Ish Just Got Real: Chris Bosh’s Ex Set To Prove Player Lied Under Oath To Lessen Child Support

June 21, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

After a very long child support legal battle between Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh and the mother of his 3-year-old child, Allison Mathis, it seems like Bosh might be facing even more legal trouble. The two-time playoffs champion soothed murmurs that he would be traded from Miami by stating that he loved Miami and wanted to retire there. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who’s side you’re on) this statement directly conflicts with statements he made to be considered a Texas resident in earlier legal battles with his baby’s mother.

As we previously reported, Bosh claims Texas residency despite the fact that he both plays for the Miami Heat and lives there. Why? Simply put: Texas only requires $2,600 in monthly child support payment whereas Florida requires about $30,000.

We see what you did there Boshie, but it looks like it’ll all come back to bite you in the rear. According to the Miami Herald, Mathis’s attorney, Jane Carey, fully intends to use his declaration of Miami retirement against him:

“You can’t be a resident of Texas and retire in Florida.”

Carey plans to show and prove to the court that Bosh did, in fact, lie to lessen his support payments and she believes that the original lower court decision will be rescinded when it is all made clear.

I can’t imagine why Bosh wouldn’t want to supply the funds for his own child to live even a smidgen of how luxuriously he is living himself, but it looks like he might have to bite the bullet and pay up for running his mouth.

Do you think the original ruling will be overthrown? Should he have to pay $30,000 in child support for a toddler?

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  • hollyw

    Is it wrong to want your kid to have the same lifestyle as the other parent, or that parent’s other kids..?

    I coulda swore MN had a similar article about this months back and everybody was singing a different tune… *shrug*

  • Stacy B

    I think he should have agree to pay her $5000 a month and call it day. That’s enough money for the child. He should be required to set money aside for the child when she turns 18. The mother needs to get a job. Child support is not suppose to cover the mom’s lifestyle, just the child. That is what is wrong with these women. Get the man to marry you first….then have the baby. She is upset, because she is not living the lifestyle of the wife. No child needs $10,000 a month.

    • Drew

      I was starting to get after you, but I stopped. I think $5K is decent. $3K a month goes directly towards support, and $2K into a fund. All interest considered, that’ll be north of $500K by the time it’s withdrawn. That’s fair.

    • Nia

      A real dude would have no problem cashing out the mother of his child. A white guy at my job pays alimony and child support and he doesn’t make what CB makes. He has no problem with it and he is struggling. If CB was a real man, he would’ve settled out of court. You don’t get to make what he makes and not pay up for child support. Period.

  • Laa Laa

    I love how people are passing judgement on this woman. She had a full-time job. Got laid off. Asked him to help her out for a little. He said no. She applied for food stamps and took him to court.

    • Drew

      … for $360K per annum… because she had a baby…

    • Ms. Fox

      I’m not passing judgement that’s real. If you’re working and have 500k become broke in year you need to be slapped. Even if she was laid off she should still have some money to help her thru.. half a mil plus 2600 a month in texas you are winning.

  • 0000008

    I agree that 30k is excessive for a child. I bet anything that the children that a living with him now are having more than 2600 spent on them a month – why can’t this one have the same privileges??

    • cocohanel31

      To Bosh’s credit that baby girl literally seems to be with them ALL TEH TIME. His new wife literally posts pictures of her son with Bosh and his first daugther everyday, so I’m willing to bet that counts for something. Daddy is spoiliher rotten regardless..whichis probably his point . If she is at his house almost every day, why does the BM need 30K? While $2,600 is a little low for someone of his status, 30K is way too high if she not in college.

  • Ms. Fox

    she got a settlement of 500k with 4600 a month and blew the 500k with her her house going into foreclosure in.a year . All this while she claimed to work. she is not financially responsible i wouldn’t want to giver ish.

    • hollyw

      Yeeeah… guess that only makes it sadder that he let her father his child.. =|

      Some people in the limelight will live it up for a time, not expecting to ever gave the consequences of their responsibility…then in the end, the child suffers.

    • Drew

      And, for your message, I love you a little bit.

    • He should petition the court for full custody. Not giving ish because HE doesn’t feel the custodial parent is responsible ain’t gonna fly. But if she is a eff up I highly encourage him to fight for primary custody.

  • IllyPhilly

    I know men who have gotten custody solely because they didn’t want this hassle. It seems to be working out well for them. Guess it’s harder because he’s always on the road.

    • Dewayne Wade got custody. Same schedule. Its called Bosh’s wife don’t want the ‘other’ child ruining her happy household.

  • Trisha_B

    I thought b/c he pay’s taxes in Texas, the courts ruled that is what determines how much he pays in child support? If he’s paying for her health care & paying for her schooling (2 of the biggest expenses) what else does she need to pay for that is gonna cost her $30k? I’m sure her wardrobe is not that expensive, i know she’s not eating that much. Trinity is often w/ her dad & brother (from pics Adrienne post seems like they get her every other weekend) which means she’s getting the same benefits as them. So what could a 3 yr old child do w/ an extra $30k? The mom should only get $2,600 a month to cover Trinity’s food, & w.e bills in the house (even tho i don’t think it should be used for that) & Bosh should be regarded to put like $10k or something in a savings account for Trinity that she can’t touch until she’s 18 or 21. Plus Allysion should be required to show the courts receipts of how much a month she spends on Trinity.

    • kierah

      NOW Trinity is hanging out with Bosh and his family. Prior to this year, Bosh was claiming that he didn’t get to see his daughter. They just started more frequent visitation and don’t think Adrienne isn’t posting those pics for a reason. She’s trying to show that the child spends a percentage of time with them, but every other weekend isn’t much.
      Showing receipts on how much she spends is irrelevant. She doesn’t the same funds as Bosh so I imagine the receipts would look a lot different if she did.

      Ummm, where is baby girl supposed to live? Isn’t that a major expense? $2600 may not buy a home in a prime neighborhood where they live. Shouldn’t his daughter live the lifestyle that her siblings enjoy? Why shouldn’t child support go to household bills. Trinity doesn’t use electricity? She doesn’t use water? She doesn’t watch cable? You can take issue with the precise dollar amount, but children do use a lot of resources.

      It’s not like he doesn’t have this money and it’s bleeding him dry. I sympathize with $45K brothers that struggle. Multi-millionaires giving a pittance to their children is stomach turning. If he had volunteered to pay a fair amount to start, this case would go no where.

      If I have, my child has. Dot com. Period.

      • Exactly. People using their lower income to middle income lifestyle and trying to compare that with the life of a multi millionaire. Not even in the same league. 350k a year is reasonable if daddy is pulling in well over 10 million a year.

        • Drew

          350K a year is absolutely UNREASONABLE — no matter what. I’ve stated this before, and I’ll state it again for those of you who simply can’t grasp basic concepts: A child’s needs do not fluctuate with respect to how much money their father earns. Your baby doesn’t need more sh*t on accord of how tall you are and how frequently you can nail a 15-footer — nor how destitute you are. Get it together.

          • You are blinded by baby daddy rage LOL. A new medical condition where you cannot see the benefit in affording your child the very best lifestyle your income dictates. It isn’t that child’s fault you chose a jump-off/spiteful woman to be their mother. It also isn’t their fault you forgot a condom. Chris Bosh isn’t your typical 9-5 Joe in which $2,600 a month would be fantastic support. Chris Bosh is a millionaire several times over and has a duty as any sort of halfway decent human being to provide a standard of living for his children that his lifestyle dictates he can provide. Whether that child stays in the home he shares with his wife or stays in the home of his former groupie he has a duty to do what he can. A man making 45k a year I guarantee you is devoting more than 10% of his income to support his child does it not register to you that a man making what 25 mil a year would do more than less than 1% of his yearly income? Surely you aren’t going to tell me that.

      • Trisha_B

        Bosh wasn’t getting trinity a lot b/c the mom wasnt allowing it. Before this year, bosh & his wife weren’t allowed to show trinity in the media/public eye, reason it probably just looks like Adrienne post these pics for a reason. She shares pics of her son all the time. PeoPle would complain if she didnt share pics of trinity smh…every other weekend isnt enough? She goes to school during the week, her mom wants time w/ her. So every other weekend is what he gets. Its summer break so he’ll probably get more time…receipts are very relevant. Receipts will show how much her grocery bill , show how much is spent on concerning the child that way the courts can determine if Allyson needs more $$$….Allyson should have a job, if chris is paying for EVERYTHING concerning the child why can’t her pay checks cover the bills?…yes trinity should have what her brother & dad have, & when shes w/ them she gets it all. She’s 3, a 3 yr old doesnt know the difference between 2 homes. She doesnt care. She have fun at daddys & have fun at mommy’s. But of course when shes older she’ll start noticing. If Allyson wants her daughter to have the same lifestyle as chris then she needs to live w/ him b/c baby mama doesn’t get to live like them. sHes not leaving chris house to live in slums. Chris giving more money is just so allyson & whoever else she lives w/ can benefit from his work…& go look at past post about this case, Chris offered way more. Offered a house, pay her college tuition to get a better job, a larger sum a month so she wouldn’t have to work while going to school. Allyson was greedy, turned it all down & wanted a lump sum of like 250k

  • me

    Tough. It’s a lot of money, but law is law and he should have to pay it. He should have thought about that before he went and had a baby with a chick he probably hardly even knew. I don’t get these dudes. I don’t begrudge folks having healthy sex lives, but this “make a baby with every woman I screw” culture among black athletes is insane. And the women are too dumb to see that the money won’t be there forever. A girl I went to school with just knew she had hit the jackpot when she married some NFL player and he got cut like a year or two later. That ESPN film “Broke” should be required viewing for any women considering getting knocked up and riding the pro baller gravy train. For the vast majority of those players, the checks DO stop coming in – because out of the various high profile gigs out there, athletes are the ones whose value DECREASES as they age. The players and the women need to be smarter.

  • Carter

    I couldn’t believe he was able to get away with that the first time. How you can live and work in Florida, but still be considered a Texas resident is beyond me. When I heard that defense, I just knew the judge was going to laugh at him.

    $30,000 seems like a lot, but the fact that he was able to blatantly lie in court is wrong. And if his child hears about what he did, wouldn’t the little one question why he would go to such lengths to keep from giving her the same lifestyle his other kids have?

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      same way as in the military you live and work in one state and still be a resident of another just as I’m a flight attendant still living and working in Texas as a Mississippi resident. simple.

      • Carter

        In most professions, the state law requires that you are a resident after living and working there for a period of time. He has been playing in Miami since 2010, and it seems the judge took his word as the basis for his ruling. What would be the reason that he was not a Florida resident?

        • Ms_Sunshine9898

          i doubt that he lied about his residency, and I can imagine child support does play a role in it but I guess because I do the same thing I don’t see what the problem is. A lot of my coworkers still claim their home state for tax reasons for example. . . .

      • hollyw

        These are extreme examples, esp. as one is considered a gov’t employee and the other literally is in multiple states daily.

    • Ms. Kameria

      I’ll play the devil’s advocate for a second…..
      Maybe it’s not the fact that he doesn’t want that child to have the same privileges and live the same lifestyle as the other children, but for the fact that he doesn’t want to fund his baby mama- the “rich/glamorous” lifestyle that she thinks she’s entitled to.

      • Carter

        It is an assumption that she wants a rich/glamorous lifestyle, but if that is the case, he is concerning himself more out of spite for his baby’s mother than his own child. She is not asking for $30,000. It was noted that according to Florida law he could be asked to pay 3% of his monthly income, which is $30,000. I think she does deserve more than $2600, but she won’t be able to get a cent more while he is considered a resident of Texas because of their state laws.

        This is this girl’s father. I thought most child support cases are determined by the person’s salary. Her father happens to be very rich. Should the little girl be penalized for her parents’ separation?

        • Ms. Kameria

          That very well may be true, but I don’t know what (amount) most child support cases are determined by.(I don’t have children, or child support issues) No, the little girl shouldn’t be penalized for her parents’ separation.

          I don’t know if it is the assumption of (wealthy) men, or the stereotype that is portrayed, but when a wealthy man (athlete, rapper, etc) is designated to pay a large sum of money every month for their child(ren), they automatically assume that the child’s mother is using that, or is going to use that for her lifestyle…dining, shopping, whatever…

          It may or may not always be true for all cases, and I may be assuming myself, but it is just an observation.

      • hollyw

        …at the eXpense of his firstchild..? How is that justifiable? At the end of the day, I don’t feel that sorry for athletes in these situatios b/c it’s not like he’s serving in Iraq. Every parent should have split custody unless extenuating circumstances…

      • Too bad. He choose her to be the mother of his child.

      • Dee

        Okay. So lie and short-change your child to spite your ex then. That’s the thing to do in this situation. It’s totally different when you put it like that..

        The CHILD IS entitled to it. He is depriving his child because of his ex. HEL LO? That is SELFISH.

        • Herm Cain

          Stfu and stop acting oblivious to what this diggers doing I swear black women will turn a cheek to justify any trifling rotten s**t y’all do depriving his child your uninformed this man goes above and beyond for his kid the problem is this typical greedy black h*e

          • Ms. Kameria

            That is kind of along the lines of what I was trying to say…….But not in those exact words. By him being in the profession that he is in, and making the money that he makes, the story could go either way. We could give him the benefit of the doubt that he wants to take care of his child financially, or the problem could be they typical “greedy black h*e” looking for a good come up/payout.

  • lili

    A toddler does not need 30k a month, however Bosh should just tell the truth and pay a reasonable FL child support check.

  • OSHH

    $30 k a month may be excessive but $2600 ain’t sh*t!!!!
    I hope she does get at least triple that $2600.

    • Drew

      You probably don’t even make $2,600 a month, yourself. Knock it off. For any responsible human being out there getting after theirs, an extra $2,600 a month covers EVERYTHING a child would need. GTFOH — now.

      • OSHH

        I love when folk make personal asinine assumptions about a poster based off of one comment. Shows intelligence – _ –
        Anyway like I said $2600 ain’t ish for a multimillionaire, regardless of what my take home pay is per month, and since CB lied about his residence I hope she take him to the bank!!!!

  • Real Truths

    It’s called CHILD SUPPORT not BABBY MOMMA SUPPORT!!! How you can justify any child without a life-threatening disease requiring 30K a month is beyond me. Millions of Americans work all year to get what that child “gets” every month. Everyone knows it’s not for the child but to support her lifestyle. If the judge does hike it up, that money should be placed in a trust every month until they’re 18. Make her provide receipts explaining where the money is going. That would stop situations like that from arising. 30K *12 months = $360,000 year! That child would almost make as much as the President the U.S.! $360,000 year *18 years = $6,480,000. That’s not her child, it’s her personal ATM/401(k). If they had any sense, they’d wear condoms, not get married (at least a hell of a pre-nup), and fight for total custody of the child so these women don’t bankrupt them. Between women like that, the IRS, and a dumb few personal and financial decisions you wonder how they always go broke…. 30k a month for a child….RIDICULOUS!

    • OR he could get joint custody. Why isn’t that ever an option? Why don’t these men fight as hard for the right to co-parent and raise these kids as they do to avoid support? That’s the real travesty. This baby needs his father way more than he needs 30k in support.

      • hollyw

        Agreed. Baby needs a parent more than a check. Then, if BM1 really wanted baby to have that life, he COULD!

    • Faith

      I agree. Bosh should pay more for his child support. And a the same time, just like the previous person says, the money is for the child, NOT FOR THE MOTHER TO SQUANDER IT BY SHOPPING, GETTING HER HAIR AND NAILS DONE, TRAVELLING, PURCHASING EXPENSIVE SHOES AND PURSES, EATING OUT ALL DAY EVERYDAY. Some of these women do see these athletes and entertainers as a if they hit the lottery just intensionly get pregnant just to get rich off drawing child support and make a living by drawing checks so they won’t have to work. These guys are just as stupid as the women are for not wearing protection when they have sex. It is sad that these black guys still don’t want to learn the lesson to stop having sex with every women just because she is pretty, of another race, big booty, etc. and have to pay the rest of their lives. If they knew the woman was crazy and a gold digger when he met her, he deserves everything he gets that happens to him. Bosh thinks he has a headache with one baby mother now, since his wife Adrienne just dropped another baby from what I read and it doesn’t work out with her, he will be paying out of his behind for those two.

      • These men leave themselves open to being used in this way. Nothing comes easy or cheap in this world no matter who you are. Thinkin they are getting groupie love and these women are that impressed that they know how to dribble or throw a ball. No boo-boo she sees you as a step up for the next 2 decades.

        • Dee

          They already know the deal. They flash their money at them to get the “love” they wouldn’t ordinarily get and then act surprised. They need to GTFOHWTBS. They know. They play the game and then when it’s over they wanna act like they thought it was real and wasn’t about the $$. Really? They are the ones that flashes $$, brag about $$ they have and what they can buy, and spend $$ to impress. They knew it was about the $$. They need to stoppit.

          Go on and take care of your child Chris and stop short-changing her because of your ex. That is not a good look. Makes you look really low and petty. IMO

          These men are not being used. It’s a two way game they are all too willing to play until a child is involved. Then it becomes a problem for them.

          • Yep. You play you pay. These gorgeous women are not throwing themselves at THAT mug because they think he’s wonderful. She’s trying to get on the payroll and will do what she gotta to get there. Chris knows this his wife was the biggest groupie – slore. She been hit by tons of rappers/athletes until she trapped him. His first BM wasn’t as lucky.

    • Dee

      Where is the child going to live? In the projects? – And her dad lives in a mansion? And he’s good with that? You’d be good with that? Because momma ain’t got no mansion money. Be real now. Would it be okay for the child to live in the hood and her dad lives in the lap of luxury? Really? We all know mom can’t afford a home like that and “dad” should be happy to make sure his baby is living just as well as he is. He’d short-changing his child just to spite the mother. All this talk about gold digging mothers. The ugly & gay ballers flash that “gold” to get the woman and then complain when they have to pay up. They know dang well, if they didn’t have that “gold” they wouldn’t get “those” girls. They look in the mirror. They KNOW they’re ugly and they use their money to get the girls. Or they KNOW they’re DL and will use that money to get a beard. They get the girl. She gets pregnant. Relationship doesn’t work. Now go on and pay and make sure the child is living like you. It’s not the woman’s fault. Both went in and knew what was up. They both got what they wanted. He got “the girl” or “the beard”. She’s gonna get “that gold” even it is to help care for the child they BOTH created while playing their game. It’s a fair game. SMH. I still can’t believe people think its okay for the dad to live in a mansion and their child live in the hood because they’re too spiteful of their ex to allow their own dang child to live well.

      • Pivyque

        $2,600 a month is enough to NOT live in the hood. You can get a nice house in a nice neighborhood for less than that.

      • Swayze

        Could not help but to agree with this. I was on the other side for a min thinking, “Why does a 5 year old need 30 g’s and then you made a valid point! His beard does not want to lose any of that money she is getting now..LOL She is the one calling the shots..

    • Nia

      Child support is based on income. He’s not the first person to pay so much and will not be the last.

  • Nikia D-Shiznit

    He should pay for his child, not his baby momma or the lifestyle she thinks she is entitled to because CB is rich. It’s barely about these babies, all about the adults, sadly.

    But on the flip side, these guys need to learn that NONE of these women want them for who they are. These women are opportunistic and shame on the men for not wearing protection.

    • IllyPhilly

      “these guys need to learn that NONE of these women want them for who they
      are. These women are opportunistic and shame on the men for not wearing

      That should be put in a welcome to fame manual for these fools.

      • Offew1988

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        I know men who have gotten
        custody solely because they didn’t want this hassle. It seems to be
        working out well for them. Guess it’s harder because he’s always on the

        • Laa Laa

          Is it okay to take custody from a mother simply because you don’t want to pay child support?

          • IllyPhilly

            Yes, because over the years we’ve learned that not all women are good mothers or have maternal instincts i.e. Casey Anthony. Deadbeat, gold digging mother’s exist. I speak as a person who knows that as a fact.

    • Kenedy

      Right? His current wife is cashing out with child numero 2 on the way

      • Dee

        And she was a KNOWN groupie jump-off. I don’t even think she loves that gay man. She loves his money. Well… maybe she’s LEARNED to love him because she wants that $$$$.

        • Nia

          I am so upset with you for calling him “that gay man!” I can’t! He needs to go on and settle out of court because all this is making his ugly arse look evern uglier!