Look Who It Is! Little Blue Ivy Is Out And About

June 20, 2013  |  

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Beyonce, Blue Ivy and her nanny were seen walking around New York City yesterday, Blue Ivy in a cute little green dress looking at the camera like “please stop flashing pics of me.”

Beyonce seems to be taking a little “mommy and me” time during the short break in her tour schedule, bringing Blue with her everywhere. And with the rest of her tour dates and a highly anticipated fifth studio album in the works, Beyonce is a machine that cannot be stopped.  Though fans are anxious for her to make her U.S. tour rounds and drop that new album, as producer/songwriter/recording artist Ne-Yo discussed in a recent interview with Billboard magazine, you don’t rush Bey with anything — especially not with her music:

“Beyonce’s the kind of artist where you’re not gonna see it till it’s right. And her fans — they love her so they’ll be patient.”

We guess she released new music early this year to hold all her stans and fans over until the album is complete. But in the meantime and in between time, we love to catch her spending time with her adorable daughter.



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  • Trixie

    I love the comments here. I will have to chime in and say a bow in the baby’s head wouldn’t hurt a thing. It’s not about Black hair either, for me it’s just about a little girl. I always feel little girls, no matter what the color, should have little cute outfits and accessories. That’s part of the fun of having a little girl. God knows growing pains with my now grown daughter were not a lot of fun but she turned out pretty good. 🙂

  • Kamaria Johnson

    This child looks too much like Jay-Z. We all know Jay-Z is ugly and I was hoping that the child looks more like Beyonce. I hope she looks more like Beyonce as she grows up! I am praying!

  • Tehani

    Reading through these comments reminds me of girls and women who sit and watch people and criticize them until they can’t anymore. You all are the type of Black women who are treacherous to be around.

  • Leon W.

    There’s no denying that is Jay-Z’s child (Especially in the nose). But she’s starting to look more like Beyonce did when she was a baby, especially in the eyes (Miss Tina had some strong genes)! Either way, she’s absolutely adorable!!

  • Kels99

    Without a ton of makeup, fake hair, and a glittery dress, Beyonce is so basic. She looks just like Solange.

    • Stop it

      And what do you look like?

  • Isaac Suthers


    • chanela

      hey!!! i have some of that in my beauty cabinet!!

  • tonyawebster

    beyonce mother owned a salon. And she knows it time for them to comb that babies hair. I’m not cracking on the baby. she doesnt know any better. BUT beyonce does

  • brown skeen

    beyonce looks like solange there

  • Shanice

    If you blind people look at the pic of Beyonce holding Blue, instead of how Bey is holding her you’d notice she had a headband in her hair. Smh and you can’t even really see her hair to know if it’s dry or not combed. Stop reaching so darn much.
    I have two nieces that started off with the prettiest hair, then they got a fungus and a skin condition. Now no matter how much we moisturize it their heads stay looking like the Sahara.

  • PoorBaby

    This is exactly how I thought their baby would look like. Exactly.

  • Reese

    Awww look at those cheeks.

  • amir bey

    Bey so average out of hair, makeup, tight clothes, heels, etc.!!

    • Nope

      As most women are. So what’s your point?

  • thatonegirl

    She look like she ready to box #brooklynbabe for real.

  • wveronica7

    Blue looks like she could be a handful…

  • Maile00

    Cute baby!

  • hollyw

    Awwww SHOOT! Lol Bey letting loose, huh?? Look at those eyebrows, she looks more like Solange, but I do see a good fusion of Knowles and Carter genes lol.

    *sidebar* can anyone else think of a reason why she don’t carry Blue on her hips..? She got plenty of em! Or at least a front carrier, good grief, the back strain…

    • Kay

      I said the same thing. She always carries that baby funny

      • quitak

        I don’t think its that she doesn’t know how to carry her, she just carries her textbook style. When you look up “how to properly carry a child”, Bey uses those. I was curious also at first. Thats just an idea

        • hollyw

          …but the real question is, why didn’t she just use a bjorn..? She obviously can adford it, and it’ll save her arms and back??

          Naaah. She must be on some Scientology ish lbs…

        • Nia

          You a lie. There is no textbook that tells you to carry your child like that. None.

    • Kenedy

      Haha! African style, on the hips, and tie a lesso or wrapper or whatever its called in english around her waist to keep the baby glued on

  • NeverAFlaw

    Blue Ivy is cute and I find it funny that they have a nanny. Why do they need a nanny? I find it funny that they have a Mexican woman as a nanny. Btw,I don’t want you stans opinion.

    • realadulttalk

      Why would they not have a nanny?? And why is her race an issue?? I don’t think one has to be a stan (or even a fan) to have issue with your comment.

      • NeverAFlaw

        Why would they have a nanny?I have a problem with your being a man defending Beyonce like she knows you. You also need to get a life,because you commented you everyone who has a different opinion from you. Clown,much!!!

    • Shanice

      Could it be because they are constantly working? Maybe Tina has a life of her own? What does race have to do with anything? Nobody says anything about Heidi Klum’s all white staff of nannies for each kid she has.

      • NeverAFlaw

        Who cares?Get a life. That was my opinion,I can careless what you’re talking about. Who said anything about Heidi Klum having a all white staff as nannies?Stay on topic and you have too much time on your hands to know Heidi Klum has a all white staff as nannies.

        • Shanice

          Apparently you care, hence the reason you clicked the link, looked at the picture and then made the comnent you did. But it’s okay, you’re not the first to reply with a childish “So!” comment when you don’t have a proper or logical response.

          • NeverAFlaw

            Little girl,you really need to have a seat and don’t get back up again,lame!!!

  • Common Sense

    I call that the anti paparazzi hold. Whenever I pass by a magazine with a star and their new infant, BESIDES THOSE KARDS, they are holding their child like this and similar to this. Not that it does most good. If those folks want a picture they are going to get a picture regardless. I guess being a star has many ups and downs. Even as a non-star mothers are still asked to see their babies by RANDOM strangers. -_-

  • Rosemary Davis

    This cutie is a combination of both but more like Jay-Z

  • GirlSixx

    Them EYEBROWS THO!!!!!!! Fierce!!! Jay can’t never ever everrrrrr try n deny that child.. He spit her out.. She got his serious mug face and all… She’s a cutie though….

  • Peaches

    She is starting to look like jay z and that not good. LOL

    • realadulttalk

      That is a pretty little girl…stop the nonsense!!

    • Kels99

      She looks like a boy to me. A cute lil’ man.

  • Mahogani_DJW

    I think she holds her close to her chest to avoid people trying to touch her…..I had to give this thought because I’m like….I KNOW this woman has to know how to hold her own child..
    Imagine if she held her regularly and walked down the street…paparrazi knows no boundaries, so I understand.

    • GirlSixx

      No that ain’t it!!!!… I don’t think she knows how to hold her..
      There is a pic of her carrying Blue the say way even when she was a baby while they were on a yacht — no over zealous paps were around –that’s just how she carries her.

      • JB

        I dont think so. B/c in the documentary, she held her the correct way. I think Mahogani_DJW is right. If the paps/over zealous fans grab her (yall saw the video), then she is proabably holding her that way to shield her from all the cameras.

      • JB#3

        The paps are always around her.

      • ComeCorrect

        Your post makes no sense. How did you see a “PICTURE” of Beyonce carrying her baby on a yacht if the paps (zealous or not zealous) weren’t around? She held her nephew perfectly fine and she does alright by Blue Ivy as well. Let her be she is a first time mother.

    • JAM

      I agree with this comment. And it is probably scary to a child.

    • JAM

      I agree with this comment. And it is probably scary to a child.

    • dlighted1

      I would agree with you if I had not seen the picture of the nanny holding the baby correctly as she walked through a crowd of paps.

    • Tipsy_Longstocking

      I agree. In the pic, Blue is probably trying to get down and walk and Bey is trying to carry her until they get away from the photogs. This is not hard to understand if you’ve ever tried to leave an area quickly with a squirmy toddler.

    • Ms_Mara

      That is what I’ve always thought as well. If she held her with Blue’s head over either shoulder, she wouldn’t be as aware of what’s happening to the child. Cameras being shoved in her face, people making faces, gestures, etc. Held that way, Beyonce is aware of where ALL of Blue is all the time. It might look awkward, but Blue seems fine with it.

  • realadulttalk

    I don’t care who doesn’t like this comment…it’s time to start doing something with that child’s hair. It’s not cute anymore…a pretty little girl should be kept pretty.

    • curlytopqt

      omg, i thought it was just me… a head band, rubber band, ribbon, something

      • realadulttalk

        It’s not just you. And yes…something!!! If Beyonce knows what I know…she’s gonna have a heck of a road ahead of her if she doesn’t start training Blue to get her hair done. I used to fight with my daughter when she was small, but by 2 she knew it had to be done and just conceded.

      • This Girl

        Right! She could slap a little flower bow on the side and it would at least give us the impression that SOME attention was paid to her hair. Come on Bey, at least create the illusion.

      • Dee

        But what’s wrong with her hair?

    • hi-liter

      She has an afro, what else do you expect her to do with it until it grows out? Everyone doesnt like 100 barrettes hanging from their girls’ hair (me for one). Bey may need to stretch out IV’s beautiful natural hair with some plaits or something at night until it grows out. Maybe a headband on her afro, but nothing else until it grows. Do you want her to put some tracks in?

      • realadulttalk

        Um, afro’s are generally combed…hers is not. Did I say 100 barrettes? Or did I say do her hair??? Tracks, really? If you have nothing constructive to say–just say nothing.

        • Live_in_LDN

          Afros are not generally combed. Combing hair dry breaks it. Adults might blow out their afros with heat for volume but most just detangle their afros and leave it like that. Nothing wrong with Blue’s hair imo. Beyonce’s a rich woman and she obviously has millions of advisers telling her the right thing to do.

          • Kamaria Johnson

            Wrong! I am sorry but what decade did you grow up in? I recall when afros came out they made sure it was neat and picked!

            • Live_in_LDN

              ‘ I recall when afros came out’ You’ve lost already mate. Afro’s never ‘came out’ the same way blonde hair never ‘came out’. Afros have been around as long as black people have been around. When a black person with kinky/coily type hair decides to grow out their hair it is an afro by default you dingbat.

        • Kamaria Johnson

          I got your back on this one realadulttalk because Live_in_LDN is talking nonsense.

        • amir bey

          Why do you say her hair is not combed, looks fine.

      • realadulttalk

        And if combing a child’s hair makes them tender-headed…every female in my family would be tender-headed. Instead we all have beautiful, thick hair that most of us cut off b/c it grows so fast and so well.

        • amir bey

          That’s you and yours. Some kids ARE tender headed so there’s no need to be pulling combs through a baby’s head! We not white folks, unless you got that kind of hair.

      • Nope

        Right! Damn, is lil Blue supposed to be on that creamy crack with a Crisco head already?

        • dlighted1

          No but alil pink lotion wouldn’t hurt.

          • realadulttalk

            Thank you!! Saying a child needs their hair done made these heiffers lose their minds. Talking about perms and tracks when I’m talking about combs and plaits. Ridic!!

            • amir bey

              Because that’s your interpretation of ‘done’. If it’s combed, what’s the problem?!

          • jasmine

            that pink lotion is gross and shouldn’t be used in anyone’s hair. the baby’s hair looks soft and cared for. on an unrelated note, that’s the first time she’s been photo’d being held comfortably. bouncy always looks like she’s going to drop her.

      • tonyawebster

        no but she needs to train her hair.

      • keesha

        You read my mind!

    • amir bey

      Don’t think its necessary to mess in a kid’s hair too much, will just make them tender headed. Black folks too worried about their hair and someone elses. They more concerned about her future. As long as it’s combed that’s all that matters.

      • realadulttalk

        But the child’s hair isn’t even combed…and that’s pretty clear to me. So, you know the Carter’s personally and know what they are concerned about regarding their daughter? Oh ok…I didn’t think so. Last I checked, Bey’s hair stays done…she could take a few moments to make her little girl look half as nice. And now I know why my ex-hubby always commented about how nice I kept our daughter…I thought it was normal. Apparently it’s not.

        • Mrs. V

          I feel what you’re saying, but you’ve also spent a significant amount of time on this post trying to tell folks what the Carters aren’t doing to their daughter’s hair. So on the other hand I could ask, why are you so concerned?

          • amir bey

            Ignorant folks always have to have something negative to say. Anyone looking at the picture wouldn’t come away with her hair is not combed. And yes, they care about their child’s future, that’s obvious!

        • hi-liter

          Your EX-hubby……………………..ummmmmm…………you need one of these >>> _/ _/

          • MLS2698

            Anyone can have an ex-husband. Unless it’s one of those ” do-all-I-can-to-keep-my-man types ” who are clueless from the beginning about marriage.

        • ..

          Judging from your comments above, it’s not hard to see why he’s your “ex” husband.

      • pretty1908

        that is not true. my niece has long hair . she has been getting it comb since four months. We don’t use tight bands or pull her edges. We use a lil shea moisture and headband if we don’t have time . I don’t people are criticizing her hair texture, but come on somebody could’ve brushed it or added some carol’s daughter. Money or no money, my child won’t come out the house looking frayed and thrown away.

        • realadulttalk

          Thank you!! She has on a pretty little dress…why no pretty little headband to go with it? I love seeing little girls look all girly. I too always combed my child’s hair…my gram would have kicked me down stairs if I’d brought my child out like this.

      • realadulttalk

        It’s called responding to people honey…I could ask why you care about what I’m saying so much that you are checking all of my comments. But much as I hope you don’t care about me…I surely don’t care about you 🙂

    • Nia

      I noticed that black people who live around white folks let their kids hair just be. Personally I think she needs a bow or something because she looks like a boy.

      • ..

        yea because white people tend to care about more important things, which is why they flourish. Meanwhile y’all are late on your bills just to have some Remy and Brazilian on your head.

        • Nia

          ????? You really just wanted to get that off your chest. He needs a bow in his hair.

    • ..

      I don’t know why people were so shocked about the Gabby Douglas hair fiasco, when you have Black women like this, who are petty enough to nitpick about the hair of a 1-year-old child.

  • NeaJ

    Why does it always look like Beyonce is holding Blue in an awkward position?

    • realadulttalk

      Because she is. Lol Looks like she’s about to drop that child…I don’t think she has many maternal instincts…reminds me of how my brother’s fiance holds kids…like they are hazardous waste instead of people.

      • Jan King


      • Kenedy


  • SheBe

    She is a great mix of both of them. I think I see a little more of her dad in this photo though.

  • jason vorhees

    that little girl is the spitting image of both of them!