Where Are They Now? The Super-Fine, Black Sitcom Boyfriends (And Husbands) We Wanted For Ourselves

June 20, 2013 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

Some of the best shows from the ’90s and early ’00s had everything. Good writing, great acting, and good looking men. These brothas brought some of our favorite characters happiness, drama, and a good time, and for us, they brought eye candy we were looking for on our favorite TV nights (Monday used to be THE day to watch TV on UPN back in the day!). So where have some of our favorite crushes gone? Let’s take a look shall we! Be warned, some have changed not necessarily for the worst…but let’s just say they’ve changed a lot.

Fredro Starr

Quinton “Q” Brooks played by Fredro Starr on Moesha

Now they knew damn well that “Q” didn’t look like nobody’s high school student. On for two seasons and occasionally returning, Q was Moesha’s longest relationship, and probably the one that brought her the most drama. Fredro Starr of the hip-hop group Onyx played this role, and had some serious acting experience previous to playing Q (Clockers anyone?). Afterwards, he kept acting in a little bit of everything, including roles in Save The Last Dance, playing gunman Bird on The Wire, and still focusing on his music. He recently had beef with DMX of all people. As for what he’s looking like, these days, he looks okay…




MadameNoire Video

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  • Ronnie

    Chaz Sheperd also played Al in The Temptations TV movie. They forgot to mention that. They run it constantly on VH-1. He was great in that!

  • dyvonna

    Ugly then, still ugly now.

  • Christan-Joy Demeritt

    Cress Williams is beautiful.

  • ch

    They did what they did in their careers back then.They have aged as we all do and some did better or different than the rest. These before and now articles might be seen as negative in some ways.

  • Mia

    Mmm Greg Sparks was so thick and juicy with that deep sultry cultivated voice.

  • Honestly

    JT hunter is on Mistresses now..wow, good for him

  • Bri

    3 or 4 of these guys are on the show mistresses I love that show!

  • PearlzofWisdom6

    I loved me some “Q” in Moesha

  • Tehani

    Where were the fine men?

    • bolum

      just learning from yall gusts

  • lis

    Gary Dourdan has some heat damage in his recent pic loool

  • WotaMess

    Wow those are some fine looking black men. Gary Dourdan JAson W, Ron R, Chaz Sheperd look soo hot.

  • Lmao

    Gary Dourdan does not look the same at all lol

    • Sookiiee

      I agree he was much finer especially in jumping the broom lol

  • On_Point

    i miss soul food, it should have not been cancelled.

    • SexNdaCity

      I know! Loved that show. Bought the seasons on dvd and love watching them.

  • JTerry

    Nice list…but Ronreaco Lee’s character on ‘Sister, Sister’ was named Tyreke, not Tyree.

  • JTerry

    Nice list…but Ronreaco Lee’s character on ‘Sister, Sister’ was named Tyreke, not Tyree.

  • jferjfer

    y’all need to do one just for girlfriends

  • IJM_1983

    Fredro is still looking nice.

  • Malik Brooks

    Allen Payne still got that New Jack City haircut

  • CeCe

    I never liked Gary Dourdan. But he loks My-T-Fine in this recent pic.MMMMMM

  • Darling

    No Bumber Robinson or Khalil Kain? What is wrong with ya’ll? lol

    • Guest

      OMG, I had the biggest crush on Khalil Kain! Still do, lol!

      • keepinginformed

        Same here! He’s 48 too!! He’s found the same elixir of youth as Pharrell Williams



    • Offew1988

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      Wow those are some fine looking black men. Gary Dourdan JAson W, Ron R, Chaz Sheperd look soo hot.