No New Fans: Reality TV Show Characters We Thought We Liked

June 10, 2013 ‐ By Meg Butler
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Reality shows let us get a behind the scenes look at the lifestyles of the movers and shakers in the industry. But we don’t always like what we see. Sometimes the more we get to know about these “celebrities,” the less we like them. Can you relate when it comes to these “characters”?

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  • silver19

    Not sure about Phaedra being “viciously jealous of Kenya Moore.” Not only did she firmly ask Kenya not to communicate w/ her husband when she wasn’t present, she also publicly made it clear that both Apollo and Kenya were out of line. That’s not jealousy; that’s demanding respect. Calling Kenya names isn’t appropriate, but that seemed to come after her demand was continually ignored.

  • randomtandem

    I dont know who ANY of these people are, and I’m Glad! (Except Joe Budden and Mona Scott Young)

  • realadulttalk

    I don’t understand people defending Erica. No I don’t agree that the scene with Momma Dee is the reason to not like her, but come on!! She messed with and had a child with Scrappy!!! Hello!!! Does no one see what I see?? She wants to be better than Shay…she’s not. If she was worth her weight in poop she’d never have gotten with dude and surely have left him alone shortly thereafter.

    • Rosebudd

      THANK YOU not only that though, what GROWN WOMAN and MOTHER tries to fight the grandmother of her own child. WHERE THEY DO THIS AT oh yeah atl smh

  • Kellie

    And what about Kirk telling Rasheeda to get an abortion? THAT was bad. I’m pretty much down for the list except for Mona. There’s a whole bunch of white ratchet TV, too. (Honey Boo Boo, JerseyLicious, Breaking Amish, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Mob Wives, Real HouseWives of [Insert White People], Jersey Shore etc) The nature of most reality TV is ratchet, regardless of race. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. I don’t. Anyone who judges a group of people based on TV are ignorant anyway.

  • c_nc

    Erica said that they cut out the part where Mama Dee called her a b!tch at her own dinner table. That’s what caused her to spazz out, on top of the years of disrespect. And da m n, I don’t blame her!!

  • Me

    Kirk is just faking so they can stay on the show cuz he and rasheeda has no storyline! I think it’s sad they r doin that for temporary money. That unborn chid will c that one day on how he was telling her to get an abortion (acting like a baby daddy and not a husband). He better explain that it was fake all for show so they can get money. But if he really felt that way ( I highly doubt it cuz he is soft) then poor rasheeda

    • Kellie

      that actually makes so much more sense…

    • realadulttalk

      I said the same exact thing!!! This is all too convenient for the couple no one wanted to see come back.

  • Karen Bolick

    Tami Roman could sit on the left side of Jesus and I wouldnt excuse her past behavior, she is pure evil with a new PR firm! She was that way on the Real World and the welfare line didnt change her! So I truly hope she ends up back there with her diet pills, bullshit book and multiple excuses for why she is so messy and shady!

  • Superfox Mackin

    Y’all can speak for y’all self about Erica. I love Erica even more now! It’s that Momma Dee, crazy bats**t ole’ loon face creature that I don’t like. Erica looked good in them pics but hey to each their own.

  • dee

    What happened to Kris Jenner or mayb we alredy hate her and Evelyn , Stevie J and Shaunie Oneal if your gonna get Mona Scott smh

  • ImSomebodyToo

    Kirk is a Jerk!

  • amberfierce

    Kirk is a selfish mess. Who speaks to their wife that way??

    • bigdawgman

      I pray that’s just an act they’re doing to keep them relevant. If not, she needs to go upside his head for that bullisht! And his dumb*ss talkin’ about pulling out! I almost died when Benzo told him, it’s 2013, who’s still doing the pull out?!?

  • realraw

    Reality TV is how people act. Mona did not set the race back this is our people in real raw. Every body knows how we really do it. You can not make some of this here stuff up it is REAL REALITY TV. That’s why we love it or hate it. Don’t even talk about taking away my Reality TV.

  • more

    Kirk is COLD BLOODED ! How can u marry a women and a soon as she gets pregnant a second time u ask her for an abortion ON NATIONAL TV!! RASHEEDA OICK UP UR SELF ESTEEM AND LEAVE THIS FOOL !

  • Malik Brooks

    is that a humpty dumpty mask Olivia got on?

  • kandikane7150

    I’m still team Walter. All of the events that he showed up to, he was INVITED to. Peter even said that he liked Walter and that Walter was invited to any event that Peter was hosting. I can’t see Walter crashing all of those events and some with a date.

  • cryssi

    Fully disagree with the Erica tab.

    Partially disagree with the Phaedra one, only because I think she is shady but Cynthia did way more two faced action than she.

  • RenJennM

    K. Michelle, Joe Budden, and Kenya Moore might all be looney, but they are funny as hell.

    I agree with most of the others though, except Ariane and Tami. I always liked Tami, and she was f***ed up for picking on that girl, but at least she was woman enough to admit it. And with Ariane, I probably like her more now this season than I did last season.

  • mlw1924

    kirk frost gay a@@ made his Wife look worst than any of those women could ever do on the show. He disrespected her totally, had noregaurds for her feelings, n should be just talked abt for being an a@@hole towards his pregant wife. Gosh he made me so mad..

  • JazzyJazzyJay

    Let’s not forget that Kirk told his wife to get an abortion. That’s not a man at all. No way he would have walked out of that room without a limp if I were Rasheeda.

  • Rebecca

    That has to be the worst photo of Olivia.

    • mlw1924

      ikr,her nose looks huge..

    • dddooonnnttt

      She look like Madea.

  • very_ opinionated

    I love Erica she is a fan favorite…..Kenya was fun to laugh at…..i can’t stand k. Michelle she needs to shut her mouth asap

    • Na Na

      Yes I love Erica!

  • toya

    I’m sorry but I agree 100% with Ariane’s last sentence..

    • mlw1924

      smh, a real man wouldn’t touch a women, he would walk away..

      • Blueberry01

        I don’t condone domestic violence in any way, but I DO know of some females that provoke (and even sometimes HIT) men because they believe that a man won’t hit them back. I’ve always wondered what is a man supposed to do in a situation when he can’t walk away because they girl is all in his waving her hands all in his face, throwing things at him, or hitting him?

        I’m not sure if I know the answer but it’s so easy to say “walk away” when you’re not the one being provoked….

        • bigdawgman

          Unless she’s waaay bigger, you can always restrain her and dip out. And it would only take one time for her to be throwing things or hitting me for me to leave, permanently! Ain’t nothing worth putting up with a crazy woman!

      • IllyPhilly

        Puleeze! As I’ve been told, “There’s a reason to kick an old man down a flight of stairs, just don’t do it.” That’ has nothing to do with being a real man or woman.

    • bigdawgman

      No way! Ariane lost a whooole lotta cool points with me. She needs to be educated on domestic violence.

  • SMDH!

    Oh goodness, Ariane, it’s called Pasties or an undershirt. Their both cheap. Get some! Smh, you can’t un-see things….

    • ImSomebodyToo

      Ariane is boring and why is she on tv?

  • Ak

    Confused about the Erica one. Scrappy was not a saint

    • mlw1924

      scrappy is a boy n erica set herself up for tht fail..

    • Miss Truth Hurts

      Oh so people mad at Erica for that dinner with Mama Dee nim? First of all she didnt hit, or try to hit, Mama Dee. She did push Scrappy tho. I also don’t know too many sane women that would let someone have constantly disrespect them & then tried it again in THEIR home at THEIR dinner table. Scrapy is an illiterate dummy with his own made-up vocabulary. That n*gga is 30 and speaks & acts the way he does. Also, he is very stupid & disloyal man. He’s also a BUM, this the type of dude that barely makes money & when he does he f*cks it all off on dumb sh**t like jewelry & strip clubs. All while he has his cell phone bill & cable TV account in his women names, and no home of his own. Always crashing with a neighborhood “smash” after his baby mama kicks him out. He does nothing but USE & dog women and as of now I dont feel too bad about how Diamond did him. She used his dumb a$$ to get “on” and dropped him as soon as she did. Sorta the way he did both Erica & Shay’s wh0re a$$$.

      • Miss Truth Hurts

        and thats a horrible photo of Arian, btw. She is a pretty girl, her makeup artist played her that day…*smh* Olivia look horrible as usual, lookin like MADeah with those glasses on & sh*t LMAO!

    • rosebudd

      So erica gets a pass for trying to fight scrappy mama, what world yall living