Where Are They Now? The Super-Fine, Black Sitcom Boyfriends (And Husbands) We Wanted For Ourselves

June 20, 2013  |  
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Some of the best shows from the ’90s and early ’00s had everything. Good writing, great acting, and good looking men. These brothas brought some of our favorite characters happiness, drama, and a good time, and for us, they brought eye candy we were looking for on our favorite TV nights (Monday used to be THE day to watch TV on UPN back in the day!). So where have some of our favorite crushes gone? Let’s take a look shall we! Be warned, some have changed not necessarily for the worst…but let’s just say they’ve changed a lot.

Quinton “Q” Brooks played by Fredro Starr on Moesha

Now they knew damn well that “Q” didn’t look like nobody’s high school student. On for two seasons and occasionally returning, Q was Moesha’s longest relationship, and probably the one that brought her the most drama. Fredro Starr of the hip-hop group Onyx played this role, and had some serious acting experience previous to playing Q (Clockers anyone?). Afterwards, he kept acting in a little bit of everything, including roles in Save The Last Dance, playing gunman Bird on The Wire, and still focusing on his music. He recently had beef with DMX of all people. As for what he’s looking like, these days, he looks okay…


Terrence “Scooter” Williams played by Cress Williams on Living Single

Even though the character of Scooter was in five seasons of Living Single, he was actually only in 10 episodes since his character and Khadijah’s were in a long-distance relationship. Scooter and Khadijah started off as friends and when things got serious after he expressed his feelings for her and they had a romp in the sack, she initially passed on anything serious. But by the end of the series, he and Khadijah were together…happily ever after. In real life, Williams has had a regular role on everything from ER, Veronica Mars, Nash Bridges, Providence, Close to Home, Friday Night Lights and most recently, Heart of Dixie. We actually sat with Cress recently where he talked about where he’s been, and he still looks good!


Greg Sparks played by Chuma Hunter-Gault on Girlfriends

I know you remember the sweet starving artist that was Greg on Girlfriends. Toni Childs called him her soulmate, but still managed to cheat on him with a doctor who just so happened to give her nice things, and bad things, including Chlamydia. After she played him, and gave him her contracted disease, Greg dumped Toni and was pretty much gone after season one, but he was for sure our favorite boo for Childs. The actor, Chuma Hunter-Gault (who is the son of famed journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault), did a few acting roles after his time on Girlfriends ended. He did short films and even had a guest role on Without A Trace. But recently he’s put himself behind the camera, as he was the assistant director behind an episode of HBO’s The Newsroom last season.

Sean Ellis played by Dondre Whitfield on Girlfriends

Sean Ellis, while fine, was Joan Clayton’s boyfriend who came with a boatload of baggage. Like sex addiction for one. Played by Dondre Whitfield, husband of the beautiful Salli-Richardson Whitfield, we actually haven’t seen very much of him like that in a while. Now a father of two, he had a regular role on the short-lived TV show Hidden Hills, was in the movie Mr. 3000, and had recurring and regular roles on the shows The Ghost Whisperer, Cold Case, The Event and Make It Or Break It.
He still looks pretty good, he’s just missing some hair…

JT Hunter played by Jason Winston George on Eve

First time we ever saw Eve and Jason Winston George together, he was playing her two-timing boyfriend in Barbershop. Either the world is small or they had a great connection on-set, because once her UPN sitcom Eve came to life, he wound up playing JT Hunter, Eve’s boyfriend and fiance throughout the program. Boy was she lucky because he was very cute back in the day, and George has only gotten better since then. He went on to do the show What About Brian, Eli Stone, Eastwick, Off The Map, and currently, he plays Dr. Ben Warren, current husband to Dr. Miranda Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy.

Kenny Chadway played by Rockmond Dunbar on Soul Food

Kenny was a hardworking husband and father with a penchant for liking his lady to stay at home. And while his relationship with Maxine was deemed the strongest of the couples on the show, they actually had their drama, including Kenny almost having an affair which led to their short separation. After his time on the longest running drama starring a predominately black cast, Dunbar went on to have a regular role on the show Heartland, and Terriers, as well as a big role as C-Note on Prison Break. Recently he had a regular role on Sons of Anarchy, and plays Tasha’s boo Pookie on The Game. Still looks good!

Tyree played by RonReaco Lee

Tyree was the very handsome boyfriend of Tia during her time at the University of Michigan. He first popped up as a high school dropout who got his GED and was permitted to graduate with Tia  and Tamera. They all went on later to of UofM where Tyree stayed with Tamera’s boyfriend, Jordan (aka, Bud from The Cosby Show). After the show ended, the very handsome actor went on to play Joan Clayton’s very young boo on Girlfriends, was on the shows The Committed and The Shield with small recurring roles, and after his show The Good Guys was cancelled on Fox, he went on to his current job, starring as Jamal on Let’s Stay Together.

Lance Rodman played by Allen Payne

The boyfriend of Charmaine on The Cosby Show with his high-top fade was goofy and pretty freaking adorable. I can’t tell you that he was memorable for his acting because when I was younger I used to just stare at his face. Now 44, Payne turned down doing A Different World back in the day to pursue a movie career, which he did: CB4, Vampire in Brooklyn, Jason’s Lyric, New Jack City and more. Of course, he came back to life (in the industry standard) when he snagged a starring role as C.J. on Tyler Perry’s former TNT show House of Payne.

Chaz Shepherd

He’s played just about everybody’s boo, including Kim Parker’s dim-witted boyfriend Aaron on The Parkers, as well as the love interest and old boo of Melanie Barnett, Trey Wiggs, on The Game (while it was on the CW), making him a major rival to Derwin’s character. I always thought Chaz was an absolute cutie. So where is he now? For the past couple of years, Shepherd has really been trying to pursue a music career, dropping the album Love & Truth in 2010. He still acts occasionally, but does so on the road. His most recent job was playing Curtis Taylor, Jr. in a national tour of Dreamgirls in 2009, and he does public speaking.

Shazza Zulu by Gary Dourdan

With his long locs (light brown ones at that) and his deep eyes, the character of Shazza Zulu stole the show when he arrived on A Different World as an activist in a relationship with Freddie. Once his character hit the road after a year, he was on a little bit of everything, including the video “Again” with Janet Jackson. However, he garnered the most success playing Warrick on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and he canoodled with Meagan Good as Chef McKenna in Jumping The Broom. Unfortunately, he’s found himself in a bit of legal trouble and even filed for bankruptcy last year. He’s back to work though, finishing up some movies and having a guest role on the new ABC show, Mistresses. Dourdan also is a musician and producer on the side.

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