Kelis Says Nas Is A Cheater And She Doesn’t Want Him Back

June 11, 2013  |  

Source: Instagram

I’ll admit that I’m definitely one of the people who rode that Nas-and-Kelis-are-still-madly-in-love-and-are-going-to-get-back-together-someday wave. I always thought that they were an adorable couple. But truthfully, I could’ve just been romanticizing their split because we were left in the dark for so long regarding the dirty details regarding their break up. My desire for the hip-hop couple to reunite only intensified when the 39-year-old Queens rapper released his Life is Good album where he appeared on the cover, holding his ex-wife’s wedding gown and released songs that were obviously about his releationship with her such as, “Bye Baby.”

In an interview earlier this year, Nas even revealed that he and Kelis were working on their friendship and that he low-key tried to get back with her.

“We’re back together as friends. We were not the best of friends for a long time. We’re friends now and that’s what it is. We’re not together but we’re friends though. I even said, ‘yo, should we try this again?’ I’m like wow. We had all kinds of talks. You know how that is. We have a child. But we’re friends and I’m glad to be at that place. I don’t want no beef. No beef wit ya mama,” Nas honestly expressed.

Since then, there hasn’t been much said about the possibility of a romantic reunion between the pair. Well, until now, that is. One of Kelis’ Instagram followers expressed how happy they were to see Kelis back out in the spotlight and attempted to offer encouragement regarding her situation with ex-husband, Nas.

Surpisingly, Kelis responded to the fan’s well wishes, thanking them for their concern, but letting it be known that she’s not interested in reconciling with Nas because he’d been unfaithful to her.

Then, another fan chimed in, praising the “Jerk Ribs” singer for being real about her feelings and what happened.

And there you have it.

What do you think of Kelis using her Instagram page to address such a personal subject?

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  • seriously

    It seems Kelis still holds some type of resent towards Nas and considering Nas has already admitted to cheating and apologized to her for it…she is definitely messy in her response to strangers on instagram. I guess she needs to do this in order to feel vindicated. One would think that after her twitter rants of calling him a cowardly cheater, she would be over it by now but obviously not. The rumors of alimony no longer existing & losing her home must be getting to her. Anyway I hope some maturity can shine bright in order for them to raise their son. Question:What happened to the pics of these two being seen on a resort and trying to build a friendahip for their son?

    • PleaseDOBetter

      Yes, she is messy period. I get that he cheated, but we have also seen the child support and her denying Nas visitation of his son play out in the media. There are TOO MANY women walking around talking about how their children’s fathers are not involved in their children’s lives, but this woman blocks visitation? While I recognize that that is no longer an issue, I can’t ever respect her.

  • vanelle22

    Yeup and she certainly moved on………Nas thought he had this one; she is definitely not like the others…

  • York

    Well that was awkward.

  • brwngirl

    Well, it seems as if shes a tad bitter and needs attention, especially when Nas is out and about looking pretty darn good.

    I mean, he did already admit to cheating on her in his last album. He also admitted that she cheated as well … no one remembers those rumors of a sextape being passed around starring her and another rapper that wasn’t Nas!

    I say Ms. Kelis let it go and just move on.

    • Yvette

      I disagree. She responded to a message sent to her. How is that bitter?

      • Trisha_B

        I think it was probably her word choice that made it seem that way. A simple ‘We are remaining as friends and being great parents to our son’ or something along them lines would have been good. I read her response in a smart tone. The “i divorced his cheating behind…” just seemed too much imo

        • Yvette

          I see your point.

      • cocoa

        This woman has been calling Nas a cheater since 2009 & in the same breath talks how she will never speak negatively of him in public but yet evey time she gets the chance she uses social media to anmounce Nas is a cheater. We knew this in 2009 and when Nas admitted to cheating in an interview. He also stated they apologized to each and was trying to work on a friendship for the sake of their son. Kelis just presents to be a pretentious insecure woman with issues. She believes her own hype from claiming every artist copies her style to being the first to scream on the mic.

        Nas may have cheated on her 4 years ago but at least he is showing the maturity of a man to admit his flaws and the desire to work on building a friendship with her. I’m sure Kelis was not an innocent party in the demise of this marriage.

        • Yvette

          I didn’t know she constantly says that at every turn. Thanks for clarifying that for me.