‘Oh Hell Naw!’ Interesting Moments From Last Night’s Episode Of LHHATL

June 18, 2013 ‐ By

stevie mimi and niko

Turn up time! That’s what we’re pretty sure Stevie said before he stepped out the house in his Miami Vice suit and rained all over Niko and Mimi’s relationship parade. And that was only one of the many crazy things that happened on last night’s episode Of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta”. Check out everything that went down on the next few pages.

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  • http://www.kizi1.org/ Kizi

    yes! very good

  • Delaun Brown

    I aint mad at Mimi and she may be damage but in this world who isnt.. get all you can from stevie and whom ever else… your worthy! .

  • Delaun Brown

    Ooookay now this is one time I like Stevie J…Nikko is fake he dont have no money and is trying to use MiMi

  • FamuRattler85

    Mimi is still on that bus and I was not feeling ANY of Karlie’s weaves. Hota$$mess

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    So many levels of disrespectful how Mimi acts and treats Nico. And he should have flipped his sh!t when she accepted a new car from her baby daddy. The new Mimi is a hot mess. If she was like this while she was with Stevie J, I can imagine why their relationship is a mess. The deserve each other. . .

  • jferjfer

    best quote of the episode: when stevie was talking about fake rolex, this fool said “tick tock its a bomb. lmao

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    Karlie needs to STOP who wrote n produced the diss record? Benzino b4 their break up?It seems on his level of sh!tty music production…

  • Trisha_B

    Nikko & Stevie J are the same person. Are they related? They act just alike lol…But Nikko wasn’t speaking any lies when it cam to Mimi. The girl needs help. She also needs to bring her ego down a couple of notches. She swear shes that chick. Thinking she was gonna be a huge video girl after that video but only got 2 second shine. Stop!..she invited stevie to be messy. She wanted them to fight over her

    Karlie is so messy. But K is still as immature as ever throwing glasses ugh

    Kirk needs is a $$ beat.

    • Guest

      That’s because Nikko made his main chick (Johnny) the star of the video!

  • Bee Rome

    But can we talk about Erica’s “West End” hairstyle. Good lawd! Oh and Stevie made my night with the tick tock rolex.

  • Really?!

    Okay, someone please get Ariane “messy-instigating-no storyline” a$s off the screen. K.Michelle and Karlie club scene was weird. Who throw drinks one minute, and the next hugging it out? Steebie, Steebie, Steebie…he stays with a game plan. Joseline was pretty mellow this episode. Her hair and makeup was perfect.

    Mimi – I. Can’t. **mutes tv when her she comes on the scene**

    • Guest

      Mimi – **switch channels when she comes on scene**

  • am

    If Mimi didn’t want to be with Niko anymore she should have just told him. Instead she picked a fight and had Stevie show up to Save a ho#. These broads on this show is stupid. Mimi needs to get herself together that was not cute. My friends would have never acted like Ariane she was laughing when Stevie showed up that was so immature. My home girls would not have nothing to do with me. They wouldn’t want to look stupid with me.

    I agree that Kirk is a sucka but my parents would not be involved with any of this mess. At the end of the day he is the father to her grandchildren and that’s who she needs to support. Not jumping in this man’s face let your daughter and her friends take care of him.

    • RecklessSpeech

      I would have to disagree with your statements regarding Rasheeda’s mother. I think that she did exactly what she felt she needed to do. This man is 100% trying to hurt her daughter because of his own selfish reasons. He is deliberately causing pain and stress on his pregnant wife, and it really is all because he is more than likely sniffing up some new woman’s behind. Overall, Rasheeda’s mother is saddened and angry for her daughter. You don’t mess with a mother’s cub. No matter how old they are. I support Rasheeda’s mother’s actions. Kirk needs to be “kicked in his a$$” because he is behaving like an insensitive prick!!

      • mlw1924


      • Guest

        My thing is, Rasheeda is grown. Her mother should not be fighting her battles or going off on her daughter’s husband. If Rasheeda has something to say to him, she needs to say it to him. If her mom wants to say something, she only needs to address her daughter. I’ll be damned if my husband’s mother says ANYTHING to me about how I am handling my marriage. If my husband has an issue, he needs to come to me and if I continue to disrespect and ignore (like Kirk seems to be doing) he should pack up and go…much like Rasheeda needs to be doing. If she is LETTING this man treat her that way, her mom need not intervene.

        • MLS2698

          Especially at their age! Its not like they are a twenty-something married couple and need outside reinforcement. Rasheeda can confide in her mother, but she shouldn’t expect her to get Kirk in line. And why doesn’t she sit down somewhere and realize she is too old to START a rapping/singing career?

        • MLS2698

          Especially at their age! Its not like they are a twenty-something married couple and need outside reinforcement. Rasheeda can confide in her mother, but she shouldn’t expect her to get Kirk in line. And why doesn’t she sit down somewhere and realize she is too old to START a rapping/singing career?

        • Candice

          Resheeda might not know her mother talked to Kirk until after. I didn’t hear her mom say ” I’m going to talk to Kirk for you”

        • ariesdollface

          also, i think something that is missing in this conversation is that Rasheeda stated that Kirk & her mom had a certain kind of relationship, “My mom LOVES Kirk” or something like that she said. Perhaps Rasheeda & her mother thought that BECAUSE of that relationship, Kirk might respect (or at least respectfully listen to) her mom’s opinion. Not only did he act like they had no close familial relationship at all, but he was incredibly disrespectful. It’s entirely possible that THAT might have hurt Moms just as much as his actions toward her daughter.

          i do think that you should keep everyone out of your married business, including your mother but this is another element that probably explains, to some degree, why they were talking so openly. plus Kirk was being a true a-hole

  • dddooonnnttt

    Sheedas mom was MVP this episode. Kirk, you ain’t gone do nothing to that old lady, set down and listen to her, dummy.. Benzino had the best comment “Karlie is the messiest person I ever met” for some reason that had me rolling. Karlies gift looked crazy after Benzino gift. Some weave and a diss track? Girl bye. She should’ve never gave her that struggle gift. And not Zino Grigio giving K. a diamond necklace and Karlie ahd the booboo face. LMAO. He never gave her anything. Let that be a lesson, Ladies!

  • LuLuBell

    Ariane – Messy, messy, messy
    Mimi – Why is she so MAAAAADD. Like all the damn time
    Go mama Rasheeda for putting that pathetic excuse for a husband all the way in his place. He needed to be slapped!

  • Christina

    I am not a fan of Nikko but I have to agree Mimi is damage goods and the only reason why stevie came sniffing around is because joseline don’t want nothing to do with him. How come Mimi can’t see this? Ariane is so messy and she talks too much most of the bs that’s been going on this season she’s been right there. Karlie and Kmichelle should be bff one is a liar and the other likes to act like she is infected with rabies at a drop of dime. Then kirk trying to tell rasheedah’s mom off he just looks simple. Now that I think about all the women on this show is damage and derange lol

    • RecklessSpeech

      I agree. Nikko wasn’t lying at all. He told her right. She is very damaged, and she desperately wants Stevie to pay her just a slice of attention. I do believe that Stevie loves Mimi, but she is not in the same league as Joseline. She will always play second fiddle to her when it comes to him. Joseline is the woman who makes Stevie want to do better (even if it is on a very small level) – not Mimi. I think that Stevie is to a point where he just wants peace. He understands the turmoil Mimi has been going through, so he wants to try and fix it. He also wanted to see if he still had it like that with Mimi, and he absolutely still does!!!

      • MLS2698

        Yes, Mimi is broken, but somehow, it seems she enjoyed the two men almost getting into a fight over who ” gives her something “, not about who LOVES her. And the ” watch bomb ” comment from Steebie was hilarious ( but I’ve heard Rolex’s second hand has a continuous motion, not ticking). It seems Mimi thinks gifts mean sincerity, and this is how Steebie has held her captive all these years. Really, who accepts a car from their ex while in front of her present man, and then says ” its my child’s father?” Oh, and could you explain what ” league ” Joseline is in? I thought she was an employee, and Steebie was supposed to be professional by not sexing/dating her. What real man chooses that over the woman he has been with for years and has a child with? And how did Steebie know where Mimi and Nikko were going to be? Or is this all scripted?

        • Trisha_B

          Mimi invited Stevie to Nikko video premiere thing. Mimi is messy!

    • MLS2698

      Steebie ( and lots of other men) is broken too. He is running around like a rabid animal now that he has no woman he can sex and manipulate at the moment. He is looking for that ” fix ” by using his money as bait to get women into a position of inferiority ( he has mama issues), which makes him feel like what he THINKS a man is.

    • Losh

      Are…are we not gonna talk about Karlie’s booty in that red dress? I audibly gasped because I wasn’t sure what was happening.

  • KeepITREAL

    I must say Stevie J DID that.

    • dddooonnnttt

      Ok. And why they standing off looking like good vs. evil? And WHYYY would Niko give her a fake Rolex??

    • mlw1924

      he did tht forreal!! Mimi still a dummy..

    • IllyPhilly

      Ariane officially proved she’s in love with Mimi. Sorry I had to say that.