Darius, Darnell, Dejuan And Other Names You Know Belong To A Black Man Off The Bat

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We’re pretty sure we’re not breaking any news here when we say there are certain names that you hear that automatically create a certain image in your head. And when it comes to the names on this list, that image is that of a black man. You probably already have the names in your head — the Laquans, Deshawns, Surons, and so forth — but it’s more fun if we say it out loud, right? Here are the names that when you hear them, you don’t even have to see the face to go with them because you know they belong to a black man. And yes, we mean black as in African American.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Terrell and Tyrone

Tyrone may be Gaelic in origin, but it’s come to be black in culture. And Terrell? If you’ve ever met a white man by that name, we want to know about it.

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  • allen

    Lol im a darius, but im iranian. its a persian name.

  • maltboy1

    My lily-white blue-eyed grandson is named Dante, and I couldn’t be happier that he will help break a racial stereotype.

  • Sunny

    Byron is SUCH a white name actually. I have never met a black Byron

  • LizzyBeth80

    I know some white people with these names… Andre included.. I dated an Andre.. but he was more Puerto Rican. Names are so universal nowadays.

  • Dia

    Dante Terrell Smith aka Mos Def. Black to blacker?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=76603272 Sheena Hill

    My dad’s first and middle name is on this list lol. I know a white Jerome(not on the list), byron, keith (keith richards), and shawn

    • Dia

      Here’s one for you. I went to high school with a guy named Dante Terrell Smith. Yep black. He did change his name… Mos Def. Yeah. That’s him.

  • Ldr792

    Why is everything when its about black people stereotypical? This is the truth! Lets embrace our culture!!

  • CCR

    @ #3 What? RODNEY Dangerfield gets no respect?…

  • Dee

    On that show Nashville on ABC (Dont judge me lol) the WHITE grandfather’s name is Lamar…. just saying…

  • Tehani

    –I had a White, male manager whose name was Tyrone, but he went by ‘Ty’.
    –Rodney shortened to ‘Rod’ can easily change the perception of who owns the name.

  • Bren

    I love the name “Dante”. Never considered it strictly black being that I personally don’t know any guys with that name.

    • CaribbeanGlow

      I love it too! I also do not know anyone with it.

  • iHM

    A lot of those are middle eastern, either Persian or Arab. Malik is Arab, and Darius is one of the most famous Iranian names. I’m pretty sure Lamar is French. And I’ve never met a black Keith, only white ones.

  • Kimberly Sparkle

    Ok what was the point of the article

  • meek

    Jamar, Malik, Tyree

  • Pamela McClair

    The one thing I wish we would stop doing …La’Quan, De’Shaun.
    What is the point of an apostrophe when it’s not replacing a letter? ijs

    • CaribbeanGlow

      It implies “France”/ “French”? Lol

  • Issa Lopez

    Why is keith on this list? BTW my brother’s name is Jamal! lol

  • CC formerly kidrebelny

    ctfu, my husband’s name is Darius and when he first told me his name, I thought that is such a black male name

  • CC formerly kidrebelny

    ctfu, my husband’s name is Darius and when he first told me his name, I thought that is such a black male name

  • FamuRattler85

    Lol. I work with a Jabari and a Byron, both black of course. My ex fiancé’s name is Malik and he is exactly what you described. Lol!!!

  • kierah

    There is an old White partner at my firm with the name Darius.

    And when I hear Tyrone I immediately think of the famous actor Tyrone Powers.

    I went to high school with a White Irish chick named Libusha.
    We shouldn’t stereotype either.

    • kierah

      And I know about 3 Asian Shawns. Expand your circle and you’ll realize that some of your assumptions are unfounded.

  • sabrina

    I can’t lie, I couldn’t help but chuckle as I went through this list — complete with pictures of different black men and all. Y’all ain’t right!

    I did know a white Keith though. And he was pretty well off too.

    • xxdiscoxxheaven

      so do i

  • NeverAFlaw

    Madame Noire,do you have anything better to do than make up list about black names? Get a life. What you NEED to be doing is find something for these popups on your site.

    • Tehani

      The saying ‘get a life’ grates my nerves. While this article isn’t intellectually stimulating, one must not act as if they have never spent time pondering things of little significance.

      • NeverAFlaw

        Who hurt you?

        • Tehani

          I have to have been hurt to find that saying annoying?

  • Soulsis


    • Bored With Your Mediocrity…

      Pookie nem

    • iHM

      That’s another middle eastern name. I think black people just use them because black people are often in the Muslim religion. I have people in my family named Rahim, I’m Iranian.

      • Tehani

        “black people are often in the Muslim religion”

        Aren’t most Black people who are religious, Christians?

        • Kimberley246

          Technically, no– most black people are not Christians. Maybe in America, but you have to remember blacks are not limited to the USA. Christians are a minority in Africa; in the French, English, Dutch and Spanish Caribbean there are many descendants of the Arawaks, Caribs, Mayas etc. Christianity was pressured upon our forefathers as a strategy to enslave them mentally and spiritually hence the reason more blacks are coming to that realisation and have chosen to explore their “true” religions.

          • Tehani

            In America, yes. Since I am an American and this isn’t an international blog, I didn’t specify.

            • Kimberley246

              Actually it is an “international blog”. Since it is transmitted via the World Wide Web it is not restricted to readership from the US.

              • Tehani

                From what I gather, most of the articles on this blog are in the form of an American voice and focus on the lives of Americans, which is why I don’t believe it to be an international blog.

              • Cassandra

                Wa really gine on?- lol Ay I see you Barbados!

                • Kimberley246

                  yea, I am from the beautiful island of Barbados

        • iHM

          Oh, I don’t really know. I just meant like “often” not… “usually”. Sorry, English is my 2nd language I’m not sure what word I should have used. Just.. that there are a lot of black Muslims. There are lots of black Christians too.

          • LesliePurifoy

            Every Raheem that I know are black and their name has “ee”.

  • Reese

    This list is pointless and stereotypical. I’ve met a few white Dante’s as well as one or two white Tyrones. And when I see the name Bryon my first thought is Lord Bryon.

    • Dee

      Lord Byron you mean?

      • Reese

        Yes, you know what I meant. I’m not the best with names.

    • CaribbeanGlow

      And when I see Rodney I think Rodney Dangerfield…