Fake Photos Of Baby North West Hit The Net And It’s All Part Of Kim’s Genius Plan

June 25, 2013  |  

Source: i4u.com

It’s no secret that next to Jay and Bey, Kimye is probably the most popular contemporary couple in entertainment. And now North West has become the most popular celebrity baby which is why photogs are so thirsty to get the first shots of the newborn. Already, paparazzi have been shopping around a photograph of an adorable newborn and touting it as “Baby North West,” but even though the pic came from Kim Kardashian, the problem is it’s not North.

According to TMZ sources, Kim figured there would be people trying to sell photos of her baby so she sent six of her “friends” pictures of the baby in an undercover sting operation to see who would release the photos to the paparazzi. As suspected, someone has been shopping the photo around to various new outlets including TMZ. Wow, I didn’t think that kind of plan could be hatched in a Kardashian brain.

There is a second photo with a second baby that has been sent to some of Kardashian’s other friends in a second attempt to flush out those who would leak the photos.

Good grief! With “friends” like that who needs enemies? Kim should definitely reconsider her inner circle because it seems they are willing to sell her privacy with the quickness! My advice? Take your cue from the Carter chapter on baby photos and release your own to the public before the paparazzi has a chance to make money off of your newborn bundle of joy!

Oh, the woes of celebrity life!

Kim gave birth to a premature baby girl of 4 pounds and 15 ounces on June 18, five weeks before her due date. A source for Glamour magazine says that Kim was initially scared but doctors reassured her that everything would be fine. She reportedly left the hospital last Friday with her healthy baby and is breastfeeding normally.

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  • divvvaa

    i cant beleive the hospital let her leave with a 4 pound baby that was a preemie. i had by daughter 4 weeks early and i was told she had to be 5 pounds flat and eating well before she could leave.

  • Shannelav

    Everyone is smart in different ways. She is really good riling in the drama and promoting herself. I love her publicity stunts and need for attention. Go Kim.

  • KailaP

    4 pounds???? Lord even i would have been scared shitless, that must have been so scary

  • yannii

    She is so petty.
    Let me understand…so you’re releasing fake photos to rat out which one of your friends are thirsty, but isn’t that what you are? Don’t get cute now. You ARE the company that you keep.

  • hollyw

    One hand says “feel sorry for her, she’s vulnerable, just had a baby, and probably has no real friends…”. The other hand says, “she’s created and welcomed the current environment around her……….SUCKS TO BE YOU!”

    Ehhhh…it’s a toss-up 😛

  • TK

    Why is everyone so fascinated with this check? Sad world when things like this get all the attention and folks who are actually making lasting contributions to history and society are swept under the rug. I don’t even know why I keep clicking on these-oh yeah the comments! 🙂

    • TK


  • Millie

    If your suspicions are that deep, you just may need to get new friends.
    If I felt I needed to “test” any of my friends, they wouldn’t be my
    friends. Period. Besides, who has time for that when you have a new baby?

  • Nikki Star

    I bet you it was her mother!

  • Trisha_B

    The word “friend” seems not to exist when money is involved smh. I know when you have a baby, you know your baby is the cutest thing in the world & want to share w/ all your friends. But the fact that Kim can’t even do that b/c people are so money hungry is just sad. Weed those people out your life now Kim

  • Laine

    She doesn’t want pics of her baby released to the press and the world, but has no problem releasing pics of the baby of someone else….what a jerk

    • Sunny

      Thank you. And the words “genius” and “Kim Kardashian” should never be used in the same sentence.

    • hollyw

      Right. And monopolized on a VIDEO of her HOO-HAH =|

    • hollyw

      Right. And monopolized on a VIDEO of her HOO-HAH =|


    Actually, I think this was a great idea. At a time like this you want friends and family around, but not anyone who just want to be there to invade your privacy and make money off of you and your newborn. Who wants to be uncomfortable in their own home? So maybe this was just a plan hatched before inviting friends over to share in her joyous time.

  • sammi_lu

    So lame..I would be more preoccupied with nursing my newborn and resting up than sending out fake pics of the baby like some super sleuth to see who leaks them.

    • moni

      You got a good point.

    • unque43

      Key word I. You are not Kim, so if you had the life she does you probably would. Her plan work and now she knows which of her friends are all about the money. Just like you and I are here reading this article we both could be doing something else. Lol. oh yeah let me get back to work.