Benzino Quits ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ After Being Called Out By Stevie J: ‘My B**** Made You Famous Enough’

June 6, 2013  |  
Source: Twitter

I’m not really sure what kind of response Benzino was expecting when he released his ridiculous diss track about Joseline Hernandez titled, “Smashed Da Homie,” but it definitely wasn’t the one that he received. Yesterday Stevie J took to his Twitter page to blast his former friend for disrespecting his lady and as to be expected, his response was pretty harsh.

After being verbally assaulted by his former friend, Benzino announced via his Twitter page he will be quitting Love & Hip Hop Atlanta because he values his friendships more than he does his slot on the show, but not before getting into verbal cat fight with Stevie.

This entire situation is a hot mess.

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  • mlw1924


  • J Mc

    I know Twitter only allows 140 characters but it’s YOU’RE not YOUR, lol. I know it isn’t about grammar but I can’t help it lol!

  • Sedrick Roeshard Gilbert

    What is a mess, and shameful, is the lack of any type of positive morals and value, not to mention the horrendous lack of mature conversational skills, poor grammar and awful spelling. The entire show is a disgrace, and the participants are nothing more than vulgar clowns acting like ignorant buffoons.

    • mlw1924

      lol, tell us how you really feel..

    • A.L.

      Thank you! My thoughts exactly. Now I see why so many black men don’t want black women, all the women on the show are so vulgar and violent, but when you see how their mothers act, it makes you realize why they behave that way. They’re always talking about God, yet they are so foul talking when they get upset and resort to physical violence. I don’t understand why they call their husbands or boyfriends b****** all the time. Please tell me not all black women behave this way! They’re such beautiful women, too, so sad. I felt sorry for the pregnant one that has been cheated on by her husband, up until I saw her behave the way she did when she began yelling and calling her husband a b**** and throwing his clothes outside. They act like animals. Lastly, didn’t they teach us the difference between your and you’re in elementary school? Wow

    • Mrs Bernie Madoff

      very well put Sedrick Roeshard Gilbert, I agree with you 100%, they set us black people back 400 years. But I must say, its like a train wreck, you just cant look away….lol….a mom

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    The thing that blows me is Benzino claiming that he has a career… ur career was on life support and it was flatlined when Eminem kilt it in 2000 on the Marshall Mathers LP, sit down you no neck having loser! At least Stevie J has made hits and has shown that he’s talented… and a wh0r3 but still, he’s got talent. What you got? Karlie?

    • realadulttalk

      I think that last tweet by Stevie was a subliminal jab at that…notice how “Em” is capitalized in the sentence. Lol

      • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

        I guess he hoped people forgot about that part of his ‘career’ as a ‘rap artist’…

    • lvb

      Up until he started dating Karlie, he was just playing relationship expert to Steve and all his women. Which is funny because Benzino is the one trying so hard to find a wife, at 50 yrs old. So Karlie was right when she said that Benzino dating her, made him relevant again! But for that relationship, Benzino’s time on that show might have been shorter.

      • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

        Mona needs to give him a pink slip, thank him for his services, and tell him tactfully that they are no longer needed.

  • jferthefab

    who is censoring this? How y’all post N***as and fa***t but not bi****s and p***y. SMH.

  • Fan

    The way Stevie J has treated women is going to bite him in the butt via Joseline Hernandez.
    He can’t stay out of the bed long enough to see the Joseline is doing to him how he treated Mimi and other ladies. Benzino should not have made the video and stup to the level of

  • Mrs. A

    A bunch of clowns fighting over a stripper…. Really is this what the world has come too!?! They are both old and washed up if you ask me.

  • IllyPhilly

    Bwhahaha, they sound like 8th graders! “Y’all fiends, that’s why her nose be sweatin'” made me die asap!

    • Reese

      Stevie and Joseline both look like cokeheads. Stevie definitely is suffering from Bobby Brown jaw.

      • Tee Elyse

        DEAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDD @ Bobby Brown jaw!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tee Elyse

        LMAOOOOOOOOOO! Listen, I will not do this today!! I got work to do!! *Closes Firefox down*

      • dyshr

        Ohg!!! Thats sum funny sh-t

    • ognapolean

      As soon as I read that, I immediately believed it. My first thought was “Coke? Okay. That explains a lot.” And, I’m lovin the comment about the “Bobby Brown Jaw”!!!

  • Why

    Why block b****es but not f****t? Both are really derogatory terms.

  • Jacqueline Battle

    Well since Stevie is mad with Benzino what about his so called women, if Benizo got it she gave it to him.

    • Almond E Brown


    • lvb

      So Karlie was right lol about them!

  • Denniqua


  • Leslie Rene Anderson

    bye beyotch..

  • CKB

    I just think it’s interesting that Stevie will talk about his lady being disrespected , when he constantly shows no respect for the women who are unfortunate to be in his life.