A Dying Industry? Jobs On The Verge of Extinction

June 14, 2013 ‐ By Tanvier Peart


Stock brokers

Maybe this one is not so bad given all the horror stories we have heard regarding Wall Street. Internet capabilities have once again made it easier for the average person to do things on their own. This also includes managing their own money. A stock broker used to be the go-to person to handle all of your investments. They would not only make necessary transactions, but give you financial advice along the way. With so many articles and Google searches, some people are looking to save the money they would pay a broker, and do things on their own.

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  • Child_Puhleez

    Why on Earth would journalist be on here? So anyone with WordPress & a fair command of the English language makes a trusted source for news? Hardly. LOL. Sorry, but I don’t see the likes of Perez Hilton replacing Diane Sawyer anytime soon. smh

    What should’ve made this list but didn’t, is the administrative assistant. Small businesses & consultants have turned to the internet for their administrative needs (virtual assistants.) A great deal of larger companies still use secretaries / admins through temp agencies, too.

    • Hey

      So many journalists/news organizations are so blatantly biased now that “trusted news source” is what is becoming extinct.

      • Child_Puhleez

        Point taken! LOL! I still trust a decent few, but not much! LOL

  • RenJennM

    I don’t agree with this list. ‘Extinct’ means something longer exists. Most of these jobs will always need at least one live person to operate them. So, yeah, they may not necessarily be ‘in demand’ and many career fields are doing budget cuts, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be done away with completely. Leaning entirely on flawed systems is a grave mistake. There always needs to a person that can take care of it if the machine or technology breaks down. In fact, when it comes to that phone operator position, a lot of companies are doing away with the automated systems because people hate using them. A live person is almost always better.

  • gotcha

    some of these jobs i dont agree with like, librarian, even though alot of college students use the information off the internet to do our work, we still use the library as a facility where we can get peace and quiet as well as look up information that isnt on the internet, because we are intelligent to know everything is not on here as well as some students dont have computers. We hurt when the library isnt open lol and that goes for geeks and non geeks lol and journalist is another one. how would we continue to know whats going on in the world if their jobs were extinct lol so thats a false as well

  • Esined

    Should have added Video/Record Store Clerk to this list. Agree with Journalist, but have a huge problem with folks turning their opinions into their versions of fact. Color me ‘old school’, but I rather go with “trusted” news sources and not some random dude/chick with a laptop and an axe to grind.