Billy Ray Cyrus, Please Get Your Child: Hannah Montana Twerks On Stage At A Juicy J Concert

June 10, 2013  |  

Source: YouTube

Someone is really going to have to explain to me how this happened. Over the weekend Miley Cyrus made an appearance at a Juicy J concert. When the Tennessee rapper got ready to perform his infamous ratchet anthem, “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” he called the 20-year-old former Disney star on stage. Miley happily obliged, strutting across the stage rocking a leather bustier top and black and white pinstriped pants. Without missing a beat (or a step), little Miley went right into her beloved twerk routine.

We don’t know who taught Miley how to twerk, but she’s strangely good at it. I’d love to hear her father’s opinion on all of this. I can’t imagine seeing his baby girl “bustin’ it wide open” on stage at the rap concert of a 38-year-old man is sitting too well with him. Juicy J, however, appears to have thoroughly enjoyed Miley’s little routine. He took to his Twitter and Instagram pages to share a photo of Miley breaking it down on stage as money fell from the sky.


Source: Instagram

Even Shaq had to ask: “Is that little Miley Cyrus?” A question to which Juicy proudly responded: “Yes.”

Why Hannah Montana? Why?

Turn the page to witness the madness for yourself.

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  • kellie

    As Charlamagne Tha God once said, Miley must be breakin’ Billy’s “achey breaky heart.”

  • c_nc

    Um, don’t you need to have some booty to twerk? All I saw was a lot of back bending and trying real hard – but not getting it Lol
    I have nothing against twerking when it’s done right it’s amazing and requires a lot of skill so not everyone can do it.

  • Ohgoodness

    “Twerking” is actually a traditional African dance. Theres nothing “ratchet” about it until women start “twerking” to degrading music like this tramp.

  • Dani

    I don’t like this whole twerking crap. But she at a freaking concert!!! I guess she should’ve just stood there and look like a statue. And on top of that its a twerk song and she’s over 18 so her father may not be so proud about it but there isn’t anything he can really do about it because she’s an adult in America’s laws

  • scandalous7

    Mona Scott Young , I have found you another cast member!!!

  • Lex

    Lotta mad goin on, let the girl be 20, damn.

  • SexNdaCity

    It’s gross to me how excited Juicy J seems to be about this. Miley need to calm her self down. Tasteless…

  • anothachika

    Oh Lawd, yes come git cha lil gurl. …And she at Juicy J’s concert too?. UHH NO.

  • Mina

    lol She is just having fun. She is no longer a Disney teen star. You can’t tell me that most 19-23 year olds or older don’t go through this phase of not caring and having the time of their lives. Live it up Miley. Please, people act as if they are all goodie goodie.

  • appassionata

    Can anyone name one female Disney star who doesn’t start dressing like a tramp as soon as she turns 18? It seems that something happens to these girls’ minds. The little bit that we can see from the outside would discourage me from allowing my child to go into the entertainment business.

    • Trevonna

      Raven Symone, Keke Palmer, Tia and Tamara. Pretty much all the black ones

      • wow

        Funny how people forget right? smh.

      • appassionata

        Thank you. That is encouraging. Perhaps their parents should get together and write a book.

  • Bunnij

    I doubt her father cares he introduced her to a underwear model and she dated him when he was 20 years old and she was 15 years old and still know as Hannah Montana his name was
    Justin Gaston look it up. Trini Trent TV just did a whole video and broke down this poor chile

  • Chassie

    Miley, please have a seat with the rest of the people who think this is cute. Funny how the media jumped all over twerking when its spokesperson became white. Interviews, commercials, viral videos. I guess its all fun and games till a black girl does it. Then it defines the person.

    • Leigh

      Well said Chassie. Well said.

  • Barbara Codner

    SMDH…. She needs to chill. Her behavior already cost her a ring.

  • Tracy Rucker-boykin

    Hanna Montana left the building a long time ago–get use to it

  • Mega Mills

    Like watching a train wreck. Oh well she’s discoverying herself..publically unfortunately

  • AncientSpiritNewDay

    She ratchet.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I don’t know why I’m really loving this rachet version of Miley Cyrus lol . . .

  • get real

    To whoever wrote this article, are you crazy in saying this girl “was good at it’? Lol. It was horrible to me. And Juicy J knows better then to say she was good at it. One website broke down some of her lyrics were she was talking “Molly” and doing “lines in the bathroom”.

    • guest

      That’s what I was thinking but when a white chick does something sistas do it’s always supposed to be extra special. LOL!

  • AnonyChick

    According to Charlamagne tha God, Miley “wanna be ratchet p***y so bad.” lol Whatever that means. It doesn’t offend me though.

    • kaf

      lol I laughed so hard at that interview when he said that, i see what he meant lol

  • PleaseDOBetter

    I don’t think this article meant to come off like this, but it seems as if the tone of this article is that it is acceptable for Black girls/women to twerk, but it is not acceptable for White girls/women to do it…as if it is a Black “thing”. No one should be doing it, ESPECIALLY Black girls/women.

    • Im Just Saying

      I think the bigger point that the article is making is that Miley is only 20 and a Disney child star and Juicy is damn near 40. I believe KeKe Palmer p***y popping on stage would’ve received the same response. It just looks bad.

  • pickneychile

    Idk Miley, I just don’t know.