Trial Marriages And Other Interesting Dating Customs From Around The World

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In the U.S., we have very few dating traditions (the man pays, the man opens the door) and even those we are quickly getting rid of, deeming them antiquated and sexist. But in other countries, dating traditions are alive and well! Like these.


Lights out in Afghanistan

Females have a countrywide 7 pm curfew in Afghanistan, and with almost all marriages being arranged, dating is almost non-existent.


White Day in Japan

In Japan, on Valentine’s Day the girls are to buy the boys chocolate and the boys just sit back and receive. However, one month later comes a holiday called White Day. On this day, should the male recipients from the Valentine’s Day chocolate be interested in that female, they’re to spend twice as much on chocolate, and give it to her.



Girls take the lead in Australia

In Australia, the girls often ask the boys out on dates, as well as pay. But coupling off is rare before the age of 18. Until then, teenagers go out in large groups.


No under-aged dating in Central and South America

Dating isn’t permitted for anyone under the age of 15 here and when teens are of age, most dates happen in large groups.


Men are forward in South Korea

Dating doesn’t tend to commence until college for South Koreans, at which point men are very forward. It’s customary for a man to call a woman the day he meets her, and send her multiple texts before the date.


“Love hotels” in South Korea

With most young people sharing rooms in college, hotels specifically deemed “love hotels” have become very popular, where young couples go for some privacy for short periods of time.


The subservient/dominant man

Surprisingly, the way courtship looks in South Korea is the complete opposite of what the marriage will look like. It’s common to see a South Korean man carrying around his girlfriend’s purse, or walking her teacup dog, or in many ways being subservient. But once married, men want their wives to become a more “traditional” woman, taking on the subservient role.


Advertising love in China

The role of matchmaker is still alive and well in China. It’s common for young people who are too busy to date to have their grandparents hand clip ads, seeking dates, in public places like parks for them.

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Trial marriages in Iran

Although one-on-one dating is shunned, a form of online dating has risen in Iran. Via certain online services, many people enter into relationships that are carried on like temporary or trial marriages, instead of dating. This is prevalent among people under the age of 30. But the service is strict: people get to meet three times, supervised, and upon the third time they must decide to marry or never see each other again.



Rushing things in France

In the states, kissing someone means almost nothing. That person expects you’re probably exploring other options. But in France, the “relationship” begins at that first kiss, or even the moment interest is first expressed.


The French communicate

American women are tortured every day by the fade away—the guy who just stops answering calls as a way to communicate a breakup. Women aren’t tormented by this in France as men and women clearly state their interest, or lack there of.


Everything is flirting in France

The French may be advanced with romantic communication, but in some ways they’re still traditional. A woman pursuing a man is so frowned upon in France that even the slightest attention from a woman—from a simple hello—is looked at as an invitation for a man to make a move.



SMS love in Australia

The very casual tone of everything in Australia extends to dating. Whereas in the states, asking someone out via text message may seem like a cop out, in Australia it’s completely normal and expected that a man should do most courtship via text message.


Men like makeup in Australia

Surprising considering the laidback surfer culture, Australian men consider it weird or even disrespectful for a woman to leave the house without makeup on. Australian men typically expect women to be high maintenance.

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  • Abbas BAKER

    There is a form of marriage in Iran and Iraq among shiite Muslims called ENJOYMENT MARRIAGE. A couple get hitched only to enjoy the conjugal part of marriage for a short period of time ususally for a week. After that they part company. But this type of marriage is deemed immoral among the majority of Muslims.

  • rainydaze80

    The pages about dating in France are spot on! Anytime you look in a
    man’s direction, he will take it as a sign that you are interested. And Frenchies do like to start kissing on you after 5 min of conversation!

  • Chacha

    This post is what I find bizarre. This may come as a shock to you but America is not the center of the world. Simply because these are not American customs – they are bizarre? No wonder the world view Americans as untravelled, ignorant and dismissive to other cultures.

  • Jeanette

    Its so ridiculous and ethnocentric to call traditions and customs of other counries bizarre. At worst, its completely offensive and ignorant. There are many customs we have, including the way our women dress, having children before marriage etc. that are abhorrent to other countries. It makes absolutely no sense to look at the customs of others through the eyes of our own. Our culture dictates certain behaviors, and this happens in other countries too. What may seem like rushing to us, is just fine somewhere else, and that is completely ok and not for us to judge.