True Life: This Is What I Miss About High School…

June 21, 2013  |  
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Diamonte: The sense of promise I felt.

Butrose: Being in concerts & plays..having Art class

Angela: I miss feeling like anything and everything is possible! I had a lot of motivation while in high school and college.

Kierystan: Not a thing and not a person! I absolutely hated my high school. With the amount of education I got there I might as well have went from middle school to college, because I had to learn everything from scratch anyway in college.

MsPhatty: Everything… hanging with friends, going to the mall, flag girls, homecoming games, joking and playing in class. Watching the teacher holler and scream at people. HILARIOUS!

MrsMarie: Pep Rallys!!!

Bridgette: Summer break

Latisha: I miss the Prom & our winter & homecoming dances, I wish I could do those events all over again. I guess I do, in the form of benefits & balls that cost a pretty penny……..

: You weren’t forced to grow up fast in high school. You enjoyed parties, flirting, handsome teachers, and bad lunch food without the fear of retribution by some disgruntled and mentally challenged classmate. We were allowed to be teenagers in high school. To make mistakes. In this era, there is no more of this. You die for the very same reasons I have outlined. This era scares and disappointments me beyond words. I miss my youth! I miss time to enjoy my youth, it slipped by so quickly.


Jacqui: I went to an all girl Catholic high school. I miss the nuns (who were our teachers) especially our guidance counselor. She and the others, instilled in us a sense of womanhood. She was firm, but nice. So was our principal, Sister Bernadette Glodek, and our vice-principal, Sister Regina Vincent. They said what they meant, and meant what they said. No bargaining with them. But, you knew they cared about us.

Janeen: I only miss the teacher I had a crush on.

Janet: Nothing!
Oh wait,
The reefer
Don’t indulge now but that was some good sh^+ back in the day lol

Annette: Football games, especially the away games at rival high schools. I was in the band so we there for everyone of them.

Ida: I miss orchestra and footballs games. I was on dance team and to this day I love seeing a good marching band. Priceless.

Rhonda: I miss the opportunity of simply being a teenager instead of a teenage parent. Seeking love and validation because I lacked it at home!

Kalindra: Someone else paying all of my bills and pampering me! we truly didn’t know how hard our parents worked for us in order to give us the things we needed and wanted!

Elle: The after school snack, cartoons, and nap. The naps most of all. Sigh…

Chaka: I miss my teachers. They truly shaped most of my graduating class. Now my classmates on the other hand, I don’t miss, lol!

Anya: The question asked what we missed about high school … I missed not completing high school. I was a 12th grade drop-out. I could have done so much more if I had finished high school. That was one of my regrets.

Cherie: I miss having a waistline and no bills… Now it’s the other way around lol.

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