TMZ Releases Gruesome Images Of Evelyn Lozada’s Injuries After Ochocino Headbutt

June 18, 2013  |  

Source: TMZ

On the heels of Chad Johnson escaping punishment again for his violent actions toward ex-wife Evelyn Lozada, TMZ has released graphic images of her injuries that will, at the very least, keep him guilty in the court of public opinion.

Ten months after that terrible Saturday night when Ochocinco headbutted his new wife, the gossip site has published photos taken of Evelyn inside the Florida emergency room where she was transported following the attack. The pics were taken by Davie Police who responded to Evelyn’s 91 call. According to officers, the forehead laceration measured 3 inches.

It’s not clear why these images are being released now or who in fact released them, but I can’t help but feel like this is Chris Brown and Rihanna all over again. It wasn’t until people saw the damage that had been done to Rihanna’s face following her 2009 attack, that the public really understood the horror of what was done to her. And though we saw a covered-up gash on Evelyn’s face when she began her media rounds following this domestic incident last August, these pictures, I’m sure, don’t even tell the half of the pain and humiliation she experienced that night. Just thinking about the amount of force it would take to leave scars that deep and wide is disturbing.

So far, neither Chad nor Evelyn have responded to the release of these images. Let’s hope at the very least this serves as a warning for women looking to involve themselves with volatile men like Chad Johnson. You can see more images on

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  • Tommyboy69

    Can’t be surpised. If she going to swing with a man she better know how to take swings from a man.. Or atleast in his case, headbutts.

  • Jamie

    I don’t condone violence toward any man or woman. A man should not hit a woman or a woman should hit a man. Domestic violence is a serious matter. Somebody must have gotten paid by TMZ for releasing these pictures. I am sorry, I still believe she still somehow provoked him with her foul mouth and the way she likes to fight on basketball wives. I still raised concerns about approximately two – three later she is doing rounds of interviews on every media out that she could get attention after the incident happens.

  • amir bey

    She knew he was crazy when she got with him…. Ain’t that much money in the world!!

  • me

    I wish I could say I felt sorry for her … But she loves to put her hands on people so … Yeah. You attract what you put out.

    • kaf

      Really!? Your going to play the karma card! jeeez -___-
      Regardless thats is not something you wish on anybody
      its just not right, no one not even evelyn should be putting their hands on no one, or in this case a head.

      • me

        Yes I am playing the karma card. I was always taught to keep my hands to myself. I’m sorry I know I am in the minority but there are way too many chicks stunting like this girl. Acting a fool, fighting and getting buck with either their boyfriends or other women, and then when the tables turn and they get the piss knocked out of them they wanna cry foul. Violence begets violence, period. I have seen too much behavior like hers while living in DC and I just can’t cry tears for these girls who want to run around fighting folks and playing badass only to get hemmed up. I personally think reality TV culture is making it even worse in some ways. Not that what he did was right, but I don’t believe for one second that she’s blameless in it either. We have seen enough of her antics to know better.

        • YaY!


        • Yvette

          Although I stand by my thoughts that not even Evelyn’s bottle throwing, table jumping self deserved this, most of my friends feel the way you do and I must say you all have a valid point so please believe me when I say you are not in the minority.

  • YaY!

    These photos are disgusting! Even before these photos I wouldn’t have cared one bit if Chad went to prison for a loooonnnng time. But, why now? How convenient for the judge who was being condemned as having poor temperament. TMZ is also trash! Harvey Levine is the
    biggest race-batting troll of a white guy I’ve ever seen. You can regularly see his prejudice in discussions he has on his online show and the regular highlight of the most random black male athletes (bench warmer types) who’ve been arrested for brawling, pot, whatever. I can’t!

  • AncientSpiritNewDay

    No wonder Evelyn was so angry when she started dating Chad, he was beating her a**. I’m shocked, he had to headbutt her pretty damn hard to cause that skin tear.

  • Yvette

    That’s awful! No one should have to endure that….not even bottle throwing, table jumping Evelyn!

  • 1Val

    Domestic violence has never been or ever will be “pretty.”

  • lashon123

    got damnn!