Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Goals That All Women Should Set For Themselves

August 16, 2013  |  
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Keep your eyes on the prize, ladies. The sexual revolution, Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker, Oprah, the shifting economy… there are countless components that have gone into the progress and success of women in the world, in the home, and in the workplace. Women have advanced in media, in politics, in sciences and in big business, and they’ve done this by utilizing skill sets, and by identifying and actualizing goals that they’ve set for themselves. While every woman can’t be Condoleezza Rice or Martha Stewart, every woman can set certain goals in place for herself so that life may be as fulfilling as possible.


Financial Independence

Easier said than done, finding financial independence in a world that gears you toward debt since birth can seem nearly impossible. This is especially true if you weren’t born into wealth, and you’re a person of color. Financial independence, however, can be the difference between you owing money for the rest of your life, or you owning your home. Those who have achieved this find that it’s the key to comfort and stability, and it guarantees you against the pitfalls that less fiscally-responsible people fall victim to. Steps to become financially independent include, but most certainly are not limited to: saving 10 percent or more from each paycheck, refinancing college loans to a lower fixed rate, acquire a high yield savings account, limiting the number of credit cards that you have to one or two, check and improve your credit score, and trying to have a yearly purge of items that you don’t use, by way of a garage sale — and then, putting that money into savings.


Value Education

While college is not for everyone, higher education promises higher pay to those who attained their degree, than their counterparts who possess only a high school diploma. With that said, schooling is more expensive now than it’s ever been. Yearly tuition perpetually skyrockets alongside the cost of books, supplies, and the cost of living, making it difficult for non-traditional students, in particular, to continue education while attending school.  Try taking courses at community colleges, looking into financial aid, checking out workshops that are available through the state department, and find free classes that are available at some libraries. And in your specific field of work, try to stay abreast of new developments and methods so that you can stay ahead of the game.



Home Ownership

In larger cities, home ownership isn’t as desired as it is in smaller places, but it’s still a valuable pursuit. Some are used to renting; they prefer it because they aren’t financially responsible for plumbing, wiring, or malfunctions in the home. But owning a home saves money in the long run, as it means that there isn’t a landlord to have free reign (and possibly explore your home while you’re not there). Also, in the future you can potentially sell your home if you need to. Home ownership suggests more space, more freedom, and more independence. There’s no one to stop you from doing Zumba at 8 a.m. on hardwood floors when you’re doing it in your own home.


Take Good Care Of Your Body

It’s difficult for a great deal of women to fit exercise and fitness into their schedules, especially when having an exhausting home and work life. But the benefit of a little exercise here or there means quite a bit more than just keeping off a few pounds. Exercise decreases chances for diabetes, heart attacks and other health concerns. It increases stamina, regulates your mood, menstrual cycle, and bowel movements. And, it also increase your chances of catching that train that you sometimes miss.


Self-Love: Treat Yourself At Least Once Month

While you’re ripping and running around town, stressed to the nines and trying get all your bills paid, be sure to make it a habit to pamper yourself. Sometimes we get caught up in the rat race, family life, and other major responsibilities that we allow ourselves to fall apart when all we really needed was “me time,” more sleep, or a simple trip to get a massage to give ourselves that much needed TLC.


To Work In The Field We ACTUALLY Want To

Most of us are out here just trying to make ends meet, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have greater aspirations. We know that our measly hourly wage-worthy gig is not where we ultimately want to be. Identify what you would rather be doing, and a career that you are passionate about–maybe it’s library science, dining services, or recreational tourism. Whatever it is, slowly but surely take steps toward acquiring the job that you truly desire.

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Unconditional Love

When you’re young and sexually active, the pendulum seems to swing one of two ways: you seek consuming unchanging love or you want to be single and free.  While neither choice is right nor wrong, simply suited for the person engaging in whatever variety of relationship, one should have unconditional love listed as a goal in their lives. This note on unconditional love does not suggest monogamy or matrimony, particularly if it’s not your forte, but that you should look to have a relationship that is sustained by ongoing and forgiving love that can triumph despite adversity, turmoil, and complication. The goal is to be with a person who can continue to support you even when you’re having a disagreement.


Global Understanding

The benefit of being a global citizen and understanding the world around us is important for so many reasons. America breeds self-indulgence in the form of social media and reality television. It promotes the idea that all attention should be focused on self, no matter how many links that we ‘share’ about apartheid. We need to urge ourselves and others to keep our eyes open, and watch what is happening to others, particularly those who don’t have the luxury of the mobile assembly that we’re granted with tablets and handheld devices.


The goals stated are not outlandish; they’re attainable if we were to break these goals down into parts and attempt to execute them in a realistic way. We all know how difficult it can be to find a healthy relationship, save a buck, exercise, or attain a job that truly makes up happy. But if we are patient, and we understand that these things don’t fall into place overnight, we’ll be able to actualize these self-imposed goals. After all, making the goals known is the first step to making them happen. So, keep your eyes on the prize, ladies.

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