Taboo Relationships You’ll Probably Engage In Eventually

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You don’t have a dirty mind, or a weak constitution, or loose morals: you simply find the forbidden so tempting, just like the rest of us. And if you’re on the single scene long enough, you’re bound to engage in at least a few of these forbidden types of love.

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It could be as close as a stepsibling, or a cousin by marriage, or an awkwardly young step-uncle. But, sharing so many similar experiences as pseudo-family does, you can’t help but feel a special bond with a certain attractive non-blood relative at some point.



CEO’s aren’t just antique men, nearly on their deathbed, smoking cigars with their golf buddies these days. Young entrepreneurs and fresh-out-of-college start-up founders are everywhere now. You may find your “authority figure” at your new job likes Smirnoff Ice, American Apparel deep v’s and a good weekend in Vegas just like you do. Oh yeah, and he’s cute.


Similar to family, co-workers endure much of the same stress, share many similar experiences and overall have a similar lifestyle. This inevitably forms a special bond that can feel like sexual or romantic attraction.



A neighbor

Simply being exposed to someone repeatedly can play a trick on your mind, making you feel attracted to that person. And the fact that your neighbor is just down the hall or street, so accessible when you’re feeling, um, playful, can make this type of taboo love become hot and heavy fast. But your feelings can be confusing: is it proximity or compatibility that’s keeping things together?



A taken man

You’ll tell yourself you’re not doing anything wrong because you’re not the one sending him flirty texts, and you haven’t professed any attraction to him, and you certainly haven’t made any physical contact. But, if a taken man is making passes at you and you’re not actively stifling them, you are engaging in some sort of emotional affair.



Much older/much younger man

All your friends see it: you’re clearly just a plaything to the gray-haired, yacht-owning fox who has been taking you away for luxurious weekends. Or, the barely-out-of-college, hard-bodied cutie you’re partying with is just a toy to you! But, it’s so fun, you’ll lie to yourself and say it’s love for a little while.


Religiously committed

Either his family would disown him should he marry a woman outside their religion, or keeping up the religious tradition via marriage/the bloodstream is genuinely important to him—more important than being with “the one.” Either way, you’ll engage in a hot fling with a guy who things really can’t go anywhere serious with due to his religious background.



It happens all the time at universities: college professors tend to be a little more liberal by nature than professionals in other lines of work. Add to that the allure of someone you share intellectual conversations with, and who looks to you as a mentor, and teachers can’t help but be turned on by a student at some time. And what student doesn’t want to be the one chosen by the teacher?




A lawyer is almost like a therapist—out of necessity, you tell him every last detail of your life. You’ll instantly feel bonded to him for this reason, and, should he like the details of your life, he may develop feelings for you. Get a new lawyer, and get it on.



A friend’s ex

If your friend dated a guy for a long time, you were inevitably around him often and the two of you got to know each other. Add to that that, you and your particular friend are friends because you have similar values, likes and dislikes. It’s normal you’d be attracted to the same man.



An ex’s friend

Just reverse the last scenario on this list, and you have the same dynamics. You can bet one of your ex’s buddies was eyeing you the entire relationship, thinking of all the ways he’d treat you better. And, face it, men are a little more shameless when it comes to going after women. They’ll go after it if they think they have the slightest chance—even if it could ruin a friendship.



The renowned jerk

Everyone knows he is a player/doesn’t respect women/thinks he is God’s gift to the earth etc. Nobody likes him. But you—well, you yearn for him. And there’s something hot about dating the bad boy.



Strictly sexual

Your friends tell you it won’t last, that you have nothing in common, that a relationship can’t subsist on sex alone, but you can’t help it: the sex is so good, it makes up for the fact you have nothing to talk about leading up to it, or after it. You’ll ride this one out (literally) as long as you can.



Your friend’s brother

Like the friend’s ex, you’re around the brother a lot. Odds are, you’ve been privy to some of his most important experiences/valuable moments/intimate secrets just by proximity, and he to you. And when you get to know someone that well, it’s hard not to fall in love at least a little.

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  • george

    The author judges others, by themselves.

  • Ishkabibble

    To my way of thinking, your “eventually” means nothing more than “if I haven’t done it by now I likely won’t.” Pointless, thus fine by today’s journalistic standards.


    cool list

  • BobBurg

    This list is too dumb for words. I quit part way through. The idea of “taboo” here is simply bizarre in some instances. And the idea that you’ll have a hot fling with a religious guy–well, read it and laugh at the contradictions.

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  • Ray C

    I see friend’s brother made the list but not brother’s friend. That being said, I don’t know how much I can “get down” with these list. I think the older/younger guy one is complete BS. If you want to enjoy the company of a younger or older man go for it. This whole idea of downing women who are into older guys is some BS that’s getting out of control. Overall this whole list has one problem. It assumes that think about where it’s going long-term every time. Sometimes you just have to live in the now.

  • Ouch*Dee*Thats*Bottom!

    That girl from the friends ex was RAATCHEET!!

  • Robert Jackson

    Well, did someone mention Interracial and I missed it…or isn’t that still considered “Taboo”?

    • alasia min

      that’s not taboo unless you’re family is racist. And who cares about what racist people see as taboo

  • What about men licking women’s feet?

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    most of these i can say i have done in some way… but idk if i would consider it taboo…

  • kiki j

    Idk i actually agreed with the list. Though I’ve also dated a boss, Crushed on my exes bff, I’m engaged to my bffs brother now and he used to be what you referred to as a jerk. And I had the biggest crush on my used to be step brother. Never got into any of my friends boyfriends though. Not my thing. Definitely had sex partners that I’d never date or expect a stimulating conversation from. Maybe this list isn’t really taboo….or maybe im worse than i thought lol.


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  • Amanda D. Browne

    This wasn’t a good list.

  • 1micmcna1

    I’m sorry but (and I’m usually not this downright harsh) I believe you need to reassess or at least look up again the definition of “Taboo.” Maybe only two or three of these relationships would actually fit into that category. The rest of them are simply normal relationships that people have. There was a time when a great many of people looked to their small circle for a date where: friends, siblings of friends, neighbors, coworkers and even those of other religions were sifted through for potential mates. None of that is taboo, as in people feel ashamed or dirty to talk about them. I’ll admit the first or second one (I forget which) was taboo, but most weren’t. Taboo would be the stuff of people falling in love with long lost siblings or close blood-related family members (as what happens often these days because of so many kids by so many different people), or dating a legitimate prostitute (male or female) or being in a committed relationship with more than one person and all involved know this, or being in a relationship with someone who is underage. Those are the types of things that people shy away from talking about. The list that you made was mostly one of just “risky” relationships. Hell nowadays with shows like Scandal and Mistresses even having an affair with a committed person is no longer taboo, but something like polygamy still is.

    • FromUR2UB

      There was a 14 click quota to make. Just be glad the moose in love with the statue of a moose, wasn’t included.

    • kiki j

      Wow, Considering their are so many fish in the sea I’d say the list fits under taboo