‘My Parents Have Done A Number On Me:’ Wendy Williams Admits She’s Still Haunted By The Way Her Family Obsessed Over Her Weight As A Child

June 6, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Despite her rough exterior, media maven Wendy Williams also has a softer side— a side that new fans will be introduced to and longtime fans will be reacquainted with in her new book, Ask Wendy. Although she’s always been pretty open about her struggles weight loss, she rarely ever lets her guard down long enough to explain the impact that being overweight had and still has on her self-image. In an interview with The Grio’s Chris Witherspoon, Wendy revealed that in addition to being an obese child, the way her parents obsessed over her weight and subjected her to weekly weigh-ins, haunted her well into adulthood.

“Each time I tell that story, I feel further and further removed from the emotions that used to choke me. You know, with their weighing and with their obsession with my weight and ulitmately speaking, my obsession with my weight.”

“I could lie to you and tell you that I’m fine with the way that I am right now, but the fact is my parents have done a number on me,” the self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media” confessed. “And that number will forever have me pinching an inch and checking in the mirror and obsessing over calories for the rest of my life.”

“I’ve been on a diet every single day of my life because of what they did to me and what the world made me believe about myself. In addition to what goes on the household about weight, there are magazines and airbrushing. I can admit my weight situation. I have breast implants, I’ve had liposuction, more than a few times. I do count my calories. I don’t obsess about my weight, but it’s in the top five things that drives me daily in the choices that I make,” Williams continued.

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  • amirbey

    Wendy is full of sh**

  • kierah

    We have to be so careful about how we speak to and treat our children. What can be an innocent comment to the speaker may stay with a child forever. Instead of weigh-ins or singling out a child, how about serving healthy food and buying nutritious snacks for the whole family?

  • Skinny Minnie

    This works both ways. On the flip side of the coin my grandmother feeds my insecurities over being too THIN! My bmi is correct for my height but she insists i will “end up in hospital if i dnt put some meat on my bones”! from a young age she was always prodding my collar bone telling me i need to eat. I now have a skinny complex and am determined to be more curvy.Friends tell me i have enough junk in my trunk have a nice figure and dnt need to gain but i wont hear of it. my grandma is one of three people whom i have encountered in my life who said horrible things about my weight. Two were college girls, I note that all three were overweight and disproportioned so maybe it was projection on their part. either way their comments have fueled an obsession with my weight. I am a regular subscriber of buffie the body trying to get tips and tricks on how to gain curves. I never say anything negative about other peoples appearance because I know how one flippant comment can have an affect on somebody. People need to keep their negativity to themselves!

  • Honestly

    Explains a lot.

  • Kaila P

    No wonder she’s such a meanie to others, she’s projecting her issues unto others. It saddens me I hope she acan make some progress spiritually with being alright with herself

  • Kaila P

    No wonder she’s such a meanie to others, she’s projecting her issues unto others. It saddens me I hope she acan make some progress spiritually with being alright with herself

  • Kisha Jones

    I totally get her my grandmother had an obsession of weight and ever since my mom lost all her weight many years ago so has she. It was the cause of my insecurities. Now i have lost a lost a weight and am healthy but i have also accepted my size 9 and i accepted that i will probably never be a size two and I’m cool with that.