Keep It On The Husshhh: Secrets All Men Like To Keep

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Everyone has secrets that we like to keep from others, men and women included. But men tend to be more secretive than women, since many of them aren’t exactly emotionally responsive or open. No matter how well or how long you’ve known a man, even if he’s your husband, there are definitely some secrets that he is keeping from you. Here are 14 of them.



To most men, being insecure is a character flaw and it makes them less of a man. Rarely will you find a man who admits to being insecure and having confidence issues. However, just like women, men subtly show that they are lacking self-assurance too. If he’s afraid to take off his shirt or if he prefers to do the deed in the dark, you definitely know that something is wrong.


Wandering eyes

Even if you catch your guy checking out another woman, it’s rare that he will admit to it. By nature, most men have wandering eyes, and many can’t help catching a glance of another woman. While it doesn’t mean that he no longer loves or wants you, a man with wandering eyes can lead to problems in a relationship. But, a man won’t ever admit that he had his eyes fixed on someone other than you.


His softer side

Men aren’t emotional creatures, so it’s rare that you’ll find one who is willing to admit that he has a soft side. Finding a man who admits to needing and wanting cuddles sometimes or finding one who admits to crying here and there is all but impossible. Having a softer side and being a man just don’t mix in society’s eyes.



Your guy could be afraid of spiders, but he won’t admit it easily. Any fears that a guy has, he more than likely tries to internalize it so that the truth doesn’t come out. Guys think that having fears makes them less of a man, when in fact it only makes them more human and easier to relate to. Don’t be surprised if your guy pretends to be Superman.

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The importance of money

Men and money go hand-in-hand. Men like knowing that they have a pretty well-stacked bank account and wallet. There’s nothing worse for some guys than having to live paycheck to paycheck and being unable to afford some of the finer things in life. But, rarely will you find a man who wants to admit that he really values money. He doesn’t want to attract gold diggers and he doesn’t want to seem money hungry either.


How much time he spends in the mirror

Men often make fun of women for spending so much time in the mirror to get ready. But, it’s likely that at some point in time, you’ll catch your man in the mirror too. Men spend more time in the mirror than they’ll ever let on, simply because being in the mirror is associated with being feminine and vain. Let’s face it though, we’ve all caught a man oogling himself in the mirror or spending way too much time in the bathroom with some unknown excuse.


Wanting to be pursued

When we think of dating, a lot of the scenarios start with a man approaching a female. As manly as this situation is, some guys would really like it to be the other way around. Despite what they may say, men do like to be pursued. To a man, there’s nothing more ego boosting than having a beautiful woman approach him and start some small talk. Will he ever admit to wanting that? Probably not.


Wanting to make love

Women are known for wanting to be made love to, men are known for wanting sex. But men sometimes want the same things as we do too. Though they may not admit it, for some men, a night full of passionate sex with plenty of kissing and cuddling afterwards puts him on Cloud 9. Of course, a man who is in the mood for making love may not admit it, simply because that’s a female thing, according to them.


His number of lovers

When you ask a man about his past lovers and girlfriends, or how many women he’s been with, it’s highly unlikely that this number is ever true. For men, giving the number is a catch 22. On one hand, telling you a high number may turn you off and make you think he sleeps around. On the other side of things, giving a number too low may make a woman think he’s inexperienced, therefore making him feel less of a man. For most guys, the real number remains a secret.


Therapeutic shopping

Going to the mall and enjoying a nice shopping spree is strictly for women, or so men will lead you to believe. However, there are plenty of men out there who really enjoy shopping. Whether it’s for shoes, new clothes for work, or for a new watch, men have therapeutic shopping trips too. Of course, that’s kept on the down-low.


Wanting to feel needed

You’ve heard it before, men are highly attracted to women who are independent, and in the same token, women love being independent. But, it’s part of a man’s worth to want to have a woman who needs him as well. There’s something about knowing that your woman can and will depend on you that really makes a man feel like he has a lot of self-worth. For most men, it’s best to find a woman who fits the happy medium between independent and dependent.



Women are always targeted for being the more jealous species. But, men get jealous too, especially when they see you checking out another guy or when they come across a man who he hopes to be like. Though a man will never admit it, it’s likely that he gets just as jealous, just as quickly as you do. Of course, admitting to being jealous would make him look weak and like less of an alpha-male.


Emotional times

Men are more likely to express positive emotions than bad ones. For instance, you’ll know exactly when your man is happy or excited about something. However, you’ll rarely find him admit that he’s angry, jealous, or sad. Negative emotions aren’t feelings that men will easily admit to. It seems it’s almost in their nature to avoid being emotional around women. Expressing certain emotions is a big no-no.



It is rare that a man will tell you when he feels inadequate, but make no mistake, men feel as though they have plenty of inadequacies. Some think that they are not good enough in bed and suffer from performance problems, while others think that they don’t make enough money. A man won’t acknowledge the feeling of being inadequate to you, but know that many of them think it in the back of their minds.

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