We’ve Got Jungle Fever: The Best On-Screen Interracial Romances

July 15, 2013  |  
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Brad and Jane

Remember when interracial relationships were taboo? Now Meagan Good is booed up with Will Ferrell and the president is booed up with a black woman. Hollywood has come a long way. And these characters helped pave the way. Let’s take a look at some of the on-screen interracial relationships that we remember most — and some that slipped under our radar.

Meagan Good & Will Ferrell

“Which one of you convicts with the longest record can pass me the mashed potatoes?” Will Ferrell is a fool. And we can’t wait to see him pair up with Meagan Good in what’s sure to be one of the most hilariously uncomfortable on-screen interracial relationships of all time.  We’re going to have a lot to talk about when this movie comes out in December.

Olivia and Fitz

Olivia Pope and Fitz

Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn have ridiculously steamy on-screen chemistry. They’ve been giving us mixed emotions about extra-marital affairs since 2012. But what we love most about this interracial romance is that it’s about two real, flawed people instead of a pair of stereotypes acting out race relations on screen.

Todd and Toni

Toni Childs and Todd Garrett

We loved Todd and Toni because they proved that trifling knows no color lines. Their relationship problems had nothing to do with race and everything to do with Toni’s diva-tude. The writers kept this relationship all the way real and we know a few divas who put their antics on pause after learning their lesson from Toni and Todd.

The Jeffersons

Tom and Helen Willis

Tom (Franklin Cover) and Helen (Roxie Roker) paved the way for interracial relationships on and off screen. Roxie Roker was in an interracial relationship in real life with her husband Sy Kravitz. Together they broke down racial barriers and gave the world Lenny Kravitz: a beautiful man (who’s also a pretty good musician).

Sara and Solomon

Black Thought and Karen Starc

Solomon (Black Thought) and Sara (Karen Starc) shared a love story for the ages. Brooklyn Babylon is a modern take on the story of King Solomon and Queen Sheeba that explores the darker side of the racial conflict between black people and Hassidic Jews in Brooklyn. This movie has a lot to teach about the history of race relations, particularly with The Roots on the soundtrack and Black Thought as sex appeal personified. We recommend putting this on your must-watch list if you haven’t checked it out already.

Flipper Purify and Angie Tucci

“I’ve got jungle fe-vah, she’s got jungle fe-vah”…” No list about interracial relationships would be complete without Jungle Fever. Spike made this classic in 1991 when race relations were still kind of dicey. We know a few people who watched this movie again when they were considering dating outside of the team.

Schmidt and Cece

Schmidt and Cece

Schmidt and Cece prove that we’ve come far enough to stop taking interracial relationships so seriously. Schmidt is a Jewish boy and Cece is an Indian girl who fall in lust, then in love, then almost lose it all to an arranged marriage. They’re sweet and funny and one of the reasons we’ll be tuning in to New Girl next season.

Brad and Jane

Brad and Jane Williams

Speaking of interracial comedy, these two may be the funniest married couple on TV. Black, white, brown or purple, we could all use a little of Brad and Jane’s chemistry in our own relationships. They’re the couple we all want to be when we grow up. And they definitely help make Happy Endings worth a watch.

John Prentice and Joey Drayton

There are lots of reasons to love Sidney Poitier and “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” is one of them. It does a great job of spotlighting people who say they have liberal values — until they’re put to the test. It’s probably the best commentary on race relations ever made. We highly recommend putting this on your must-watch list too. It’s so much better than the remake “Guess Who”.

Corrina, Corrina

We never get tired of watching Ray Liotta and Whoopi Goldberg fall in love. This is a great family movie that teaches that real love is color blind. It deals with prejudice, love, and loss in a real way while keeping everyone laughing. So pop in the DVD and watch it with the family.

Monster's Ball

Monster’s Ball

Monster’s Ball is as hauntingly powerful today as it was when it came out in 2001. Billy Bob Thornton plays a racist prison guard who finds himself in Halle Berry’s arms. It’s about race, grief and getting up when you thought you couldn’t go on. It’s so good it won Halle the Oscar and it’s about time we all watched it again.

Simon and Alisha

Simon and Alisha

Misfits is a great British show about a group of teens who find out that they have super powers while serving community service. At the center of the show is Simon and Alisha’s love story that we bet you can’t watch without tearing up. They’re destined to be together and they don’t let race, time or evil super villains get in their way. It’s also one of the funniest shows on TV. We highly recommend checking it out on Netflix.

Darnell and Joy

Darnell and Joy

This is our favorite hood couple from My Name is Earl. We all know a hood brother and a redneck who just belong together. You can’t help but smile when watching Joy and The Crab Man love, bicker and fight. It’s trailer park love at it’s very best.

The Cheerios Couple

There are plenty of interracial couples on the big and small screen, but race relations haven’t come as far as we like to think. The ad features a little girl and her black father and white mother. After it aired, it’s YouTube page received so many racist comments that they had to close down the comments section.

A Bronx Tale

Jane and Calogero

“A Bronx Tale” is another great movie that focuses on race relations. Up-and-coming Italian gangster “C” falls head over heels for a black girl he sees on the bus. It’s love at first sight and he follows his heart even though it means losing his friends and his reputation. It’s another great love story that’s perfect for watching with your kids for a little lesson about love, race, right and wrong.

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  • klepp0906

    No “we” don’t.

    EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY SHOW I have watched or began watching in the past couple years is putting women of our species with men of theirs (the negro).

    Nevermind the fact the white/other pairings is 2x as frequent with Asians and 4x as frequent with latins statistically, yet it’s always black men with white women.

    Why all the mudsharking? Are they paid to do this? Do they not realize I can now watch barely anything with my kid as she grows up now at the risk she thinks it’s normal and okay to date outside her species? (Going by the scientific definition of species related to the DNA percentages, Africans are a different species). Do these novelty seeking producers and writers just think about the short term buck? Absolutely no comprehension how this effects future generations let alone human beings as a whole?

    Or is this the agenda after all? Get the general public to begin diluting and weakening their gene pool? If so, it’s working. The negro species is outbreeding us at such a rate, white folk are already a minority in public schools. We are roughly twenty years from becoming a minority in this country all together. Obviously other factors are at play such as our responsible approach to reproduction as opposed to the get em and forget em policy practiced in the cesspools of the inner cities. Add in the checks that grow depending on children and the predominant predisposition and i will show you my surprised face.

    How did we go from 25% of the crime rate we have now due to keeping them in line, to a species that causes over half the murders but makes up less than 20% of the population gaining the power to force tv shows to include them?

    This world is officially broken as hell. Take me back to the 60s please; just let me bring my tech.

    PS – yea I’m a racist, one with a few very good black friends and only so because they’re honest, compassionate, hard working citizens who know how to act civilized. Not of the mindset they can just take your life for 50 bucks and too stupid to realize they could earn it in half a day without the risk of life imprisonment, nevermind the moral implications. Nah, not a racist – a realist.

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  • CC

    The move “O” with Julia Stiles and Mehki Phifer???

  • Kylie

    A Bronx Tale!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED that movie!!!! ^.^

  • Truth

    What no “MISSISSIPPI MARSALA” with Denzel Washington and Sarita Chowdary?! Evertime I see that movie I think of Curruy chicken and rice!!:)

  • Menina

    Too bad its not in English but one of the Best Interracial On-Screen Romances (I think) has to be 2004 Brazil’s Globo Novela Da Cor Do Pecado (The Color of Sin), that stars Tais Araujo-Ramos (The Halle Berry of Brazil) and Reynaldo Gianecchinni (The Brad Pitt of Brazil).

  • NoName

    Brad and Jane are HILARIOUS!

  • Vali

    Save the Last Dance and how can we forget Mississippi Masala.

  • I love Brad and Jane……..

  • Issa Lopez

    I love Darnell and Joy

  • Chanda

    A few other couples were missing but it seems as if you needed an excuse to show the Cheerios couple for some reason. People are/were still salty about Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball for that one scene over 10 years ago.

  • Shanice

    How did u forget something new with Sanaa Lathan WOWWWWWWW u better add that

  • HUgrad13

    As soon as I saw the article I was thinking of A Bronx Tale!!!

  • Bren

    Out of the movies presented, my favorites (as in those I would watch again and again) are Corina, Corina and A Bronx Tale. Also Something New, although it didn’t make the cut. There is this period movie called Unbowed which addresses a relationship between a black woman and a Native American man. I saw Brooklyn Babylon on Netflix and I liked the movie.

  • iHM

    I’m pretty sure Cece on New Girl is Pakistani…

    • Gymo

      No she is English, who emigrated to Canada.
      Simone was born in London, to a father of Indian origin and a mother of German, Italian, and Greek Cypriot descent

      • iHM

        Oh, okay. My bad then.

  • ted mikeal

    I got jungle rage not jungle fever right now !

    • Lisa

      Get therapy

      • ted mikeal

        Sorry… did i upset you ms. bed wench !

        I am sure you are one of those women who would help someone like george zimmerman in order to please your white daddy.

        Keep your self hatred to yourself and get help…

  • Gymo

    Someone just reminded me of one of the earliest TV interracial show on FOX.
    “True Colors” – Black male and white female married with family.
    Halle Berry “The Wedding”. – Very classy story of the early 1950s
    “The New Adventure of Old Christine” – Blair Underwood was the sex symbol who was dating Julia Louis-Dreyfus – it was a very funny show.
    “Parenthood” with Joy Bryant and Dax – the second most beloved couple on TV
    Grey’s Anatomy – Jackson and and Kepner – people are begging for them to get back together, especially those mainly white blogs where people just love this interracial couple.

    We should just stop counting it’s become the fashion to have an interracial couple on these shows, what I want to see, which would be different is two interracial couples on a show (black male&white female – white male&black female), and lets see them like fighting neighbors or some kind of conflict.

  • Bubbles

    A Bronx Tale! Love that Movie <3

  • Gymo

    There is another couple absent from this list, I think they were more important than most, because of who they were, where they were and what they were.

    Caroll O’Connor and Denise Nicholas in the TV adaption of “In The Heat of The Night”. in Sparta Mississippi, they were interracial senior citizens, who got married on the show.

    Also, remember Caroll O’Connor he was “Archie Bunker” the racist that America’s racists adored.

  • kickash

    I’m so glad you included Simon and Alisha from Misfits! I feel like nobody knows about that show!

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  • medpassion

    Brad & Jane were so fabulous! I will miss them ♡♥

    • Gymo

      Did you know that last year there was an Internet poll where they were votes the best TV couple?
      What was striking to me is that Brad and Jane weren’t voted the best interracial couple, they were voted the best couple of all couples on TV.

  • Zettai

    Disgusted with “Jungle Fever”. Grow up.

  • get real

    Right now is not the time for this worship of white people or interracial dating. Considering how high race relations are in this country right now.

    • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

      well u right. but i think the site wants to help by not harboring on it we all know what was done was wrong. But we i doubt they want to throw it in our faces like the media is doing.

    • Gymo

      I think you mean “low”.
      Perhaps this is the right time to discuss this. Didn’t you see many whites on the streets of America demonstrating with blacks against the Treyvon Martin verdict?
      A philosopher of religion and ethics in the 1960s once said “eventually all of mankind will be tan from all the mixing of the races”.

    • sasha

      I think fox
      News really wanted a race war, but in practice I don’t think it has happened. Many non black people (not all but i believe a majority) understand the anger many blacks are experiencing and want to see better treatment of young black men by law enforcement. Because it is disgusting that black men are too often treated as presumptive criminals. Wrong is wrong. It is not true that no one else cares. They may not feel it in the same way as us, but most others are not rejoicing.

  • Alexa

    I love a Bronx tale! One of my favorite movies.

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    Y’all had me at Toni n Todd but Bronx Tale? OHHH Thats my movie! What about Fresh Price when Will’s Auntie got married to the white guy? Or Wayne and Kinu (?), Kim and the that white dude (i cant remember his name) from A Different World?

  • Purple

    Shanola Hampton and Steve Howey on Shameless are my fav interracial
    TV couple, their chemistry is amazing

    • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

      yeah thats a good1

    • IllyPhilly

      LMAO. They are a mess! Cant wait for new season.

    • Bren

      OMG, yes! I love Kev and Veronica. They are a HILARIOUS couple and Shameless is one of my favorite shows on tv. Can’t wait for season 4.

  • Michelle

    I’m so glad you mentioned Misfits! It’s an amazing show that isn’t well known here in the U.S. Absolutely worth a watch and they’ve had several interracial relationships!

    • Gymo

      The thing about British TV series is that they have a lot of episode guests and most of the black guests are in interracial relationships, it is quite unusual when you find a black man and black woman together on these shows, the one exception I can think of off the top of my head is “The Eastenders” where the Caribbean couple are together.
      Usually to me it’s, Black male and female is blonde or brunette, but never a redhead.
      Black female and male is usually Ginger or brunette, but not usually blonde.
      A bit strange???

      • sasha

        Merlin had a black chick and a blond white male couple. Not sure there is really a pattern here, except for as you said, not many couples with two people of color.

  • cherrybomb

    How did the movie Something New with Sanaa Lathan & Simon Baker get completely left off of the list? Come on, now…

    • lisa741

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