LHHATL’s Arianne Responds To MN Article And Explains Her ‘Sometimes B****es Need To Be Slapped’ Comment

June 23, 2013 ‐ By

So almost two weeks ago we wrote a post on reality TV stars we don’t like anymore and one of those people was Arianne. The reason we came for the “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” star was the fact that in an interview with The Breakfast Club, she spoke on allegations of Memphitz beating K. Michelle and said ““Women mess up too. I don’t know what she did to him. I’m not saying women should be hit, but sometimes b****es need to be slapped.”

See why we had to change our minds? Well Arianne saw our piece and when she came into the office she decided to set us straight on our little article and explain what she really meant by that comment. Check out what she had to say in the video.

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  • Mia

    What ticked me off was at Mimi’s video shoot, Arianne started the entire conversation about the artist being gay she brought it to K Michelle’s attention knowing K was gonna talk about it and she talked just as much about the guy as K did , but in the end everyone was mad at K. Arianne also started the confrontation between K & Rasheeda at Mimi’s apartment, she is really messy.

  • Lisa Bedford Carter

    who is she again? I thought she was a glorified bartender

  • disqus_1zUJWle3iL

    I don’t condone men and women getting hit in a relationship. Both ways is wrong. She is right about one thing, women often do provoke a lot of bad situations between the sexes because they always feel they can get away with causing trouble, which they often do. Still in all, unless she/he is being threaten nobody should hit anyone in the relationship.

  • Jud Jud

    This isn’t the first time MN has done this. They are so quick to write an article just to say they wrote it instead of checking their facts first. Gossip and making false assumptions are no good

    • Meemo

      I saw the original interview with the Breakfast Club (it’s probably still online) and she clearly said sometimes b’s need to be slapped. I don’t care if she’s talking about herself or anyone else a man hitting a woman is NEVER acceptable. He should leave her if she’s provoking him.

  • http://theburningbush.disqus.com/ TheBurningBush

    She just telling the non political correct truth!

  • roo08

    STOP GIVING THESE WOMEN SO MUCH ATTENTION! or else they will never go away.

  • NeverAFlaw

    What’s her point of being on the show? What’s her storyline? This beyotch is such a bore and I’m going to need her to get a job. UPS is always hiring for bird chicks like herself.

  • SeveralSeatGiver

    Hmmm… So she’s condoning violence and physical confrontation… Just not the kind she *thinks* MN doesnt’ like. Have several seats…

  • ToThineOwnSelfBeTrue

    I thought she had more common sense….seriously, you sound stupid! Don’t even try to justify your buffoonery with a double standard statement #haveaseatplease.

  • dddooonnnttt

    lol, Ariane, they said “reality tv character” not “celebrity” or “reality star”.

    • Thered3065

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      What’s her point of being on the
      show? What’s her storyline? This beyotch is such a bore and I’m going to
      need her to get a job. UPS is always hiring for bird chicks like

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