his son and meets Dori, sea turtles and all sorts of other fish, including sharks, on the way.

The Incredibles

Where is my super suit? When undercover superheroes trying to live quiet suburban lives are forced to whip out their super powers to save the world, things get a little crazy. Who can forget the poor, chatty babysitter looking after Jack Jack?

Despicable Me

How despicable is the criminal mastermind Gru, who plots to steal the moon, and use three little innocent orphan girls to do it. All the weapons in the world, including his funny minions, freeze rays, shrink rays and battle-ready vehicles, can’t prepare him for his biggest downfall – warming up to and becoming the father figure to the little girls Agnes, Edith and Margo.

Monsters Inc.

The big fuzzy, blue monster Sulley and sidekick monster friend, Mike, contribute to their city’s power by scaring little kids. Ironically, they’re extremely afraid of kids themselves. So when adorable little Boo sneaks into Monstropolis, the monster duo find it in their heart to send her back to her door before any other monsters discover that their world has been invaded by a human.

Toy Story 2

Woody is toynapped by greedy toy collector Al McWiggin’s while Andy is away at summer camp. A rescue mission comprised of Buzz Lightyear and friends Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Rex and Hamm jump at the chance to save their friend from becoming a forever museum piece.



Shrek sets out on a quest to regain his swamp. With an annoying donkey in tow, he must bring a princess to scheming Lord Farquaad, who wants to become king. On the journey though, it is evident that Shrek is falling for Fiona.

Puss In Boots

Whatever you do, don’t look into the sweet, round eyes of this cat as he clutches his hat! His ability to mesmerize is one of his many powers that he uses to try and clear his name as fugitive. With cute Kitty Softpaws and frenemy Humpty Dumpty, the quest to clear his name includes stealing magic beans and nabbing the Golden Goose.

Kung Fu Panda

Awkward and slacker panda Po is surprisingly chosen to become the Dragon Warrior. As the world’s biggest fan of Kung Fu, Po is eager to train with the Furious Five Kung Fu masters Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey — under the guidance of their guru, Master Shifu. When snow leopard Tai Lung threatens the Valley of the Peace, it’s up to Po to master his craft quickly and defeat his arch nemesis.


Remy the rat is a culinary master with dreams of becoming a French chef who grapples with his family’s expectations and the obvious rat-cooking-for-human issue. Remy ends up finding himself helping an awkward kitchen worker out at his culinary hero’s restaurant, Auguste Gusteau. This movie makes you yearn to taste the delicious Ratatoille prepared by none other than Remy, so that it can have the same effect on us as it did the ever-feared food critic.





Squirrel! Pixar had us misty eyed in the very beginning of this movie, when it showed the life journey of Carl and his wife, how they couldn’t have kids and she eventually died. Weren’t you thinking – isn’t this supposed to be a happy animated movie?? Carl decides to go on an adventure just as his wife had wanted by tying thousands of balloons to his home and fulfilling his lifelong dream to see the wilds of South America. Chunky, pie-faced Russell, an 8-year-old wilderness explorer, trying to get an assisting-the-elderly badge, is a stowaway on board this hilarious adventure.




Wreck-It Ralph

Who wants to be a video villain all the time? Wreck-It Ralph wants to be the good guy, like Fix-It-Felix, so he sets out to change his bad name on the road to become a hero, but he winds up wreaking havoc to the arcade world where he lives.

The Lorax

We love anything Dr. Seuss! The Lorax, with his fuzzy, thick eyebrows and mustache, is no exception as ruler over his land. Despite his protests, the Lorax could not stop a greedy, scarf-making businessman from cutting down all the trees, but a kid, Ted from Thneed-ville, hopes to undo the damage and restore the wasteland so that real trees can grow again.


Set in Scotland, we are introduced to Princess Merida, who wants nothing to do with the tradition of getting married. She relies on her archery and bravery to defy set traditions. She mistakenly makes a choice that turns her mom into a bear. Of course, bears are hunted in Scotland, so it’s up to Merida to keep her mom safe and figure out how to change her back to a human before it’s too late.


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  • BAP

    Tangled,Princess & the frog,rugrats in paris,and shrek 2 are my personal faves

  • jasper

    I’m going in, I don’t care
    wallace and gromit,
    rocka doodle,
    chicken little,
    james and the giant peach,
    who framed roger rabbit even though it had humans its still was animated,
    transformers the movie 1986, Im getting old,
    secret of the nymph,
    an american tale,
    the brave little toaster
    the sword in the stone
    Chicken run
    Jungle book
    duck tales the movie
    robin hood
    Lady and the tramp we watched it all the time in the 3rd grade
    101 dalmations
    All dogs go to heaven
    Mickey’s christmas
    rescuers down under

    • Oh

      I think you might mean “The Secret of N.I.M.H.” but then “secret of the nymph” is probably an adult favorite of another genre.

    • Miss_Racquel

      get em!!! you just went in! lol

  • bishop

    Love these movies, got into watching them after I had my daughter. Incredibles and Puss N the boots, are some of my all time faves. Astro boy is really good too.

  • Ladydi82

    The Princess and the frog, beauty and the beast, all dogs go to heaven, meet the robinsons and alice in the wonderland should be here. *open eyes wide*

  • A_Tay

    I thought Nemo and Kung Fu Panda were very boring but Im still waiting on a sequel to The Incredibles. That movie was 100% awesome!!!!!!

  • Sexkitten

    Your Right Shebe …. Where in the hell is Princess and The Frog you forget to put the first black princess movie that is so bull

    • H. U. S.

      I think that Princess & The Frog sparked too much controversy to be placed on the list. There should have been a 1st black prince in the movie too…would have made that movie a(n) instant classic!

  • SheBe

    NOW WAIT JUST A DAMN MINUTE?! Did I miss it? WHERE THE HELL IS THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG?!?!?!?!?!?! That’s the BEST Disney movie since the Lion King!

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    Of all the movies the 1 i didnt LOVE or really like was Finding Nemo. *Kanye shurg* However i cant wait for Finding Dori *Kanye shrug*