Were They Actors Or Trying To Have A Singing Career?

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These celebs are not just known for acting in some of our favorite shows but they also made it known that they have a passion for singing. Secretly, we think these actors wanted a singing career outside of acting. Fortunately, for many of them, they could actually sing and are now known as a singer. For others, well, I guess it was just pipe dreams.

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Darius McCrary

Darius, also known as Eddie Winslow from “Family Matters,” tried his hand at singing. The episode with Tracie Spencer  is when we all learned that Eddie had some skills singing “Tender Kisses,”  but we can’t imagine him as an actual singer, which may be why that effort never actually went anywhere. Guess he just wanted to see what would happen.


Countess Vaughn

Ms. Countess Vaughn can actually sing her behind off. We knew she could sing when she played in Moesha. Even for her own show, she sang the intro song and in episodes as part of the group, Freestyle Unity. We’re not sure why Countess isn’t a bigger star but she definitely had potential.

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Tichina Arnold

Tichina Arnold sings in almost every role she’s ever had. She does a very good job at it might we add. She was in Little Shop of Horror as one of the singers and in the sitcom, “Martin,” as Pam singing alongside her longtime best friend Tisha Campbell-Martin.



Tisha Campbell- Martin

Tisha Campbell-Martin is just like her friend Tichina Arnold, always singing. Tisha tried her hand as a singer when she released  a single called, “Push.” However, we’re not sure how well that went. She can definitely sing but she did better as an actress. We won’t deny her skills but we can’t imagine not having her in shows like, “Martin” and “My Wife and Kids.”

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T.C. Carson

T.C. Carson, also known as Kyle Barker in “Living Single,” seemed to have a passion for singing jazz music. And he wasn’t bad, we just always found the faces he made while singing and his scatting a little comical. It made the show interesting though, in addition to seeing Queen Latifah trying to sing.

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Lori Beth Denberg

Lydia Liza Gutman added an interesting element when she joined the cast of “The Steve Harvey Show.” She always wanted to sing, whether it was a Jewish ceremony song or hip-hop. We don’t know whatever happened to Lori but it’s clear that both acting and singing careers were pipe dreams.

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Tatyana Ali

It was no surprise that little Ashley Banks would try to become a singer. We guess being around Will Smith rubbed off on her. She actually can sing, unlike some other people, and we think she could of been a solo artist. She had the look, the voice and we’re sure she would of had the following. Maybe she made that decision to stick to acting. Either way, she’s good at both.

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Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is probably one of the biggest actors turned singer. When he sung on  “The Jamie Foxx Show,” our hearts melted. We all knew he had the skills to make it and perhaps he was looking for a solo career all along. Jamie is an award-winning singer and actor, not to mention his skills on the piano. Watch out for this man!

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Kim Zolciak

This was just foolery to put on the list but who was Kim Zolciak fooling? She signed on to play a character role and she’s trying to convince Kandi to give her a record deal and make her songs for free. She just needed to kick back and play her role as a wife and mother. Tardy for the party was a ridiculous song and the bottom line is she cannot sing.


Tamera Mowry

In the show, “Sister, Sister,” Tamera wanted the world to know that she was the twin who could sing. No one will ever forget when she sang “I’m going down” in one of the episodes. Tamera can sing but she knows her career has more potential as an actress. We think it would of been cute if she and Tia tried to sing together though.

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Jason Weaver

Back in the day, Jason Weaver was cute and when we found out he could sing, it made him that much cuter. Nowadays, we aren’t sure what’s going on with him. Both his acting and singing career fell apart. We wouldn’t mind a comeback though.

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KeKe Palmer

KeKe Palmer has grown up to be a beautiful young lady. Not only is she a good actress but she can also carry a tune, as we found out when she sang in her Disney show, “True Jackson, VP.”  Keke is now known as a actress/singer so look out for her because she has the skills and the work ethic to make all of her dreams come true.

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Demetria Mckinney

Anyone who plays in a Tyler Perry movie or TV show can sing and Demetria is no different. We didn’t know she could sing at first because the rest of the cast in “House of Paynes” never sung. But from time to time, Demetria would sing a few church songs and, of course, she has a nice voice. But we think we like her more as an actress.

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Phylicia Rashad

Phylicia Rashad is super talented and we loved her role in “The Cosby Show.” Of course, she also showed the world she was an equally talented singer when she made the move to Broadway and picked up a Tony along the way. She proved you really can do it all.

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  • Mia Pitts

    Who wrote this? Fine example of irresponsible immature journalism.

  • Ced Johnson

    Fact Check Tia and Tamara were actually in a singing group called voices long before sister. They left the group to focus on acting.

  • Wildcard32

    Tatyana Ali Had an album in the 90’s(bought it, loved it). Tia and Tamera both can sing, they also had a group when they were younger called “Voices” It was them and two other girls.


    As it happens, Jason Weaver got a few minutes in the spotlight for featuring on Chingy’s 2005 hit “One call Away”, which also was omitted in your write-up. Though he sang his face off, which could only really be heard on the album version of the track, he never capitalized on that success with his own music, that I’m aware.


    Tatyana had a hit song at the end of the ’90’s entitled “All Day Long” that you should’ve included in her write-up. Not only was it On Smash, it beautifully showcased her vocal abilities.


    Tatyana Ali
    Tatyana Ali

  • CoCo

    FYI Phylicia Rashad had an album in the 70s before The Cosby show ever came about. It was under her maiden name Phylicia Allen. Normally I love this site but this article is full of misinformation about a lot of people. Someone didn’t do their research…

    • Mia Pitts

      Sorry I even wasted my time reading this

  • Lavonya Jones

    Tia and Tamera were in a singing group as kids named “Voices”. They had a single called Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I loved that group. I wore that album out! It can be found on YouTube.

  • Garfield Jones

    What about Jodie Resther? The girl can do it all!!!

    • Mia Pitts


  • Shae Walters

    Seriously? Stop saying “would of,” “should of,” and “could of.” It’s would’ve, should’ve, and could’ve. Those are contractions for would HAVE, should HAVE, and could HAVE. If you’re going to do this blog or journalism thing, get it right. Madame Noire needs to hold itself to a higher standard. If you’re going to offer something to black women, make it quality. And this rant is not just from the mistakes on this particular “story.” Madame Noire is so replete with errors that it’s embarrassing. Sometimes I just exit my browser in disgust. I do come back because I think the content is interesting. But that’s like a beautiful girl with the worst attitude. It looks nice, but it’s really a mess. Please get it together.

    • MsT-mac

      That bugged the hell out of me too. It’s basic third grade English.

    • Mia Pitts


  • SpeakMyMind2011

    Countess Vaughn decided that she did not want a singing career. I heard her say on an interview that she is a homebody, and that singing requires being on the road too much. She has two or three children, and I guess she wants to be at home with them. But that girl could S-I-N-G!!! Oh my goodness! I dvr the episodes of Moesha where she is singing. My favorite one is where she sings with LeeAnn Rimes (episode: omigod! fanatic) and she outsings LeeAnn on LeeAnn’s own song! I loved hearing Countess sing…she was always my favorite character on Moesha also. When she left the show, I stopped watching.

  • Greg Williams

    to me, this list begins and ends with tichina. that lady can blow. she and tisha did a strong cover of ‘dont ask my neighbors’ which can be found on youtube. both are maybe the strongest singers on this list; i like tichina’s deeper sound better. tatiana ali had a single out yrs ago, produced i believe by will smith. cannot remember what it was called but it was okay, her vocals are nothing special. she recently appeared on some talk show and has now graduated from yale or another ivy league school! jamie foxx is the only other that stands out. good singer. first found that out when he appeared at 92.3 the beat summer jam back in the 90’s we wondered wth he was doing coming on stage at a concert. he sat at electric piano and cracked jokes then suprised everyone with his singing ability. still, his talent will be wasted w/o good material

  • Whats Happening

    Brandy was on Thea before she became a singer…and Jason Weaver was on Chingy’s song “One Call Away”…and he was in the video

  • Whats Happening

    Brandt was on Thea before she became a singer…and Jason Weaver was on Chingy’s song “One Call Away”…and he was in the video

  • De

    Jamie Foxx had an album out well before the show.

  • therealnumber1

    Tatyana Ali actualy did have a song out as someone already posted on here. And before she became an actress she was on star search singing as a little girl.

    • Ced Johnson

      I don’t remember her being on star search. But she was on sesame st.

  • kierah

    Don’t you remember Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold as the chorus singers in the movie Little Shop of Horrors?

  • Nic

    Smfh @ whomever put Kim on this list. She is not an actress or even a singer.

  • mdoubs

    Kim Zolthing is not an actress, why is she on this list?


    Countess Vaughn can SAAAANG! So can Tisha and Tichina. Tia and Tamera can sing too. There voices complement each other. I love when they sing together. I don’t remember Keke Palmer singing, I remember Tatyana (sp?) singing but I don’t remember what her voice sound like.

  • lashon123

    check out Jason weaver-love ambition, that song old but its a great song

  • dee

    Tatyana Ali had a song called Daydreaming back in the late 90s

    • Raimi Nicte

      it was a whole album. I remember because someone bought it for me for Christmas. it wasn’t good

  • Rai

    A lot of actors and actresses, at least the ones who started in the theater, can sing. I would make the generalization that most can, at the very least, carry a tune.

  • Phoenix

    Jason Weaver had an album out before he played on Smart Guy, the album was pretty nice.

    • rainydaze80

      And he played Michael Jackson in the movie The Jacksons: An American Dream. I think he was also the singing voice of Simba in the Lion King.

  • rita


    • Trollmaster General

      She sang Amazing Grace on the Steve Harvey Show

      • MsT-mac

        She has a very good voice. Unfortunately, the music business is all about the “total package,” which is the way they deny careers to singers who aren’t aesthetic enough for the masses. For lovers of music, that’s really too bad.

  • toya

    FYI Tamera & Tia DID sing together, they did “Come See About Me” on an ep of ‘Sister, Sister’, and they also sang in a group with Diavian and backup for Roger, proper research helps..

    • Raimi Nicte

      right! definitely agree with u on the research note. Tia was also recently in a tv movie musical called the mistletones

    • kierah

      Tamera and Tia were in a singing group called Voices.

  • alex

    Demetria sung in Meet the Browns, the play….

  • Nick

    All of them can sing, but not Kim.
    You forgot Tia twin she can sing to.

    • Nick

      I mean Tamera twin

  • Grammarsnob

    Let’s talk grammar: it’s would’ve (would have) and could’ve (could have) and not ‘would of’ and ‘should of’ as it’s written on Page 8 for Tatyana Ali. That’s just basic english.

  • dingo_egret

    Countess Vaughn was actually a contestant on Star Search as a singer long before being on TV. Check you facts.

    • sweetlove

      After Star Search she got her acting start on 227 and was singing way back then she has an awesome voice.

      • Ced Johnson

        She actually had a CD out that didn’t go anywhere.

  • Kourtney

    True Jackson VP was on Nick not Disney. Just a heads up MN.