Tragic: Teacher Finds Student In Homemade Sex Tape On Facebook

June 12, 2013  |  

The world is truly a sick place these days. Four men were arrested, indicted by a grand jury for several felony sexual offenses after a video was posted of them having sex with two girls. One of the girls was just 12 years old, the other girl’s age is unknown.

The video was discovered when a teacher of one of the victims at Centennial Middle School discovered the video on Facebook and notified school officials.

The video was eventually taken down but not before many of the victims’ school mates had seen it online.

Allegedly, the men filmed the video at a house party in Portland, Oregon and uploaded the video to YouTube and Facebook.

The school contacted police and they arrested Cedrell Washington, 20 and Deshawn Rogers, 22 in May. Nicholas Clisby, 23 and Terry Scott, 18 were arrested on June 6 after police got tips from the public.

The charges against the four men include “involuntary sex,” sodomy, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a minor.

Facebook and YouTube have pulled the video from their sites.

Police reported that one of the men was a member of a local Portland gang called the “Unthank Park Hustlers.” Police noted that child trafficking has increased among gangs as a way to earn money.

This girl is really in my thoughts and prayers. Being raped is traumatic enough but having your classmates watch that assault to take place just adds insult to injury.

On the next page, watch the girl’s classmates explain how they came across the video and how the police ended up catching the four men. 

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  • sabrina

    Omg!! Oh Lord, please be with those two young girls and help save others that are caught up in any kind of these human trafficking situations! :((((((

    And did you guys not peep that it was due to CHILD TRAFFICKING…someone was paid to bring them there, whether the girls were aware of it or not. Either way, this is not okay!!

  • sammi_lu

    12 years old at a house party?? PARENTS!!!!

  • SHAY


    • stac

      they are not men.

  • pat

    I hope that they “get it” in prison! f…ing pervs

  • We have been reaping the saying ‘boys will be boys’ saying for years!!! I pray the people who have the audacity to accuse these two young ladies as ‘fast’ will be silenced by those of us who hold these jerks accountable. They look like they came out the wrong hole during delivery.

    • stac

      the sad part is if the girls looked “grown” enough people will defend these men saying “how were they supposed to know?”

      stop giving these men, especially black men a pass for this sh!tty behavior, it makes me sick.

      • You ain’t neva lied!!!
        I am going to say something else- stop with the comments about ‘where were her parents.’ Why? Because it deviates from these CRIMINALS and their behaviors and once again points the finger at the girl. More than likely, she doesn’t have a decent father figure in the home and there’s nothing we can do about THAT. Let’s focus on what we can do.

  • emma

    but what is a 12 year old doing at a house party ? oh lord help my generation

    • Swaggerd

      Yeah, I agree. Your generation sucks. The Clinton years were a great time to be a teenager.

  • ano

    They are white those men will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law no worry about it they will get what they deserve.

  • The Manifesto

    “The video was discovered when a teacher of one of the victims at Centennial Middle School discovered the video on Facebook and notified school officials.”

    Keep those editorial standards classy, MN

  • C

    UHM, the second sentence doesn’t make any sense.

  • Ola

    I wish all these other young ladies that see videos like this stop calling the victim names and saying stuff like “she deserved it”. At their age, they are or should be smart enough to not blame victims.

    I feel sorry for the girl in this case, hopefully she recovers from this incident.

  • bigdede

    I hope when they get to prison they experience what they did to those poor girls. But I still think about what is a 12 yr old and another young minor doing at a house party? Where were these girls parents? I can’t believe how young those boys are. They looks about 10-15 yrs older than they really are.

  • Maggie

    They are going to be labeled sex offenders for life? I don’t feel sorry for them. Bastard children are the death of black society.

    • Brittany Sweat

      I think its more of uncivilized not people… we can’t generalize by the ignorance of these people.

  • LadiesNight

    Black men have become angry and it has messed our community up for years and I’m sick and tired of it. Especially young,black,lost fatherless men from the inner city.