“I Don’t See Her Embracing Any Other Women”: Lil Mama On Her Issue With Nicki Minaj, And The Struggle To Play Left Eye

June 19, 2013  |  

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In an interview with The Hollie Wood & Friends Show on Blog Talk Radio, rapper Lil Mama, who is about to be everywhere thanks to this TLC biopic and the reality show Hip-Hop Sisters, spoke about what it took to snag her role as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, the lack of unity between female rappers right now, and why the queen bee of rap right now, Nicki Minaj (in terms of sales and popularity), needs to embrace other women in the game. Here’s what she had to say about everything, including the importance of U.N.I.T.Y:

On The Struggle She Went Through To Audition And Win The Role Of Left Eye:

“I definitely had to audition, I heard about it through my uncle when I came back home to NY. He asked if I was going to audition. When he was saying TLC, I’m thinking the channel TLC, ‘like what are you talking about?’

Once I got through the first audition, I could tell they loved me because they called me back to every audition afterwards, which were about three auditions. I just stayed humble; I went through the ropes, read my script. It was one day I read three pages and then the day before they would send me ten more pages then 13 pages and I just had to be ready. I think the key to it all was just being ready. They wanted to know could she be ready? ‘If we are off-set and I give her three pages and then I say 13 pages, will she be able to pull it off ?,’ and I was able to pull it off and I was very honored to get that part.”

On The Unity In Hip-Hop Between Women Back In The Day, And Why She Misses It Now: 

“We need to understand that we all have different stories. One of the things that makes me most happy about music is that I can look at a picture and see Da Brat, Missy, Lil Kim, Left Eye and I know Aaliyah is a singer but to see them all in one photo together hugging and laughing and really having genuine love for each other. I want to feel that with my Hip-Hop sisters. I feel like we shouldn’t bash each other on records and get in-person and talk about how there is no more room for another female MC, it’s only me and F you. Even with the dudes they will battle and let you know, ‘you are not nicer than me’ but at the end of the day we should be able to get together and enjoy each other.”

On Nicki Minaj And The Importance Of Minaj Embracing Other Female Rappers In The Game: 

“It’s a lot of underground women who are trying to break through, but on a mainstream level the only person that I really hear on radio is Nicki Minaj. A lot of times I hear her say, “I do this for women” and “I’m doing this for all of us” while she’s accepting a BET Award, but other than that I don’t see her putting any other women on. I don’t see her on tracks with other women that are current. I don’t see her embracing any other women. I feel like its time for female MC’s to really start sticking together and start putting out some music.”

I can see what Lil Mama is trying to say, but does she really promote unity in music herself? She was just out here two years ago claiming Nicki was biting her style. But I will say that I agree that there needs to be more unity between women in Hip-Hop, and honestly just in music in general.

What do you think of Lil Mama’s comments? 

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  • Mahogani_DJW

    Lil Mama……NOBODY cares about your music…Lipgloss was cool when I was in highschool…I don’t remember much else…

    You jumped on stage & interrupted JayZ & Alicia Keys….you KNOW you blacklisted, I agree with what you said about Nicki…..but because it comes from you, nobody will care!

  • sarcasma

    Lil mama been saying this for years her stage crash incident just overshadowed her “jems” check out her interview on the breakfast club.

  • hollyw

    Wow. The most sensical thing Lil Mama has said since her debut…

    • Guest360

      I was just about to write the same thing. Look at Lil Mama growing up and maturing. Damn near shocked me lol. But I can’t say she’s wrong and it’s one of the reasons why I stopped being a Nicki fan. I was fully in her corner when Lil Kim was coming for her but I can’t stand her now. How are you going to talk about female empowerment when you don’t get along with a SINGLE woman out here? Not saying this is problem she created but she sure as hell revels in the drama it creates and seeks to create more to stay relevant. The day she puts a female rapper (be it past or present) on any of her tracks will be the day I die from shock.

  • Trisha_B

    I don’t recall any female rappers reaching out to Nicki during her mixtape days, trying to get on the scene. But now that Nicki is on she needs to help them? Lol it dont work like that. The only person I can think of that was supporting Nicki back in the day was foxxy & they still show big love to each other. Nicki can’t put others on when shes still trying to get herself on. But Nicki works hard for hers, nothing is handed to her. Others need to do the same. Nicki did open the doors back up for female rappers b/c a few years ago, no one wanted to hear from them, including lil mama. From there those female rappers should have been hitting up record labels, post videos, do whatever to get on. Thats not Nicki’s job. Lil mama probably wanted a song & Nicki turned it down lol…plus did she forget about Lil Kim & Foxxy back in the day? There was no unity, dont try to make it out to be Nicki is why there is no unity. There never was. This is probably why Nicki do songs w/ mostly men, all this complaining about her not helping is unnecessary lol. You will never hear this in the male rap world. You dont work w/ them, they be like w.e & do their own thing

    • Guest360

      She didn’t put the blame on Nicki. She simply used her as an example to the way hip hop is currently because Nicki is the only female rapper out there right now that’s mainstream. She is absolutely right though. Back in the day you could always see pics of Da Brat, Missy, Aaliyah, etc. together and have genuine love for one another. Do you see that at all in today’s hip hop? Not hardly. And please. Lil Kim and Foxxy were not the standard for female hip hop unless you completely missed Queen Latifah, MC Lite, Salt and Pepa, etc. Just saying. There was unity at multiple points in the last 30 years that you just don’t see at all right now.

      • Live_in_LDN

        There are pictures of Nicki Minaj, Rihanna et all all smiling and happy too. Whats the point?

        • Guest360

          Wow…..you managed to name ONE artist. Good for you. But I can name far more that aren’t buddy buddy with Ms. Minaj and I can promise my list would be much longer than yours. THAT was the point.

          • Live_in_LDN

            It’s a soft point. Does having more or less celebrity friends make someone a better person? Ireelevelent. Also Aaliyahwas in the fame game since she was 14, Missy was young when she signed with that girl band so most of their adult live is fame and ergo most of their friends will probably be musicians. Minaj only became famous in the last 2 years or so. Most of her friends are probably regular people from her childhood. I’m not a Minaj fan but what point are you trying to prove exactly? Pictures of Aaliyah smiling with whoever the hell doesn’t mean anything because it is all business at the end of the day. You would smile in a picture with your producer too if they were responsible for your multimillion career.

            • ..

              you’re using a straw man argument. The picture isn’t the point. The point is that they were in the picture smiling because they all genuinely got along well and had love for each other.

              Meanwhile, every time you turn around, Nicki is in a new beef with someone, whether she started it, or fanned the flames.
              And let’s not play the “people just hate on her” card. When you can’t get along with ANYBODY, the problem can’t be everyone else.

        • Guest360

          Wow…..you managed to name ONE artist. Good for you. But I can name far more that aren’t buddy buddy with Ms. Minaj and I can promise my list would be much longer than yours. THAT was the point.

    • Sean

      Trina and lil Kim did too. Trina had her feature on I believe 2 of her songs. And lil Kim use to be something like a mentor for her. Birdman and lil Wayne use to have Kim talk to her about the rap game. Until they fell out

  • Kane

    I agree that her comments on Nicki were quite contradictory. To be fair to Minaj, the majority of the new up & coming female rappers are dissing her.. Do Mamma really expect her to be giving them shine?

    • dddooonnnttt

      They ALL diss each other. I swear they exemplify insecurity.

      • Live_in_LDN

        No different from the males who are dissing each other then? Most of their songs are diss tracks

        • dddooonnnttt

          No. It’s not different. But when theres only 3 women in the game and they’re throwing jabs back and forth it doesn’t really leave any room for friendship and camaraderie. There infinite male rappers, they have crews and posses. Not so for the women.

  • Nice

    There needs to b more unity among Blacks…Period

    • Child_Puhleez

      BOOM. THERE it is, ladies & gentlemen. smh

    • VVV

      oh my goodness, who told you we wanted to hear the truth?

      • dddooonnnttt

        lol, this is the true reaction of black folks.