“I’ll Fight You With These Heels On!” TV One Releases The “R&B Divas L.A.” Superteaser!

June 23, 2013  |  

We were wondering if TV One was going to give us more than just a quick promo of R&B Divas L.A.Well, they finally delivered!

In the three minute superteaser, we learn that Kelly’s idea for this version of the Divas is to create a “musical monologue” of sorts. It’ll apparently be called Not Yo Mama’s Monologue – yeah, tell me about it – and each woman will be focusing on a very specific story they want to tell.

It looks like R&B Divas L.A. will focus a lot more on each woman’s personal life as they make their way through the planning of the show:

  • From Chanté Moore, it seems like she and ex-husband Kenny are in a bit of a battle and he’ll be fighting for custody of their son. We also get a glimpse of a seemingly very cordial conversation with her first ex husband, Kadeem Hardison, and color me surprised because I don’t think anyone knew they got along!
  • Claudette Ortiz is dealing with the life of a single parent (although she also seems to have a good relationship with her ex-husband) to three children and figuring out a way to get back into the music industry.
  • Lil Mo is continuing her role of being heard before anyone actually ses her. She uprooted her entire family to Los Angeles and is looking to really vamp up her career.
  • Dawn Robinson is desperate to have a child. She finally thinks she’s in a good place in her life with her relationship and would like to make it happen.
  • Michel’le is…well, we don’t really know what’s going on. We know she’s recording a song or an album but that’s all we got from her in the clip. I wonder could it have anything to do with her squeaky voice and not wanting to give people too much of that before the show airs.
  • Kelly Price, like Faith Evans, is the captain of this ship.  We see her arguing with a man and then talking about a fight but other than that, it appears her role is to keep everyone together.

Anyway, check out the teaser and tell us what you think? Will you be watching R&B Divas L.A. when it premieres July 10th?

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  • huh

    That’s a loottt of hair and a whoooole lot of tattoos. what the heck is happening to us?

  • Mel

    I thought half of these women were supposed to be Christians? I know I’ve seen Chante Moore on Daystar with her ex (kenny) & I thought Kelly Price did gospel exclusively. So…what’s up with the about-face? I really hope these women understand that sacrificing your dignity is not worth an extra few years of fame. I mean, I know we all have bills to pay but there’s GOT to be a better way than this!

  • me

    I don’t think this should be a franchise …

  • Mimsy

    Can someone please tell Lil Mo that she look like Dumb Donald and Mush Mouth from Fat Albert in that hat and glasses?? I’m interested to see this show.. and you know Lil Mo is going to be the over the top, ghetto hood rat.. I never knew Chante was so ghetto, either..so sad

    • MissTruthHurts

      How is Chante ghetto you dumb b*tch? For saying what she said AFTER Kelly threated everyone? Ho shut up!

  • Patricia

    Who is Claudette Ortiz? She is a R&B singer? I never heard of her.

    • Kaian

      She was the female singer in the group City High..She was dating one of
      the guys, then cheated with the other ( he played in Sister Act),
      married him and had kids by him. Now they’re divorced. The other guy was
      on Intervention because he became an alcoholic over how they did him.
      They were all very close..she shady

      • MissTruthHurts

        B!tch SHUT UP! That is NOT what f*ckin happen. Boy I swear y’all some evil mutha’fukkas. She DATED the alcoholic BEFORE the group started, and while in the group the guy became a raging alcoholic ON HIS OWN and alienated his band mates. Claudette got with the other band mate after the fact. THEY WERE NOT CLOSE. EVER.. Get the story right you dumb b*tch

  • MeladyV

    OOOOOOOOOhh–this is a GOOD cast, lots of underrated talents from waaaay back! I’ll be watching. And yes its obvious that Lil Mo has already agreed to act a fool for an extra $3/episode. SMH

  • Ms_Mara

    Would’ve been nice to hear/see some singing. But I see they wanna draw people in with the drama.

    • KamJos

      We are being bamboozled.

    • MonicaT

      Yes we already have enough fake drama on TV. Let’s see some singing! I just don’t think this is a good mix of R&B Divas! A good mix of drama yes! If they were to do a tour or album it wouldn’t sell much less create a buzz for these ladies to become revelant and sell as solo artist! The only person I’m interest in seeing musically is Chante Moore. The others don’t have what it takes to sell records. They need to replace with Deborah Cox, Leela James, Vivian Green, Sunshine Anderson, or Tweet. These ladies have the vocals, can sell music( fan base) and would be a great mix to put on a tour that people want to see. Like Fath Evans said if it don’t make money it don’t make sense.

      • huh

        The funny part is, if they just chronicled a tour/album between the women, then we would see enough organic tension rise from the story. But you know the producers try to push as much “basketball wives type ratchetness” as they can. Talking about timbs and razors, come on ladies, we’re past all that.

        The funny thing about all these reality shows is that they just destroy your perceptions of stars. I always thought people like Chante Moore & Kelly were so classy. But these shows either force them to be something they’re not, or really destroy the illusion. Why do celebs even do them? It only makes sense for people who literally have nothing to lose, a la a Claudette Ortiz who is very pretty, but not very well known.

  • Adrienne Ferron

    where is Deborah cox at?…dey sleeping on debs….smh…

  • nopenotgvn

    kelly price got a big nose

    • hiswomanandlovingit

      and now that you have gotten that off your chest, do you feel better?

    • Crazy Diva

      so n now wat lets see your ugly pic

    • Tell em why you mad son!

      so, do you suggest she go and be hollyweird and snip and cut, nip and tuck to have the perfect pinched caucasoid nose? to make morons like you feel comfortable, you f*ckin waste?

  • Kitty

    I already see that Lil Moe is going to annoy the Sh*t out of me with the ghetto antics & bad attitude.

    • Thered3065

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      Would’ve been nice to hear/see some singing. But I see they wanna draw people in with the drama.