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You’ve probably noticed that men and women approach dating a lot differently, and in some cases, men have a lot of different thoughts and standards when it comes to dating and finding a girlfriend. Though men surely have a lot to learn from women, there are things that women can learn from men, even when it comes to dating. Here are 15 ways to successfully date like a man to land the guy you want.


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Don’t fast forward into a long-term relationship

Some women go into the dating world with the idea that right off the bat, they will find a meaningful and long-term relationship. Men, however, do just the opposite. It’s not wise to go into a date with the mindset that you’ll be dating this man for months and years. Instead, go on dates and hope for the absolute best. If it works out, good, if not, that’s fine too!


Date around

When you’re dating, you are not tied to anyone. You don’t need to stick to just one man. Date around and don’t be afraid to test the waters numerous times. By dating around, you’re able to determine what you really want and need out of a guy. At the same time you’re also able to increase your chances of finding a man that you really click with.


Don’t overanalyze

It seems that women are wired to overanalyze every single detail. And while it’s good to have an understanding of what’s going on around you, when you’re dating, it’s bad to overanalyze. You end up stressing yourself out more than you ever need to. Dating shouldn’t be stressful in the least bit, so keep the overanalyzing part of you at home when you’re on a date.

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Own it

When a confident man walks into a restaurant for a date, he owns it, right? He’s aware of his surroundings and he has his eye on the prize. He’s dressed nice and knows exactly what he’s there to do. Instead of being shy and standoffish, own it. Walk into your date with a confident smile and approach him without any hesitation.


Be a little selfish

Selfishness isn’t the best quality to have, but in the dating world, it can be quite helpful. You don’t need to give too much of your time, mind, or body to a stranger. Men know this. Women, on the other hand, have been a little slow to catch up.


Don’t chase

You rarely run into a guy who wants or is willing to chase a girl. The fact is that it’s better to be the one being chased as opposed to being the chaser. In any case, chasing only makes you seem desperate for a man. If a guy isn’t interested in you, let him go. There’s no point in chasing him all around to get him to like or want you.

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Give compliments

Men give a lot of compliments when they go on dates, or at least they should. Though it’s nice to have all of the good words directed towards you, you’ll want to reflect them back at him as well. Let the guy know that you really are interested in him. By complimenting him, you can spur up some conversation and hopefully give him some man-butterflies.


Be confident

Women are emotional creatures and we tend to be more hard on ourselves than we need to be. In order for your dating experience to be positive and worthwhile, you’ll need to be confident and sure of yourself. Going on dates without any type of confidence or self-love is going to go downhill quickly. Love yourself, and a man will surely love you.

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Don’t text him every two minutes

Staying in contact is good, but there is no reason to text the man you’re dating every two seconds. Keeping in such overly-constant contact can be a bad thing. While it shows your interest, it can also show that you have nothing better to do with your time. A guy could easily interpret your constant texts as desperation.


Date up

Dating up goes along with having confidence. Men are widely known for being able to date women who are out of their league, but women can do the same thing. Don’t be afraid to date up. If you’ve been eyeing a guy who you think is cute but isn’t in your league, gather up the confidence you need and go for it. Dating up will also boost your self-esteem immensely.


Save the drama

Men don’t like drama, and most of them avoid it at all costs. Women on the other hand seem to attract and bring drama as much as possible. Drama and the dating world don’t go well together. It isn’t attractive nor does it pave a good path for a successful relationship.


Always take care of you first

When it comes to dating, you’re the most important player. It’s important that even though you’re dating, you continue to spend time and energy on yourself. Always have time for an hour at the spa or a shopping trip on the weekend. No matter the circumstance, dating should not take away from you time.

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Learn how to recover quickly

Bad and failed dates are all part of the game. Recovering from a bad date can be hard, but there’s no need to prolong it. Nothing good comes out of dwelling on a date that just went really badly. Instead, learn how to recover quickly and prepare for the absolute worst. This way you can get right back on your feet.


Be lighthearted

Dating shouldn’t be the end of the world for you and a failed date shouldn’t have you down for weeks. Go into the dating world with a positive outlook, but know that things won’t always be rainbows and unicorns. Keep a light heart and don’t expect to fall in love on date one. Staying lighthearted keeps dating fun and enjoyable, which is the whole purpose of going.


Know what you want

When a guy is dating, he knows just what he wants. From the looks to the personality, he’s got a mental check list of “must haves” in a woman. The same goes for you! When you go on dates, you should know right away whether or not the guy is worth holding or folding. Keep a clear list of what you need in a man and work with it. Don’t keep a guy around if he isn’t what you need.

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