White Folks Black People Love, Part 2

June 28, 2013  |  
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Yesterday, we gave you the beginning of our updated list of white people black folks love. Here’s the rest.


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Sarah Jessica Parker

“Sex and The City,” need we say more? We ride for Miss Carrie Bradshaw and her fabulous fashion and her struggle to find a good man, and her love of Cosmos. She’s our white sister girl in our heads.



Look, when a dude pops up out of Detroit spitting rhymes like that and even killing some of our favorite rappers (Jay-Z on “Renegade”), we don’t care what color he is. But even more than that, black people love that Em doesn’t try to be anything other than white, even though he’s surrounded by an industry full of black people. When you can be who you are and still be awesomely crazy, we’ll take you.

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Marilyn Monroe

I’m guessing this is a situation where we fell for the American beauty standard because despite the fact Marilyn Monroe in no way resembles a black woman and hasn’t walked the earth in 50 years, black girls still try to imitate Marilyn’s sex appeal and sultry pinup girl look today. We’re not mad at you (Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, etc.) it’s just a little odd.

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Bill Clinton

You know the moment we fell for him — when he played that darn saxophone on “Arsenio. ” Our thirst for Bill Clinton is so real we start laughing before the man even makes jokes and we got way too excited to see him step in front of the mic on Obama’s campaign trail this last time around. Oh, and he put his office in Harlem. Yeah, Bill’s a black man fo’real.

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Gwen Stefani

Gwen was always more than your average (white) “girl” and she told us so in one of No Doubt’s earliest songs. But there was just something about her style that clicked for black people and once she hopped on “Let Me Blow Your Mind” with Eve, our down a** chick suspicions were confirmed.

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Bradley Cooper

He’s a fine white man. That’s all I’ve got for this one. Oh, and he dated Zoe Saldana which let us know he likes a little coffee in his milk. Win-win for everyone!

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Marc Jacobs

I don’t know when the switch happened, but suddenly every black woman in the world has ditched her coach satchel and headed to Nordstrom for a Marc Jacobs hobo. It’s the craziest trend, but numbers don’t lie. This past year, “Marc Jacobs” was the most-searched U.S. brand on the Internet. Guess who was Googling it?

Tony Montana

A.K.A. Al Pacino, A.K.A. any Italian mobster who ever lived or was idolized in film. Have you ever paid attention to how many rappers have adopted monikers based on Italian gangsters  or heard Future’s song “Tony Montana”? We go hard for anyone we think said eff the government, I’m going to make money how I want to. Not necessarily a good thing but it is what it is.

Maury Povich

Shake your head if you want, but who do we regularly see on this man’s couch trying to find out who the father of their child is? Black people certainly aren’t going on “The Maury show” for a trip to Connecticut. Something about this boring white man who pretends to care about black families draws us in — participants and spectators alike. He’s our new Jerry Springer.


Sandra Bullock

I think the reason we ride for Sandr Bullock is that she’s America’s Sweetheart but she’s not shoved down our throats — and she doesn’t have the typical blonde hair, blue eyes, girl next door look most white women who get that title have. Sandra had our deepest sympathy after Jesse James embarrassed the mess out of her with his cheating self and we were even more proud to call her our girl when she continued her adoption of baby boy Louis Bardo Bullock from New Orleans in 2010.

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  • Sue

    Where’s Pink?

  • Guest

    Maury Povich is not boring at all. He is from the former Chocolate City (Washington, DC). My mother loves him. His father the late Shirley Povich was a strong advocate in helping blacks integrate the Washington Redskins when he worked for the Washington Post for a years. He is a true Washington, DC native. That is why blacks love him.

  • Marcy

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie should always be #1 on black people’s favorites. They’ve done more for your people than your own kind ever did, ungrateful bastards.

  • douglass davis

    Shyt I dont love them. I don’t trust them. Many white worshipping koons might do and give them a pass, but I certainly don’t!

    • doomz

      Nobody cares what you think, and I know that kills you.

  • truthurts

    I don’t like any of them and I would not piss on one if it was on fire!

  • Chanda

    Beastie Boys should be in Eminem’s place for real. I like the first list better, y’all just put anybody on this one.

  • Suchalady

    I hate that black girls look up to Marilyn Monroe -__-
    How sad and misguided.

  • smittyt

    I wish Madame Wh*re would stop trying to speak for the whole damn BLACK RACE.Trying to tell us what white folks we love.When In truth i don’t love no white folks…NONE!

    • cryssi

      Lmbo, how have they not blocked you?…. If you don’t like the menu, leave the restaurant. Name calling is highly unnecessary. This article will in no way endanger your life, I’m pretty sure you and your spite will live on.

  • vanillachoc

    Robert Deniro, you forgot. uh huh. And we know why 😉

    • cryssi

      He was on the first post

  • Craig

    Since my other comment was profane, what I’ll say is stop this madness. Black people dont know who Marc Jacobs is. No of these people qualify, if u ask me. Bill took the title of 1st black president and ran with it an black people followed foolishly, now Obama aint half the President Bill is(just in a different time).

    Tony Montana, Maury, Em, and Marilyn Monroe are the only ones, the rest are Paula Deenish suspects, At least Paula Deen is honest. These lists are rubbish. Marc Jacobs SMH.

  • Guest

    What sort of nonsense post is this? Black folks don’t function with one brain. Melanin does not automatically make people like the same things or celebs. Speak for yourselves next time and not for a significant population of the world! And no, I don’t hate these celebs.

    • smittyt

      I wish Madame white men loving Wh*rie would.

  • Steve Stone

    Huh? What black person would know who Gwen Stefani is, much less love her? Brad Cooper? Marc Jacobs? And Sandra Bullock is a nice girl and all, but black folks are riding her.

  • Ms. Bee

    Bradley Cooper? I don’t love, like or care about him.

    But I do love Sandra Bullock.