A True Diva? Faith Evans A No Show At The “R&B Divas” Reunion!

June 15, 2013  |  


Well, I guess she really wasn’t feeling it anymore.

If you’ve followed any of the R&B Divas saga, you know that there were rumors before season two began that Faith Evans would not be returning to the show. However, in the midst of her doing a couple of interviews, she said that she was absolutely coming back, primarily because she was the creator and executive producer of the show.

But halfway through the season, Faith told the rest of the ladies that she had to return to Los Angeles, where she lives with her children, because she’s “raising teenage boys and I need to be there.”  That was about two episodes ago and it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing her anymore this season.

Well, according to EURweb, Faith opted not to attend the taping the reunion show.  Neither Faith nor her reps have made any comment about why she decided not to show up but is it a big surprise?  It doesn’t seem like it. During the first season, Faith made a great push for this show but she hasn’t said too much about it at all this season. In fact, she doesn’t even tweet about R&B Divas on the night it comes on.  Perhaps she wants to just take a complete backseat approach to the show (and avoid the drama, especially between Nicci Gilbert and Syleena Johnson) or she’s completely done with Atlanta.

Hmmmm…do you think she’ll show up on the Los Angeles version of R&B Divas?

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  • Prince Morgan

    I don’t blame Faith, good for her! She is so much better than the foolishness that is going on. For real, they need to replace both Syleena and Nicci because those two cause the most drama and foolishness. They have ruined the show. I could do without Angie too because she tried to be relevant by starting some mess with Nicci, she is sneaky. I like Keke, she has grown since the last season and is now the most talented and relevant since Faith left.

  • MonicaT

    I’m a big fan of Faith Evans and I have not watch a single episode this season. The negativity and catty fights is over shadowing what I thought the whole concept of the show was to bring together R&B Divas to do a tribute to Whitney Houstson and or at least do an album/tour together and revive R&B and several of their careers. I haven’t heard any of them other then Faith Evans putting out music. Someone is using the show from what I heard to promote a low-budget clothing line, anon-profit organization that does not exist and promote her old group all at the expense of using the other ladies to do so. It’s funny/sad because they have to keep reminding the viewers MJ started their group over 17 years ago! This was a great concept, but someone is ruining it for all the others. SAD!

  • JTerry

    I regularly watched this show last season but got only two episodes into this season before I stopped watching it altogether. It was getting to be too much like these other shows, with the constant fussing and drama and pettiness. I get tired of watching grown women act like teenagers. I don’t blame Faith from disassociating from it; she never seemed to want to get involved in any of that.

    • MLS2698

      I still haven’t figured out what they were fussing about. And in all of the pseudo-drama, no one was singing and making a name for themselves again. The ” bag of d*cks ” comment led me to believe someone was an undercover wh0re back in the day, and this made some old feelings surface. They’re all crazy if they think we are going to watch them ” disagree ” for four or five episodes, so they better start singing.