Pass Or Play: Kelly & Kelly Join Forces! Kelly Rowland Taps R. Kelly For The “Dirty Laundry” Remix!

June 16, 2013  |  

Kelly Rowland Courtesy of Kelly Courtesy of Getty Images

Talk about an unlikely pairing!

First of all, was anyone even thinking of a “Dirty Laundry” remix from Kelly Rowland?  I thought she’d said all she needed to say in the original song and we were done with it. Apparently, she wasn’t.

On Friday night, Power 105.1’s DJ Self premiered the song on his “Midnight Mix” show.  It is a true remix in the sense that the lyrics are totally different, even Kelly has a different verse in the beginning.

But to be honest, the shining star is R. Kelly.  He hits us with the “Oh oh oh oh oh” and you know it’s about to be on:

“…See the truth of the matter is everybody can’t do this/And that’s why I got these s**t talking R&B singers on my hit list/(They Running) But I remain standing tall 90 stories and that will never change/And they bite my style so much I swear should write a book/And when I look at tv, I say “Got damn, that’s my look”…”

Can you say shots fired? Of course, he could be talking about anyone but there’s a great chance that the verse was primarily aimed at Trey Songz.  If you’ll recall, Trey did a remix about four years ago on the “Death of Autotune” beat and came directly for Kelly.  But being the more seasoned artist, R. Kelly just cooly responded by saying, “What’s an elephant going to do when a fly or an ant lands on him? Those guys got some growing up to do.”

Clearly, that was then and this is now.  R. Kelly hasn’t said much musically in quite some time outside of his “Trapped In The Closet” chapters earlier this year so this song is quite a return.

We’ll see if this buzz will help to generate more sales on June 18th when Kelly Rowland’s album, Talk A Good Game, hits stores.

Check it out and tell us what you think!

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  • Chey

    I tried to give her a pass b/c she is sharing her “tough stuff” with the world, which takes courage. But now I see that she’s gonna milk this thing just like Alicia Keys did “Girl On Fire”. She had that song in every language and tempo lol

  • Mahogani_DJW

    “Now you hear this record….you wanna speak..”


  • Stephanie

    I’ve only listened to the original version once & I honestly can’t remember what it sounds like, but I just have to say this … Kelly makes a song about being jealous of Beyonce & abused by an ex boyfriend … turns around and do a remix with R. Kelly, who hates Jay-Z and “allegedly” abused under-age girls … and to add to that, the original version of the song isn’t burning up the charts, so she (Kelly) go and do a remix with R. Kelly, who can barely get his music played on the radio … I don’t care how many times she praises Beyonce & call her her sister, Kelly IS jealous of Beyonce … & to put R. Kelly on the remix, is most def adding more dirty laundry to the pile … it’s a thiiiiiiiin line between love & hate!!! #IJS

  • Raynell Lynn

    Pass, Pass, Pass

  • LumpahBump

    PASS. It sounds strange and discordant. R.Kelly’s part is the only part that sounds a-okay.



  • Armari

    I dont know if that was direct towards Trey because they made up , and R. Kelly has said he hopes to do a song with him , sooo .

  • Kenedy

    Pass, I don’t even like the original version

  • Alexis Morris

    I wouldnt be mad at it.

  • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

    KELLZ ON THE REMIX??? IT’S GONNA BE RIGHT!!! #HelpFreeMalachiYork