9 Baffling Things We Learned During Episode 8 Of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta

June 11, 2013 ‐ By


I know, we shouldn’t really be surprised by the antics that go on on “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” anymore, but every week someone does something to introduce a new level of triflin’ into the mix. Last night’s episode was no different. Check out the craziest things that went down.

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  • kgreat.

    “Anyone else notice how much Traci Steele identified with Erica trying to be friends with her baby daddy and then criticized Shay for continuing to go back to Scrappy?”
    How is she wrong for criticizing someone for chasing after another woman’s man?

  • Reese

    Shay is gorgeous without make-up, I wish she would tone it done with the make-up and weave. That is all I can say about last night’s episode. Oh yea, and Che Mack seems like a sweetheart.

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    *As Shay*
    Srappy thought he could have his cake and eat it too… Well guess what? Im closing the bakery!!!! How he gone propose to Erica when we was sexing each other 4 days before? No Scrappy. You need to get out of my house that rachet reality tv and my s3x tape bought me!

  • jferthefab

    what about mimi and nikko…that was just a weird scene. k. michelle was right about nikko and im sure she was mimi’s friend once a upon a time. if these women could speak like normal people im sure they will realize they have both been wrong

    • LaShawn LaLa Harper

      I agree!!! And Madamnoire, K sells out shows so I have to say I think you’re wrong by assuming pple don’t know her songs, we do!!

  • guest

    Most interactions on these shows are so scrpited but i still enjoy the entertainment. Watching Lil Scrappy, Ma Ma Dee and the He/She Joseline speak and screw up the English language is pure comedy in itself for me. Anybody who buys the whole Kirk “act” is blind. All of sudden he’s some “bad boy” when he and Rashedia have been married for years…with many not even knowing she was even married and know he wants to go all hard?

    Yea right! How convenient when K. Michelle questions his sexuality…Rasheda gets pregnant and know he wants to act like all hard and dog out his wife. Not buying that storyline. I do believe many of these things do occur in the music biz circle but “reality” t.v. speeds up and make these situtaions occur as they are required to interact with people within the LHHA cast.

    • guest


    • Me

      I said then exact same thing about Kirk!! This is just an act so they can stay on the show cuz they have no storyline

      • Retro


  • Chey

    Kirk really scared me last night.

  • Kashelle H

    Ok wait. So you guys just totally rip people off now you just give the articles a different name. These are not YOUR top moments from last night these are the Vh1′s top moments that are on their site. What a rip off.

    • Chey

      Wow….I wouldn’t have known.

      • VJenae

        What did he say? It was deleted

        • Chey

          That MN took this list directly from Vh1′s website…