Down Low, Down Low: Celebrities Who Were Caught Out Of The Closet

June 26, 2013 ‐ By Meg Butler
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Pope Benedict XVI

Ever wonder why the last pope was ushered out of office in a hurry? Recent reports from the Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica suggest that it’s part of the fallout from a sex abuse scandal.

Apparently, there was proof that Pope Benedict XVI was part of the sex scandal. The people who had the evidence were trying to blackmail the church via the pope. To avoid a scandal, the Benedict resigned. He was the first pope to step down in 600 years.

The former pope’s spokesman has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations.

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  • Gibbous

    A Trans woman is a “WOMAN” Teddy should not be on the list!

  • me

    that’s a huge lie about Teddy P. Teddy was protecting the wife of the famous basketball player who was actually in the car giving him head. i’ll let yall put two and two together.

  • AJ

    I knew 2 members of the Blue Notes bands that said some of the Harold Melvin group went both ways and TP was definitely a little freaky deaky.

  • Nona B.

    I hope this will be read by the staff of Madame Noire. I know that it is your job to post the latest celebrity news/gossip but in that you have a responsibility. I enjoy most of the articles because they are entertaining however when you report something there are a couple of things that I ask of you. First in this article please be careful NOT to confuse homosexuality with pedophilia one has NOTHING to do with the other and it is a very ignorant connection of the two. Secondly, please, please get a proofreader; some of the things that I have read are not readable due to spelling errors, missing words, etc. When you are a reporter of color I feel that some things should be paid closer attention as to not further the thought of incompetence and ignorance.

  • red

    I only have one question…where is Oprah Winfrey?

  • CheveneCheddar

    chile(madamenoire) u left of a host of others – u forgot Will Smith & his butt-buddy whom he d*cking down up the “hershey highway” Duane Martin and who be taking out-of-the-country trips together without them unhappy wives of theirs; u forgot Lufada Vandross(R.I.P.)—even tho it wasnt said he was caught with a dude, but come on now – u know he had some lil twink-type thug-type dude on the side and in all discretion because Luther seem like the submissive type who liked dominate men…hell, even Stevie Wonder saw that Luther was gay; and it’s some more that i can’t name but u get the picture.

  • Xzamilio

    Geez, reading these comments, is it any wonder why so many in the black community stay in the closet?

  • toni langford

    he knew it was a man thats how all stars get down

  • Heavenly


  • Heavenly


  • Heavenly


  • 1bestdog

    Caught? You make it sound like they are doing something wrong. Most of these people are admittedly gay.

  • Sapphire Blue

    What about Jayz

  • Sapphire Blue

    What about Jayz

  • Sophialorent

    Is it just me or is this whole list worded in kind of a homophobic way? Its worded to sound like these men were committing some kind of crime for having sex with men. I understand the concept “being on the downlow” and the debate on outing celebrities. But we also don’t know if they were completely in the closet. They may have been out to their families and friends. But the whole attitude of this thing is “isn’t it such a horrible thing to be found out to be gay?”

  • Mateo

    Just wanted to note that men who sleep with transexuals are not gay (homosexual) or bisexual, as gay men do not have sex with transexuals; the correct term is pansexual for those people.. In other words men who identify as heterosexual but are sexually attracted to Trans people are not necessarily attracted to the same sex, most often they are disgusted by the idea of sex with the same sex.

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  • K C

    most of this is a loada crap from allegations and speculations

  • Jim

    a post op tranny? really?? Thats gay? you ppl are idoits.

    • Mrs.Mickle

      yes that is still considered a homosexual relationship.

  • MalikaiDragonSlayer

    If Eddie Long likes little boys that doesn’t necessarily make him gay.

  • JTerry

    The only part of this list that surprised me was the mention of Jeanette Jenkins in Queen Latifah’s portion. My jaw dropped at that but oh well. That’s their business, if it’s true.

  • LiiSH

    Cynthia Nixon said her homosexuality was a choice not that it was a choice in general.

    • Mrs.Mickle

      Science doesn’t support the born gay theory.

  • LlarryLLama

    Teddy was in a “vulnerable position”, you might say, when the car crashed, and his “grilfriend’s” mouth clamped down at the moment of impact. So he didn’t just lose his ability to walk. Now you know the rest of the story.

  • FromUR2UB

    When I was 15, I had a huge crush on Teddy Pendergrass. I had a boyfriend, but I still thought TP was the ideal man, and someday wanted to marry someone as beautiful as he was. I used to listen to the album that picture is taken from, while staring at him on the album jacket. Around that time, I read an Ebony article about him where he revealed that if everything else about a woman was perfect, but her feet weren’t, he was immediately turned off. I thought, wow, he’s really picky, but it made him more attractive to me.

    Then, years later when the news broke about him being caught in the car, I was very disappointed. It also gave me another perspective about the foot thing. I began to think that if imperfect feet is a deal breaker for a man, he probably doesn’t want a woman. Most women who regularly wear high heels have a corn or two on their toes. I was reminded of his foot statements when the movie ‘Boomerang’ came out. And years after that, when Eddie Murphy was caught in similar circumstances, the foot standard confirmed for me that a guy who wants an easy reason to eliminate women might use that as their excuse to do it.

  • North Philly for Life

    Tenika Watson was in the car with Teddy Pendergrass after the accident to cover up that he was really in the car with a major celebrity’s wife. Tenika was in the car behind Teddy with a DJ from WDAS. Teddy and the celebs wife and Tenika and the DJ had all gone out together. The celebrity’s wife was pulled out of the car and driven to the hospital before the ambulance got there. Teddy was not a homophobe and anyone who really knew him knew he wasnt gay so although he feigned ignorance of Tenika’s gender for his labels sake he didnt make a big deal out of it. There is always more to the story than meets the eye. As for the celebs wife well that story is one that has been kept a great secret even though there was a question of paternity of a child…….


    Kerry Rhode is one fine young man, but I just watched Youtube video w/ his hideous ex assistant and seen some photos. Sorry to say he is GAY.


    I guess Tupac was right when he used to call Mobb Deep out. LOL

  • Bhronda

    Post-op transexual is a woman [PERIOD!!]. If this is all you have on Teddy, then he was not homosexual by any measure.

    • Mrs.Mickle

      No on a genetic level it is a man because HE will always have a X&Y chromosome and will have to maintain hormone replacement therapy for the rest of his life to make him something he clearly wasn’t meant to be.

      • Bhronda

        Fair argument. In Japan, if one goes through that much trouble to change their gender, the least we can do is respect their decision.

        By your argument, are women who need hormone replacement therapy men?

        • Mrs.Mickle

          Bhronda we both now as women we take hormone replacement therapy when we are biologically off not to make us something we were never meant to be. I respect logical decisions, gender reassignment is illogical. And no it doesn’t just effect them if you think it does you are not keeping up with current events.

  • ODB63

    Last picture is not of Pope Benedict.

  • Roberta giuliano

    It is SO obvious that Tony Travolta packs fudge. He has always exhibited effeminate
    characteristics ! Get real, sheeple !

    • AreYouSerious

      “He has always exhibited effeminate characteristics”
      Jesus Christ. So that’s it. That’s what makes you homosexual. Not liking men, no: Being effeminate.
      Gold star for you. A for effort.

  • carlberlin

    people like eddie long should be in JAIL. Better watch out GOD will strike you down

  • carlberlin

    he wasn’t gay. He was married and had kids

    • LlarryLLama

      Lot’s of gay guys get married and have kids..they call themselves “bi”..but they still like the sausage.

  • Guest

    Oh, and pedophilia isn’t “out of the closet.” It’s pedophilia, not homosexuality, bisexuality, or heterosexuality. So you can scratch the “bishop” off the list.

  • Starshadow666

    A transwoman is still a woman. The ignorance and bigotry of so many transhaters and homophobes here is legion. Too bad for you all. You’re on the wrong side of both history and science.

    • Mrs.Mickle

      Before you claim we are homophobic please substantiate your claims.

  • HipHopSays

    this list is BS…..the very definition of being on the down-low is that you are married or you are in a long-term presumably monogamous relationship and the resulting act is in conflict with the monogamy of your relationship. Just being in the closet doesn’t make you on the DL. Last i checked, Queen Latifah, Raven Symone, Benny Medina and Kevin Clash aren’t married. Outside of just a lack of understanding of being on the down-low this list seems to assumes guilty by association — ie: Teddy Pendergrass, Eddie Murphy, Benedict. I would suspect if EM was on the down-low there would be more men coming forward. The former pope is tangentially included in covering up a church sex-scandal in Germany … not in having sex with men or underage boys and in fact even if the former pope has sex with other adult men he technically is not on the down-low as he’s not married (not even to god).

  • maxsdad

    No mention of Obama, even though there is more physical evidence to support the claim that he’s gay then there is half the people on this list? Or is it just easier to ignore the signed sworn affidavits from people who claim to have had sex with him… the people who haven’t mysteriously been murdered, that is.

    • GrosslyObesePublican

      You’re a phuking moron who needs to kill yourself.

  • SparrowHawk

    I’m shaking my head and thinking this is gossip. And I’m wondering did you get the guy(or girl) is your life significantly better? Did you make the world a better place? With what judgement you judge you shall be judged.

  • Just saying

    Teddy was NOT gay! When the story was first reported, Teddy was with the wife of a very popular and well liked individual in the city of Philadelphia, (Teddy was purported to be in an affair with this woman whose husband also had an affair). The story was initially reported on WDAS and other stations. I personally heard this story as it was originally reported on radio. Approximately 2 days later, the story was changed to what most people believe to be Teddy with a Transsexual. The famous husband was so well liked by the media, they changed the story to protect his dignity. This story is well know by Media individuals. The husband also had personal influence on a particular reporter as well.

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  • rc slocum

    Teddy ” Tenderass”

  • Pepp90

    Apart from the ones who were messing with underage kids, the only reason anyone finds any of this shocking is because we live in such a ridiculous culture that people actually feel the need to hide their sexual orientation. Who cares???

  • Bass Player

    That’s a da$n LIE on Teddy! It’s NOT true! It’s some story that was told
    by some IGNORANT DJ back in the day and has NEVER went away! TRUST me,
    the guy was a LADIES man! I get so freggin tired of this LIE that’s been
    told for all these years! ASK his WIFE?

  • lolorhone

    This whole “article” comes from an immature and somewhat bigoted place to begin with. For the record, gay men do not routinely sleep with transsexual women. Kinky straight men do (“heteroflexible” is the term). Stop “exposing” celebrities as if they have something to be ashamed of should they drift an inch from complete heterosexuality. More often than not, the only thing worth shaming them about is that they don’t live openly- which could be easily remedied by a culture that supported ALL of its people. My black people- enter the 21st century. Do not be an oppressor, a hypocrite, or a throwback and call it Christianity. Seriously.

    • Mrs.Mickle

      HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT NEW TO THE 21st century don’t believe me ask the Greek and Romans.

      • lolorhone

        That was my point. Homosexuality is older than most modern religions, so why is it such a big damn deal to anyone now? Let us all stop the shaming, finger-pointing bullshit, grow up and live and let live today.

        • Mrs.Mickle

          I don’t know probably because shortly after their decline into sexual deviance,there whole culture declined.

          • lolorhone

            It was war that felled the empire, not deviant sex. Deviant sex was there from the beginning. Deviant sex is here right now, and the planet ain’t spinning off its axis.

            • Mrs.Mickle

              I said the society.decline as whole not disappeared….

              • lolorhone

                And I’m saying Greco-Roman society declined/not disappeared due to war rather than gay sex, which had been part of it all along.

  • Jwrtr68

    This list is old hat! Why worry about their bedroom, car or public hornyisms, it isn’t for us to judge. Speaking of judging, all of you confused folks calling yourselves Christians forgot the part about let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Ready for a Savior created by Europeans for Europeans and forcing it on everybody else or hegemony, hahaha! Silly rabbits tricks are for kids ;-)

  • Chad

    FYI being involved in a “sex abuse” scandal doesn’t make you gay. Theres a difference between homosexuality and pedophilia. **”Ever wonder why the last pope was ushered out of office in a hurry? Recent reports from the Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica suggest that it’s part of the fallout from a sex abuse scandal.”

  • MAES59


  • Parables Revealed

    Cut it off, put it on, whatever. Still can’t change your genetics. Everyone is answerable for their own decisions. Concern yourself about YOU.

  • DAWG 007

    black men r gay thats why they wear there pant down low .

  • Kenneth Edward Polley

    Homosexuality is a choice. You do not have to be a homosexual if you don’t want to be!

    • GrosslyObesePublican

      Unfortunately for you, being an imbecile isn’t a choice.

      • Mrs.Mickle

        Instead of immature name calling,please substantiate your claims.

  • Kenneth Edward Polley

    You are kidding right? Having sex with and underage male when you yourself are a male = homosexual!

  • Julie Atherton

    Why are people who are part of child molestation scandals being included in an outed as gay list????? It is NOT the same thing!!!!!!!

    • Kenneth Edward Polley

      You do understand that homosexuality is having sex with the same sex as yourself right? Age has nothing to do with it! If you have sex with someone who is the same sex as you, you are gay! If they are not of age you are a gay child molester. And if they haven’t reached puberty the that is pedophilia! Savvy?

      • GrosslyObesePublican

        Were you born a phuking asshoIe?

        • Kenneth Edward Polley

          Do you not like hearing the truth?

      • Mrs.Mickle

        That is logical but if you look at our society you will see men wanting to be women,women wanting to be men and a certain group of people wanting special rights based off who they sleep.with. So don’t hold your breath waiting for these people to get logic when based of their comments you will see they are apart………of that illogical part of society.

  • taquarius

    there is so many others than this . im told by the few i was with . no one will ever believe me . one i put a rubber on his wee wee to find out after intercourse he took the damn thing off .

  • Bullet Bob

    How does the Pope hold his liquor?
    By the ears!

  • nspaso

    Here’s my thing about Travolta and the supposed allegations. If you’re looking for a payday, clearly the best thing is to smear some Hollywood star with loads of money. Gossip mongers like to make gossip into the truth just by merely repeating the same tired things until the National Enquirer set begins to believe.

    • Kenneth Edward Polley

      Travolta and Cruise are both gay. Just accept it!

      • nspaso

        Why, because you say so? As tightly wound into Scientology as Cruise is, I highly doubt that he’s gay and as for Travolta, I doubt his wife would agree with you.

        • GrosslyObesePublican

          You’re as naive as they come. Possibly stupid as well.

          • nspaso

            Wow, you ARE an insulting hate-monger, aren’t you? Pull your gossip laden rock back over your disgusting self.

  • BigWood1

    I’m told the reason only ‘TWO’ of the 16 people shown are BW is bc society regards nearly ALL Black women to be gaay or bisexuaal and to list them here would be redundant.

    • Kenneth Edward Polley

      Honestly as a white man, society believes nearly all black men are also gay or bisexual it isn’t just the females!

      • BigWood1

        Kenneth, everybody knows that caucasian Americans totally embrace the homosexxual lifestyle. In fact, ‘STRAIGHT’ caucasian males are explicitly considered exceptions to the white world. Whenever a BW is dating a WM it is presumed that the BW must be a stud because the WM is definitely feminine/gay.

        • Kenneth Edward Polley

          Yeah you keep believing that Sambo!

          • BigWood1

            Wrong answer FOOL. It’s not my opinion it’s fact, live with it.

  • Yofutofu

    So sad.

  • tomasiepants

    This is article is garbage.

  • Nevercominghereagain

    This website is stupid….. That is all

  • tysandsnyc

    Where’s Diddy and Shemare Moore to the list?

  • just sayn

    Eddy, Teddy, John..they know what they were doing when it was done! They chose to pick up, transport and feel up what ever person they were with and they have to answer of it! Don’t want to be caught then stay out of the boy kitchen!

  • CT

    Teddy was with a post op mean after so she was a woman! Teddy ain’t gay!

  • Monica Princefam

    who care if a man is with another man, that is why so many men are on the downlow. Dammit I am sick of this!!! People need to be true to themselves so that all parties are happy and not live a lie and spread misery.

  • c-bare

    straight people are soo soo funny. they think that since they are straight they are experts on all other relationships! ha! I’m not str8 and believe me, all gay people laugh at the fact the str8 people think they are experts! Sorry but you are NOT one – never will be ONE – so don’t even try to understand one. So quit trying to be masters and johnson you fools!

    • Kenneth Edward Polley

      Don’t you have a closet to get back in?

  • Luke

    I hate how the author thinks it’s okay to mix homosexuality with pedophilia. If the guys are underage, then it’s different than two adults. Man+Man=Homosexual, Man+Boy=Pedophile. Get it right, because it’s offensive.

    • DuBois

      It’s not right to equate pedophilia and homosexuality on a moral level, obviously, but what would you call a man who molests young boys? Straight? That would make no more sense than calling a man who molests young girls gay.

    • Kenneth Edward Polley

      You might want to look up what pedophilia is. It is sexual interest in pre-pubescent individuals! It has nothing to do with age!

  • Lila Beenthere

    turn off the lights and light a candle… always my favorite tune, never saw it the way it is posted, I thought he had son! I might be wrong, who cares still my only and solely favorite entertainer. Still can hear my always and only love Duwayane singing like Teddy to me 28 years later! I let him go because I did not want to live in the ice-box. Looking back I wish I could have compromised! He ended up married to a mail order bride from Asia who did not give f so long she was permittted to get here. I know he never loved her-Editha! I was stubborn ! Always listen to Teddy to make myself feel !

  • Will Vail

    Post-op transexuals are not men, they are women. Sleeping with a post-op or post-transition transexual is not an act of homosexuality.

    • High Altitudes


    • Mrs.Mickle

      In the homosexual community they consider this a homosexual relationship. And it is because you can’t change genetics.

  • dlmstl

    What happened to Johnny Mathias?

  • fareal

    If Teddy did not repent of his sins before he died then He, like all who practice sin without repentance will be given what is due to them in the end. If we do not repent and turn from our wicked ways there is only one place where the unrepentant will end up and that is the lake of fire. Those who God knows He shall welcome and those He does not know He will say depart from me you worker of iniquity I never knew you… Time for all of us to get right with God and let this world go!!!!!!!!! I pray that Teddy did get himself together before he died because he was messed up, so I hope he did, as I pray that all of us do, Amen

  • unpleasantfacts478

    Scientology = gay. And fat.

  • Torre Sims

    first of all teddy clearly thought that was a woman. he doesn’t belong here..PERIOD

  • blackmale

    You forgot who should have been #1 on your Down-Lo list…RayJay. RayJay has systematically worked extremely hard to stay off your list, and this all began with him “consciously” putting out the video of he and Kim Kardashian to throw us all off, but he never fooled me. Just find a video where they were interviewing Brandy on the set of her Disney movie over a decade ago and they briefly interviewed her unknown brother and my immediate thought was awwww aint that cute..Brandy has a flaming brother..and trust me…he was flaming when he was young. Matter of fact if you look close enough you can tell his masculine speech and mannerisms present day…are all contrived…and are all a front. I don’t dislike him…nor am I homophobic…but since you wrote the article…you shoulda put RayJay #1.

  • mom

    Accusing the Pope? Pul- leeeeze!!!!!

  • BrooklynShoeBabe

    If she was post-op, she had lady parts, so I don’t consider that being on the down low.

  • Rebecca

    Regarding the Teddy Pendergrass situation, a POST-OP transexual is legally a woman. I don’t feel like Mr. Pendergrass was “in the closet” or engaging in “down-low” activities.

  • Suzanne Scully

    went to high school with his daughter…he made our senior prom fab..he was there….i played ping pong with him….he was a great man….1981 …capa h.s. philly….

  • Juleesa

    When u r a celebrity, you are in the public eye. I can understand about the privacy issue SOMEWHAT. If you are tired of the rumors surrounding your sexuality, then you should want to address them. Either it’s true or it’s not. If you can’t say, NO I AM NOT GAY OR I AM STRAIGHT, then I have a problem with that answer. A response such as, “my sexual orientation is my business and my business only” leads to more speculation!

  • Fraginals5

    What about Obama is he not a celebrity?

  • obamakiltbenGAYziqweer


  • rdw

    Alright Meg Butler, where is your boy Tyler Perry on this list? You know it’s an open secret.

  • tony

    I haven’t seen one community that wasn’t full of disgusting bigots. And this website proves it.

  • WessOA

    When was George Michael ever in the closet? He debuted with WHAM! singing “Wake me up before you go-go” in hot pants.”

    • Mrs.Mickle

      Thank You, when I saw that video at 11 the way he was jumping around in those hot shorts I knew he was homosexual and this was ten years after the video came OUT.

  • truth

    Teddy was riding with the wife of a famous athlete and her transgendered friend. When the police arrived they escorted the wife away before the media arrived.

  • It’s that simple.

    Only black women would go this hard to stand up for gay people. Yeah it’s 2013 and it’s STILL wrong!!! How does two men or two women sleeping with each other make sense. You can’t reproduce! Adopting is not the freakin same! It’s just perverted! Soddom and Gamorra al over again! White washed, mind controlled I don’t know what to call it but you idiots but open a book and read!

    • reese

      Only black women lmao. Go to California because it was after all black women who were blamed for Gay marriage not passing because we had the highest percent to vot against it. Even though we don’ even make up 6 percent of the population. But honestly don’t care as long as they are being truthful with their spouses. Because people deserve a right to make informed decision.

  • Dionysus Thelxinoe

    This article is no different than if a redneck website were to “out” white folks who have black blood. Complete ignorance on this site’s part, so what if they were gay? How stupid are you people, posters included.

    • reese

      It is not a homophobic site. Were are the articles that are homophobic. This is completely different scenario because they are not outing gays, but commenting on gays who were already ousted. Just like they do articles on people you didn’t know were black, Jamaican, or thought were black.

    • Kenneth Edward Polley

      What makes you think it is ok to say “redneck” you racist pig?

  • Marilyn Williams

    his wife has been his ‘beard’ all this time? the wonderful Travolta/Preston marriage? Hmmmm?????

  • ETM

    Eddie Long should be outted for being a CHILD MOLESTER not a homosexual!!

    • Kenneth Edward Polley

      A molester of MALE people! That makes him a homosexual child molester, clown!

  • meemaw two

    Madame Noire you tripping and your blog is rumor has it bye!!!

  • destiny

    Isn’t Fresh Prince based on Benny’s life? Maybe why Will got the part

  • ryke

    even if he did pick her up she was a post-op woman.the only man that would date her would be a man attracted to women.

  • Elise

    First of all, To help enlighten the world. Post Op would mean he was with a woman. End of story. Great talent lost why can’t we stop putting people in “lists”….doesn’t sit well when it’s done to us.

  • Cynthia Avishegnath

    Concerning Teddy Pendergrass …

    Are you implying that a man marrying a post-op transexual woman is queer? So Teddy Pandergrass must be gay to be attracted to a woman “of that sort”?

    Would your article also cynically imply that a man who marries serena williams is either gay or must be after her money, because as far as appearing feminine, obviously she is far from being whitney houston.

  • ytd

    Who IS that person pictured above Pope Benedict’s name? Bc it ain’t Pope Benedict. And what Madame Noire says about him is slander. The Pope was trying to eradicate the open homosexuality in the Vatican and resigned because he believed the institution to be too corrupt to reform in his lifetime. This has been confirmed by the new Pope. Shame on hack Meg Butler.

  • ytd

    Who IS that person pictured above Pope Benedict’s name? Bc it ain’t Pope Benedict. And what Madame Noire says about him is slander. The Pope was trying to eradicate the open homosexuality in the Vatican and resigned because he believed the institution to be too corrupt to reform in his lifetime. This has been confirmed by the new Pope. Shame on hack Meg Butler.

  • NottaBigot

    Cynthia Nixon married her partner and has been living the gay life for a decade in public…

  • NottaBigot

    Regarding John Travolta, at most he would be bi-sexual. He’s mad numerous female relationships (long term) and married for years. Either he is repressing his sexual feelings (which from the lies in the media, doesn’t seem so if he’s making passes at guys) or these scumbags just want money. Scum comes crawling out of the woodwork trying to get money from a rich star.

    • DuBois

      Are you kidding me? Do you know anyone in the business? Travolta’s same-sex passes have been well-known for a long, long time.

      To quote an actor I knew in the 90′s, who worked on a film with Travolta: “John’s a good guy, but sure, the rumors are true… the guy likes dudes. He had them coming to his trailer during the whole shoot.”

      • NottaBigot

        Actually, I know a lot of people in the business:) DO you? I guess we can all say that we do but how can it be proved online? :)

  • Disappointed

    It’s extremely transphobic to consider being with a trans woman as evidence that someone is gay. Please correct this (yes, I understand public perception may have led people to believe he was, but that doesn’t mean we reify that transphobic belief here).

    • Mrs.Mickle

      But the homosexual community classified such relationship as such,and rrightfully so surgery won’t change genetics.

  • Magic_Stick

    Anyone who’s familiar with the Pope knows the game rumors are nonsense.

  • gilliedakidd

    #jaypowell wake up!!! it was documented in the police report and papers. after the story broke teddy was/is forever known in philly as “teddy tenderazz”. it was also rumored he was messing with dr. j’s wife turquoise too.

    • Latrece Hoskins

      “teddy tenderazz”?? why?! i’m laughing with tears!

      • lg4011

        Actually the “Tenderazz” moniker , well circulated around Philly International crowd was from stories about his liking ice cubes placed up his butt during sex!

  • neoconned

    That’s not Pope Benedict XVI. If you can’t get the photo right, why should anything else be credible?

  • Hood Movies

    So I was on Daily News reading about how Jay-z is trying to take over sports decide to research Scott Boras, after reading his story I come across a link to this very article, surprise surprise its madame menoire, a fancier version of media take out. which is completely counter productive, but anyway. I see a pic of my dude Teddy Pendergrass (R.I.P. ) and down low celebs is the title, so I clicks on it but I already know the story. He was in the rolls royce phantom getting dome from a tranny thats why it crashed blah blah… story is indeed true. what they don’t tell you about Tenika Watson was that she/he was being offered roles in Hollywood as a WOMAN. and it was a totally different time, when Men got the surgery done back then they went on and lived their lives as WOMEN. I have seen pictures of this thing it looks nothing like a man. btw Teddy P. died happily married to Joan Williams, but anyway I guess that counts for nothing.

    • SuzyQ

      Nice try…but you can, indeed, tell upon seeing most of them naked that there was something changed in that region…..again, nice try.

      • Hood Movies

        He was in the car getting dome “allegedly” last time I checked you don’t need to be fully naked to perform oral sex. or to receive it don’t even try again. R.I.P.

  • gman

    So are you happy that you told the world. I mean does it matter if str8 or gay? The purpose in life is to be who you are and be Happy about it. Only thing you’re doing is makin people’s life a living hell because they want to be private in the thing he/she may do..I mean you str8 people think cause ur str8 your better well i bet you got my skelton’s in your closet that would make God Blush…Only God can judge. And, this is not news it’s being nosy in someone’s life…

  • Kenneth Edward Polley

    Is this a Colored folks magazine or something? Almost all of the articles I’ve read from this site, deal with Colored folks!

    • SuzyQ

      Go to Google Translate idiot, and look up the words Madame & Noire. Be blessed.

      • Kenneth Edward Polley

        I ask a simple question and you resort to name calling? I bet your parents are proud of you!

        • ClydeNeal

          yes, it is a negro racist site.

          • reese

            then why are you here?

            • ClydeNeal

              an ancient philosopher said it is wise to study your enemy. The race war is coming , my dusky adversary.

              • reese

                so you go to black gossip site. smh

              • Roger Harper

                Yep I just ran across this site by accident and was intrigued by the down low implication. Shame so many Negro men are bi-sexual. I wonder what was the trigger in their psyche to advance this perversion. I live in a very low crime rate area with almost no blacks so we rarely run across any one that we could ask on a personal basis what the pathology really is.

                • Mike Brickley

                  haaaa, haaaa! Really? You rarely run across any one that you could ask on a personal basis what the pathology really is? Just knock on your all so naive neighbors doors and I’m positive one of them, if honest, will be able to explain it in depth for you. Blacks do not have a monopoly on homo or bi sexuality. You can do a short study of the AIDS virus and see which perverse celebrities were the first to die from it.

                • Mrs.Mickle

                  You sir are a liar, because statistically speaking 84% of all white people are killed by other white people.So even though there are no blacks around you will be done in by your fair,skinned blue eyed neighbor.

              • Nene

                You crazy, there isn’t a race war coming there is a war between good and evil, once this was begins people could care what race you are.

          • reese

            then why are you here?

        • Notasheboon

          Of coarse it’s a black site, didn’t you notice most of these chimps can’t put together a propper sentence.

          • Guest

            You have the nerve to try to insult Black people but you can’t even put a PROPER sentence together yourself. I’m not surprised, of COURSE. Ridiculous.

      • Nene

        Madame means woman or married woman and Noire means Black.

      • real real world

        don’t say snotty things and then ask someone to be blessed. Your fakeness is showing.

    • real real world

      right, this is where white folks are not welcome, and apparently that reverse bigotry is just dandy for this site.

  • Daddy

    It is perplexing to me why people are so interested in who adults are sleeping with. I believe that it is important to protect children from predators, yet, these are adults who allegedly sleep with other adults possibly of the same sex. This is a private and spiritual matter. Is it necessary that because we purchase someones recordings, or watch their movies, that we must know who they sleep with? What they eat? and what words they use in the privacy of their own homes?

    • terelon

      The absolute best comment on the whole page, what is this fascination we have with who people are sleeping with?, let people live as long their not harming anyone.

      • denisel10

        I think the fascination lies more with if they are on the downlow! I’m a black female and with black women making up the fastest rising group with HIV, I have a right to be interested! I wish they did feel comfortable enough to come out of the closet and actually don’t believe that they would be judged as much as they think they would. Regardless, they don’t have the right to endanger someone else’s life because of their fear.

  • eric jefferson

    I don’t see any proof for Teddy Pendergrass or Eddie Murphy, just speculation. Maybe they and some other straight males just aren’t frightened of gays.

  • jj1950

    Teddy was a REAL MAN. I have female friends who are gay, and I love men. where’s the proof???? GOSSIP!!! I will never accept it. R.I.P.

  • rubart

    Correction re: Cynthia Nixon. Cynthia said it was a choice for *her,* not for every single gay.

    She’d been with men and then she fell in love with a woman, so she went with it and now seems to be very happy. Again, her choice.

    But definitely not the situation of the great majority of gays. Just ask them.

    • Mrs.Mickle

      They can say it wasn’t a choice ,but science doesn’t support it.

      • rubart

        Mrs. Mickle,
        Please provide some references for your statement.

        • Mrs.Mickle

          Look at any twin studies where monozygotic twins and their sexuality are studied. They have the exact same DNA and developed in the exact same womb but one will be heterosexual and the other homosexual. And you will find variants like hetero hetrro or homo homo. Based of those studies we see that it isn’t genetics.

          • rubart

            On the basis of your argument, that would mean that the heterosexual twin chose to be heterosexual. But I’ll bet that if you asked him if he chose it rather than homosexuality, he’d say, “No, it’s just what attracts me. Homosexuality doesn’t.”

            The homosexual twin would undoubtedly say the same thing: “I didn’t choose it, it’s just what attracts me. Heterosexuality doesn’t.”

            To repeat once more what’s already been said over and over: who would ever willingly choose to be something that your parents could well throw you out of the house over; that your religion tells you is disgusting in God’s eyes; that other kids call you names over; etc., etc.

            The bottom line, Mrs. Mickle, is that, unless you yourself are gay, you have absolutely no authority nor knowledge over whether a gay person chose to be that way or not. And even then, your statement–just as Cynthia Nixon’s–would relate only to your own personal experience, not to anyone else’s.

            • Mrs.Mickle

              I’m not relating personal experience but science,you asked for reference and I did all you have provided is conjecture.

              • Mrs.Mickle

                And again based off your ask the twins scenario that would make it a choice. Like me beibg a black woman if someone asks me what I was attracted to and I said ” eeverything bug a black man”.To which they reply “why”? And I say ” I don’t know it’s just what attracts me”. I’ll be ridiculed by other but I wouldn’t care because its my choice not genetics. It’s a preference and throughout history there has always been a prevalence homosexual counter culture. The difference now is yiu guys want to change society and silence anyone that doesn’t agree with their sexuality.

              • rubart

                Your reference still doesn’t prove that the gay twin chose to be gay. My “conjecture” is based both on my own personal experience (I’m gay) and the experiences of my many gay friends with whom I’ve discussed this issue. Plus the testimonies of countless gays who say the same thing: we did *not* choose to be gay, it’s who we are.

                For you to tell us that we’re all mistaken (or lying)–that we did choose to be who we are–shows a combination of arrogance and ignorance on your part. If your conclusion makes you feel better, go for it. But why you would need that reassurance is beyond my comprehension.

                • Mrs.Mickle

                  So much for an intelligent debate,because everyone knows that opinion and feelings matter in the face of facts.And I personally know gays that are out of the lifestyle what about their testimonies. If you feel the need to cling to conjecture and not facts that’s fine but don’t use subjective opinions and try to pass it off as objective fact.

                  • rubart

                    You haven’t established objective fact that homosexuality is a choice. All you’ve referred to is the fact that some (not all) identical twins possess different sexual orientations.

                    Your “argument” would never hold up in a court of law, simply because you haven’t presented any evidence to prove that homosexuality is a choice.

                    And when enough “character witnesses” (i.e., gays) testify under oath that they did *not* choose to be gay, you’ve lost your case.

                    So rave on with your “intelligent” debate. I’m outta here.

                    • Mrs.Mickle

                      Yes please go because you sir are illogical and delusional.Have a nice delusional life…..

                    • Mrs.Mickle

                      There hasn’t been one case that shows homosexuality is caused by genetics. So again your long line of character WITNESSES wouldn’t stand against objective data……

      • Mrs.Mickle

        WHY would I choose to do something that I know is wrong umm the same reason people commit crimes because they want to.

  • arte’ gee

    we must realize that smut sells; people in the news media are not friends to anyone. if the reporter’s mother was news worthy, and if money was ready for the taken; well mother dear you will be “gumbo”

  • arte’ gee

    Judge,judge, judge, who has the right except ONE.

  • Keith A. Nicholson

    Another brother caught with a creep. But in the end, WHO CARES ?

  • cal10pilot

    is this a big surprise? when the mind set says they aren’t gay for going down low…. i just don’t get it.

  • Jay Powell

    That’s bullshit, Teddy was straight. He got paralysed when he crashed his Rolls Royce with a female companion in his car.

    • Keith A. Nicholson

      Ya gotta be kiddin’ ! Teddy was in that car with a creep, having sex while driving. It was a shame what happened to him. But he was in that car with a creep.

      • NottaBigot

        Transgendered people are not freaks. They are just born in the wrong type body… some people still living in medieval times here… you ever heard Lily Allen’s song “F you”?

        • ClydeNeal

          you are one of those shemales , aren’t you? sorry to let you in on it, you are a freak of nature. unless of course, you took hormones to make yourself that way. there is a nutjob on our job that did that. HE is/was a man, but let his hair grow long and wears makeup. HE takes hormones and grew some small breasts. HE makes a terrible looking “woman”.

          • Izzy Sundin

            I hate to say this to you, but some trans women and trans men sometimes are alot more recognizable as the opposite gender than those who are born cisgender. It’s not to start any kind of gender war, but sometimes people don’t readily resemble features of their primary or dominant gender disposition. Basically, some men do actually possess higher estrogen levels than some men or women, while some women do actually possess higher testosterone levels or even stronger male features than some women. Gender is not as clear cut as people, like to make it.

            • Mrs.Mickle

              Yes gender is as clear as people are making it seem, the issues you are describing are hormone imbalances,just because you suffer from hormone imbalance doesn’t mean you are supposed to be another gender.

              • Izzy Sundin

                What about who are born intersexed or without, maybe undefinable gender markers? Gender is pretty much, socially constructed in many ways, while hormone imbalances and birth anomalies would say otherwise. It’s possible for animals to be born bi-gender or even change genders, voluntarily.

                • Mrs.Mickle

                  Genetics is no social construct if you look at people with turner syndrome or Klinefelter syndrome you can tell what they are based off of their chromosomes. Which instances are you speaking of when genetic markers are undefinable? If you look at humans on a genetic level you can see what sex they are, as well as the physiological differences. Many taxonomic groups of animals (mostly invertebrates) do not have separate sexes. In these groups, hermaphroditism is a normal condition, enabling a form of sexual reproduction in which both partners can act as the “female” or “male”. For example, the great majority of pulmonate snails, opisthobranches snails and slugs are hermaphrodites. Hermaphroditism is also found in some fish species and to a lesser degree in other vertebrates. Most plants are also hermaphrodites. So as you see in the plant and animal kingdom it serves reproductive purposes. However in humans it is non-sensical and illogical. In the 18th and 19th century most secretaries and clerks were males, in our present society those are considered to be typically jobs for women, that is a social construct our society has taken a job that previously was predominately for another gender and made it seem as if it is woman’s work when before it was a mans job, our society constructed that difference in thinking. However there are physiological and biological difference between me and my husband, to deny the obvious is pure insanity.

        • Nene

          I agree. I believe Transgendered people are not freaks because it’s mental and something they can’t help. I believe people don’t choose to be gay for the simple fact who would choose to be some thing that they know will make them unacceptable.

  • eglantine

    why force somebody who wants to serve god to be celibate? should be a choice…and if you don’t fit a religion, just leave it alone instead of creating confusion, deceiving people and using our money to live well.
    When i think about the kids, I get really furious, they should go to jail like anybody else.

  • eglantine

    Cynthia choice of word may hurt some, but it is a choice for her. so she explains it the way she knows. It is sad that many don’t accept that any being is unique and his/her way to feel, grow, feel, go, do, will be different, so feels like a choice to her, feels like birth direction or destiny for others. Where is the issue? we are all different and unique and should leave others alone.

    • Mrs.Mickle

      Because whether people accept it or not others choices affect those around them and eventually society as a whole.

  • Courtney

    That picture was not of Pope Benedict XVI, get your gossip right haha. I’m judging myself for reading this whole article.

  • QuestionsBeforeActions

    Y’all forgot Luther Vandross.

    • AZRN

      Teddy & Luther??? I can’t take it! How am I supposed to listen the same now???!!!! What a bloody turn off!

      • ZZTop

        Well here’s another to finish you off then…Freddie Jackson

  • toyasg

    I think they got it right but I love some queen Latifah and Raven will always be the character that she plays. Who didn’t no that Cynthia was gay but she’s a good actor. I also have been a Travolta fan ever since I saw Grease but I can believe it becuz he was to pretty to be a boy.

  • Bits

    who is that person in the pic about the pope? and lol about that scandal too! why are there still any catholics left?

  • amir bey

    Some of these are well known, others suspect and some rumors. But what’s the point of the article? I wish you would find something more constructive for black folks to discuss instead of the same filth all the time.

  • Eartha

    Eddile Long is a child molester, which is not the same as being gay. R. Kelly is also a child molester, which is not the same as being a healthy heterosexual man.

    • amir bey

      And the fact that folks continue to support both is sadder than sad!


        AMEN! not to mention they are both a disgrace to the human race. I pity their after-life. GOD help’m.

      • PhoenixRizing

        THANK YOU! People act like there’s something wrong with ME when I make it known that I REFUSE to support R. Kelly! Pedophilia, hebephilia, etc. are pathological, NOT habitual. So unless he allows God to change him, he will forever be a sexual deviant with his eyes (and possibly hands/body) on someone’s child. R. Kelly has been in trouble for child pornography SINCE that last big scandal. I’m not about to contribute to his legal defense team retainer fund. No, thank you!

        • Mrs.Mickle

          so is homosexuality when God mentioned incest,bestiality and various other sins he also mentioned homosexuality.We can’t cherry pick God’s word.

  • jay

    who didn’t know Mister Cree was fruity?

    • reese

      I didn’t know who Mister Cree was?

  • Sandra Atwell II

    Leave Teddy alone!

  • Tiffiney Tarbox

    I really like this site but im done. these advertisements are annoying as hell!

    • Bella Donna

      And the page by page flipping!! Put it all on one page! I’m seriously never going to visit another MN article again, its pointless annoyance.

    • SuzyQ

      YES! I know it is a new women’s site trying to capture the Essence market and they need ad dollars, but this is ridiculous and annoying as helllll! It takes too long in this fast moving world we are in now to scroll and read anything with all the ads. Just too much….

    • Truth

      I know that this is late but if you install Google’s ad blocker on your computer it will get rid of all the pop ups.

    • Ghanaba

      get adblock plus

  • kiki j

    This is the second down low blog at least that I’ve read from this site. Just because you don’t let the public all in your personal business don’t mean your own the dl. Most of these are rumors. For the ones that are true, their close fam and friends and lovers probably know the truth which makes it not dl. This site is beginning to seem homophobic which is pathetic in 2013 especially when many of your followers are gay/lesbian.

  • Dee

    Teddy Pendergrass’ situation was alleged. Let the man rest in peace. He is not even alive to defend himself.. For goodness sake

    • KK

      Several of these situations are alleged. What a waste of time. Until I hear it from the horse’s mouth, I won’t believe much of this list.

    • Gerri

      I talked to Teddy on the phone twice, an guess who answered both times “his
      assistant as gay as he could be”. I am originally from Philly and knew Teddy before and after he became famous. He was drummer for Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes,Harold Melvin and others in that group were notably gay. Believe me people Teddy was the nicest person , spoke to me every time that I saw him, but yes he had a taste for the gay people. There is nothing hidden that won’t one day be revealed, that sentence is in the bible.I’d call him bi-sexual because he had children.

      • atlasshrugged2u

        Yes, in all seriousness he was bi-sexual. He loved sex period
        and he was perverted. My mom had a girlfriend who dated or
        should I say was a groupie for him “back in the day” and one of his things
        (no lie, hand to God) was “golden showers”
        completely disgusting!

      • Nene

        What’s done in the dark will come to the light.

      • Wildflower

        I have a gay male assistance does that mean I’m sexing him?

        • dreameagle

          I dunno, does it?

    • Wildflower

      Well said!

  • NeaJ

    So that’s why Teddy P. wanted us to turn off the lights??! Wow!

    • Latrece Hoskins

      nonononononono! i’m laughing my butt off!

  • JoAnn Nash

    I still don’t want to add Teddy Pendergrass to this list. Say it ain’t so!!!

    • Hood Movies

      It aint so he had no idea that thing was really a man!

      • Dionysus Thelxinoe

        “That thing” was a human being. Probably more of one that you are, ya f-ing idiot.

        • Hood Movies

          well its the life they chose, technically im not wrong and neither are you.

          • chris

            technically, you’re wrong – twice. transsexuals don’t chose to be such, and apart from that situation on that day, teddy pendergrass was into boys.

            • Hood Movies

              The first part of your statement YOUR WRONG, and for the second part, what proof do you have of this? Teddy stole Marvin Gayes second wife! and was the originator of the “female only” concert FOH, need to put the gossip columns down, and get with the real. Not every Black man is an homosexual or undercover homosexual, as popular media will have you to believe.

              • NOLAWOMAN

                it is true that many a men can mentally deny being homosexual by going with a ladyboy. the men like that they pass for female ’cause it does’t take from their own masculinity but those same men mainly like that thing that’s hidden between the ladyboys legs. men have prostates in case you didn’t know & they like having it.

                • Izzy Sundin

                  The problem with most of these statements is that they fail to recognize that the woman Pendergrass was in the car with happened to be post-op. It’s hard to know and prove, after such a transformation has happened, while it wasn’t a very common to have women who were post-op as it is today.

                  • Lady T

                    Does that change the persons DNA? aren’t they still dudes?

                    • Anonymous

                      Irrelevant, especially, if that person is passable as a man or woman. You cannot test someone’s DNA through a mere social interaction. Given this was 1970s-80s, it would be something that a person of the time wouldn’t have suspect, because transsexualism was not quite as popular in our social conscientiousness at the time. Most people would assume if you saw a woman with a vagina … you really couldn’t suspect otherwise.

                  • Nona B.

                    Thank you….POST being the operative word here.

              • atlasshrugged2u

                Your adorable.
                Everyone KNOWS Teddy P was GAY lol!!

                • Hood Movies

                  Everyone who? the gossip circle at the Beauty salon??? FOH

                  • atlasshrugged2u

                    How old are you? This is ancient news.
                    Ask anyone who is at least 40 years of age
                    a “Pendagrass fan” or anyone from Philly and they
                    will confirm that Teddy p was a MAJOR bisexual FREAK lol!
                    You just don’t wanna believe it which is totally understandable btw…

                    • Hood Movies

                      You throw in age like that is supposed to help your argument when in reality it makes you more sad then I already expected… you are above 40 and you are on this time waster website, I have peoples around your age and they are more worried about mortgage payments, the plight of Black people…. topics of substance….but anyway… back to the topic at hand, if this was such a “known” facet of his life then why is it on the “downlow” when the only evidence they have of teddy living this “lifestyle” is he was caught with a tranny, a tranny that could fool anyone…

                    • atlasshrugged2u

                      Uhm, it aint dat deep girlfriend…
                      Believe he was straight If you want to (you’ll be the only one)
                      lol! But hey, whatever gets you through the night lol!!

                    • Russell

                      Just because you are unaware of something doesn’t make incorrect. I grew up in Philly. It was no secret that Teddy was different. Just for the record, I passed 40 a long time ago.

                    • AreYouSerious

                      You know what’s a topic of substance? Transphobia. Which encompasses calling transexual people “tranny”, “thing”, “ladyboy” and basically displaying ignorance, hate and prejudice against transexual folk. Namely, what you’re doing.

                    • clukeharris

                      I’m a Teddy Pendergrass Fan and I’m from the 70′s and I was went to the ladies only concerts and I saw the panties fly on stage, but yes Teddy Pendergrass was bisexual ask Harold Melvin and by the way I’m 55 boo…

                    • roy

                      So what are You doing here Stupid… and yes it was common knowledge that Teddy was Bi-sexual. Which you wish you were open enough to be . You self hating Queen.

                    • Tuthmeister

                      sad but all sources say yes

                    • atlasshrugged2u

                      So right Truthmeister

              • maxsdad

                Think you got your lies mixed up. Teddy never stole Janis Gaye, and there was never even any proof that they had an affair.

              • maxsdad

                Think you got your lies mixed up. Teddy never stole Janis Gaye, and there was never even any proof that they had an affair.

              • ker35

                Man teddy is as gay as frank ocean period …this is not to take away from his career as a singer …he was a great singer plain and simple … far as his personal life he was gay

            • Wildflower

              How do you know?

          • AZRN

            Technically, it disgusts me. The whole gay thing is abhorrent and unnatural. There is so much deviant sexual behavior and it’s disgusting that people are treating this as a normal acceptable way of being. It’s appalling. No need for people to put me down or answer my post negatively. I’m a Christian and someone bigger than all of us agrees with me.

            • jerome

              Oh get off the cross, someone else needs the wood! – “abhorrent and unnatural” ? So heterosexual christians say that when their partner suggests anal… Come on now.

              • David Jr

                Every girl I’ve managed from behind has been a good Christian girl. LOL

                • AZRN

                  You’re a pig.

                • atlasshrugged2u

                  that was priceless dude…

                • Will_Tha_Great

                  It only makes sense 2 sacrifice your anus 4 the sanctity of your vagina :)…any good girl would.

                • Russell

                  Preacher’s daughters are the nastiest ones!

              • Wildflower

                Hahahahah…. I love it. Every word.

              • denisel10

                Regardless of what men and women choose to do in the bedroom to spice things up, doesn’t change the fact of what God’s intent was. He made men and women anatomically to fit naturally and simultaneously without anyone NEEDING to strap or take turns to satisfy each other sexually, that’s what makes homosexuality unnatural, but I’m sure you know that.

                • roy

                  Denise WRONG!

              • Mrs.Mickle

                No Jerome is right God said they shouldn’t be doing it also,anatomically the anus is not made FOR sexual intercourse,that is medical fact that wishing,passing laws will never change.

            • Starshadow666

              You can hate all you want, but “unnatural” is right out the window, since nearly EVERY species on earth with two sexes has homosexuality.

              And I’d love to quote your Christ’s words to you about homosexuality. I’d love to, except he never said any. What he said (over and over) was “Love one another. Judge not. Don’t throw the first stone unless you’re without sin. Care for one another. And those who violate these things are not my followers.” So–Christian? I think not.

              What that makes you, AZRN, is a bigot and a Pharisee, per your Christ’s words.

              • dreameagle

                disliking the homosexual lifestyle is not bigoted, merely a choice, like the lifestyle; but you are 1000% wrong about every species having homosexuality; homosexuality is a CHOICE for humans, but not so for lower level animals; what you call their homosexuality is merely their instinct to establish their pecking order, what the winning dog in a fight does to the loser to show the pack who is in charge, much like prisoners do in their concrete jungle where life is reduced to the same dog eat dog level; what you call homosexuality in lower animals is only an instinctive demonstration of dominance they have no control over; the big difference is humans DO have a choice to behave that way or not, unlike skin or eye colour–which is why homosexual discrimination can in no way be compared to racial discrimination; lifestyle has absolutely nothing to do with racial or ethnic classification, since only the latter is inherited;

              • mai7

                Starshadow666. You should continue reading. It’s there in the old testament and the new testament. Romans 1:26-27, levit. 18: 21-22, and 20:1-3, Tim. 1: 9-10 and 3:1. 1st Corr. 6: 9-10. Need I list more? It also says that He will turn you over to a reprobate mind. Meaning you are left to believe as you will. You will be blind to the truth and will find every excuse to make it okay because of your lust and passionate enjoyment of this sexual behavior.

            • Christine Rene-Howard

              Is this what your white jesus teaches you? How about giving up that BS religion that was shoved down the throats of our ancestors? How about REALLY loving your neighbor? Sheesh!

            • roy

              Baby , you keep believing in an invisible man in the sky…but Gay people were not apart of the Original Sin. People like you were. If you want disgusting delve into Heterosexual behavior a little more BOO BOO. You will come running back to being Gay AZRN you poor thing.

          • 1bestdog

            Educate yourself. Homosexuality is who people are. not what they choose.

      • ninabenta


      • roy

        Hood Movies so she was a thing you degenerate piece of dog crap.

    • AJ

      What the story doesn’t share is that he was getting a BJ when the accident occurred and his pants were down when first responders got there :(

    • AZRN

      You and me both!

    • Bass Player

      That’s a da$n LIE on Teddy! It’s NOT true! It’s some story that was told by some IGNORANT DJ back in the day and has NEVER went away! TRUST me, the guy was a LADIES man! I get so freggin tired of this LIE that’s been told for all these years! ASK his WIFE? They say this about him because It sells!

      • Russell

        Denial is a river in Egypt.

    • ♏ ®

      YESSS!! *tears*
      But…he did come on stage in a bob wig. That raised a red flag. He was still a beautiful man piece. Even now, watching footage of him makes my room temperature go up by 5 degrees. And I thought my gaydar was solid…

      • bunny bunny


    • maxsdad

      It doesn’t matter, Teddy still sings to the heart. And if his voice turns on the woman I’m with, I’ll toast dear Teddy’s gentle soul until the cows come home. And whether he was singing ‘to a man’ doesn’t matter, he was also singing ‘for every man’ out there.

      • albatross

        For the record I know a gay dude and in 1981 he was at a private party and Teddy was enjoying sex with a guy in front of a lot of people.This is reality..But it takes nothing away from his masterful voice

    • davon

      drugs played alot in this type of behavior…There is a relationship…

    • LANCE