Is This Fair? Mostly White, All Female Jury Chosen In Zimmerman Murder Trial

June 20, 2013  |  


Six women have been chosen for George Zimmerman’s murder trial. Zimmerman is being charged with second degree murder in the killing of unarmed, 17 year old Trayvon Martin.

The trial, which is set to begin Monday, has been highly anticipated since Zimmerman, 28, killed Martin in February of last year.

The issue of race has been at the forefront of this case, so naturally the ethnic makeup of the jury is important to many.

Five members of the six person jury are white and one is Hispanic. Some sources claim the Hispanic woman is half black and half Hispanic.

Zimmerman is white and Hispanic.

The jurors who are also all women, were chosen from hundreds of potential jurors over nine days. These six women will remain sequestered throughout the duration of the trial.

Four alternate jurors, a Hispanic man, a white man and two white women, have also been selected.

We don’t know the identities of the jurors but information about their experiences with guns, crime and violence was discussed during the interview process.

One woman, known as juror B37, said she used to have a concealed weapons permit but let it expire. She said it was too easy to obtain this type of permit.

Two other jurors say their husband or son own guns.

One woman said she was a victim of domestic violence and at least one juror is a mother.

When juror B29 was asked about self defense she had this to say: “It’s not a decision you weigh. It’s a split second reaction. I think everyone is entitled to protect your life.”

Zimmerman told Judge Debra Nelson that he approved of the jury selection.

What do you make of the jury selection? Based on what we now know about these jurors, do you believe they’ll be able to come to just verdict?


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  • Logic

    They were mainly mothers.. Go ahead and wash crap down with half truths.
    Racism? Who picking white out of a half Latino as an excuse for a
    rampage? Obama said shut up about it. Then he becomes the bi-racial
    president. Grow up. So scared of racism? Check out to nations 100% of
    our ethnic standing. There is no 100% All white nations.. They
    all let others in.. Like Morgan Freeman said.. We are American. Where is
    the white version of naacp? Where is extra college points for whites?
    Where is their %50 unemployment? Or our %70 higher violence statistics
    than EVERYONE else Obama mentioned? Seriously.. We are American not Liberians. Saying
    Monkey’s can adapt their culture to their environment(Fact) but we
    can’t? That is not the white mans problem.. Screaming racism when its not there? To anyone with a mind? Indicates the other party is
    racist. You are hurting us and this nation. While that zimmerman case was going on? African American executed a 13 month old white baby. Where was the national headline news? Exactly.. We have been exposed as racist idiots. Thanks a lot you uneducated idiots.

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  • Fair and Balanced

    No we are not all naive, you are generalizing you can make your point without doing this. We are very different just like every other race. Your comment however is worth noting.

    • IvyNoLeague

      Listen,you can deny all you want but i stand by what i said,point blank period. You can take it as generalizing but it’s true. Of course not ALL black people are the same. Anybody with common sense know i am not referring to all. I am talking about a good majority who buy into the hype. Let’s keep it real the media and society have done a number on us. I say this as a black woman. I will not ignore the state my commmunity is in. Mentally , we aren’t progressing many look to other races for validation.

      I will not go on though , thanks for the reply have a nice sunday day.

  • get real

    If they let voice experts testify, then this will be an open and shut case. A deaf person can tell that wasn’t a grown man voice screaming for help on that 9-11 tape.

    • Truth B. Told

      Unfortunately, the judge said no voice experts :0(((((

      • Resa

        yes and one has to wonder why????

  • am

    Maybe they will look at this case has a mom, aunt or grandmother and not think about race. I think I will pray for that.

  • kierah

    Only 6 jurors?! Must be a Florida thing.

    I was on a jury for a slip and fall case in NY and there were 12. Six jurors is too few for serious felonies. That kind of helps me understand Casey Anthony’s verdict.

  • Patricia

    I don’t know about this…………………five white female jurors. Mostly white jurors. Travon, he will be on trial instead of Zimmerman. O’mara is trying to get at least one juror to doubt, that means that Zimmerman could possibile walk. These people know exactly what they were doing when they selected mostly white jurors. I am sorry


    They need to stop waisting tax payer’s money and lock this murdering animal up! He and his wife stole all of the money you people collected for him. You insist on cutting your faces off to spite someone elses nose. God help us all!!!!

  • Stacy L

    *ready for the thumbs down lol* even though I don’t agree, I do understand why. the jury needs to be able to make a fair and impartial judgement. and, honestly, if a black woman was picked she probably would not be able to distance her personal feelings away from the trial to make a unbiased judgement. there’s no gray area in the law: it’s either yes or no. hopefully that FL gun law won’t save him, smh..

    • Fair and Balanced

      Hate to say this but there is a gray area in the law, it all depends on who you are. You see Lady justice is supposed to be blind but remarkably she has eyes when it comes to power, privilege and money.

  • malik brooks

    white women DO NOT like young black males whatsoever…so no it isn’t fair

    • Guest360

      Really? Cause I see a litany of them wanting to date/marry/screw/have babies by quite a few black men. The NBA is chock full of black men who have wifed up white women. just sayin’.

      • Indigo

        The men you are referring to are grown. Trayvon was a teenage child.

        • Guest360

          What does age have to do with anything? I was responding to “white women don’t like young black men whatsoever” which is an incredibly false statement.

      • ..

        The NBA is your example? Who wouldn’t marry a multi millionaire, whether he was black, yellow or green.

        Show me the number of white women getting “wifed up” by the average black man. Nah, don’t worry I’ll wait.

        • Guest360

          Riiiight. Cause biracial families just don’t exist on this planet. Its not as if Cheerios just got a birage of hate mail for depicting a white woman and a black man with their kid. Oh…and you might want to look at some statistics as well. Just sayin’.

          • ..

            “Oh…and you might want to look at some statistics as well.”

            Gladly. According to the Census, 8% of Black men are married to white women. 8 out of every 100 in case you need some perspective. Yup sounds like a “litany” to me!

  • DaisyDuke

    I’m so nervous about the aftermath of this trial. Either way the verdict goes, the racial tension and argument over gun ownership & violence surrounding the case will reach a boiling point once it is announced from BOTH sides of supporters. I am praying that Trayvon and his family will receive justice for his senseless murder and that everyone, especially his family, are ready for anything that follows it.

    • DaisyDuke

      not saying that EVERY supporter from either side of the argument has the potential to get violent and out-of-hand, but we all know that there are some people willing to take it that far.

      • Logic

        Hope not. TONS more white people train with firearms than us. I watched videos of red neck 4 year olds hitting bulls eye ever shot from 200 yards. We are GREATLY out numbered.. Asians dislike us more than whites.. In Japan? They make toys to resemble blacks? As violent animals. All the other asian nations love to buy them. China does seem to be dumping TONS of money into Africa though. But seriously.. I hope our people don’t give them probable cause.. Like when we smashed their businesses up over a HALF white.. Like Most highly educated african American men say.. We need to adapt our culture.. Stop blaming people for our own problems. Ive never been hired by another black in my life.. 40 years.. We obviously hate each other more than whites *points at crips*.

  • Reese

    I just given up any hope of there being justice for Trayvon, I’m sorry. The Sanford police department screwed the pooch from the beginning on this case. Valuable time and evidence was lost.