Did You Know That People Are Using Monistat 7 As A Hair Growth Agent?

June 3, 2013  |  

I don’t know how I became a member of a certain natural hair group on Facebook. It just sort of started appearing, about a month ago, in my newsfeed. At first I thought to myself, “Arrgghh…are these women really going to talk hair all damn day long?” But then I realized that the conversations around hair became interesting and very informative. For instance: Did you know that there are women using Monistat 7 for hair growth? Yes, the vaginal anti-fungal cream.

Yeah, I was just as taken aback as some of you who are reading this. Why would anyone put vag cream, used mostly to treat yeast infections, onto their scalp? Nothing about that correlation between yeast infection and glorious long hair sounds inviting. Now I know there are all sorts of weird concoctions we ladies come up with for our hair (I once got duped into putting some caramel-based “conditioning” creation on my hair before. It was not the business…), but this one just might take the yeast-filled cake. But apparently women have been doing this for a number of years; I’m just late to the party. From KinkyCurlyCoilyMe.com comes the tale of Kamilah from Philadelphia:

I started using Monistat 7 in April of this year and used it faithfully for about 2 months”.  She explains that she found out about using a anti-fungal vaginal cream for hair growth from bloggers. “I was very skeptical about using this in the beginning, when I first heard about using Monistat 7 there were only white people using it. Even on YouTube (YT) there were only white women making videos about it. I noticed that their hair looked greasy but the results were very noticeable. One day I stumbled upon a black woman on YT that had been using it for 3-4 months.  Her hair was relaxed and was having problems with her ends and was using the Monistat 7 to grow her hair faster so she cut trim her ends. I also found a video of a black man on YT that was using it to treat his receding hair line and his hair had grown back in.  When I saw that a man could get over the stigma, I knew that I could do it.”

I would like to hear from the very first woman, who looked at her yeast infection cream and thought, “hmm, you know what? My edges have been a little thin lately. I wonder…” – And then kept putting it on their scalp until she got results. But, as pointed out on many of the blogs and postings I have read about this topic, the active ingredient in Monsitat 7 (and many other over-the-counter vaginal creams for yeast infection) is miconazole nitrate, which is an anti-fungal agent that cures all sorts of fungal infections, including athlete’s foot, thrush, ringworm, jock itch, and of course yeast infections. And if you have a fungus on your scalp, using this cream could help to eliminate the infection, which might prohibit your hair from breaking off. However, that is a big if.

I have yet to see any information about doctors prescribing or recommending miconazole for the specific use of hair growth. In fact, I’m pretty sure it is not even FDA approved for that purpose. But besides that, some of you folks might not even have a fungal infection on your scalp, which means that you might be using it for nothing. Also, on the Monisat 7 website, it clearly states that the product is used for vaginal use only. It also notes that the use of the product, particularly the active ingredient miconazole nitrate, can have a negative reaction with certain drugs, particularly Warfarin, which is a drug used by patients at risk for stroke and blood clotting.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you stopped reading after the line, “Monistat 7 for hair growth.” Long hair is just NOT that serious. Do what you want, but be wise and at least consult with a dermatologist first. I mean, even if it is harmless, Monistat is only recommended for use up to seven days in a row, and some folks have been putting it on their scalps for months. That can’t be good…

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  • tracy

    I made the mistake of using Monistat 7 on my scalp undiluted and it broke off , damaged , destroyed my hair very badly. It took a year to recover. Somehow undiluted it changes the PH balance of your hair and closes the cuticles. I have 3c,3b, 4a hair all springy curly. It made my hair dry as the dessert and it snapped off brittle like straw pieces. And my scalp hurt.

  • Lokkin5

    What is the big deal meds CAN have multiple uses and actually the ppl it works for probably have/had some sort of persistent scalp fungus(not difficult and doesn’t mean you have poor hygiene) that the monistat is clearing up.. Healthy scalp = healthy hair

  • Reyna

    I’m like 6 years late but this does work. Not surprised at the comments though, Madamenoire literally has some of the most skeptical commenters lol It works wonders, but it’s just like anything else…some things work for some people and don’t work for others. Half of everybody commenting about OH MY GOSH YOU CAN’T PUT VAGINAL CREAM ON YOUR HAIR THAT’S UNSAFE AND STUPID are probably the same ones stuffing themselves with burgers, fries and fried chicken clogging up their arteries with grease and asking for a stroke in the future, or sleeping with several men with or without condoms not thinking about the consequences of an STI. Or they’re using waste trainers and stuff like that. I know that seems irrelevant but I guess the moral of this story is that we ALL do things to our bodies that are unsafe, ya’ll. Don’t knock something without trying it. Before monistat is “coochie cream” it’s anti-fungi cream. It really worked (for me) anyway.

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  • Kiki

    There is no miracle cure that will grow your hair that is what I have found. You just have to leave it alone, don’t use tight hairstyles at all and just keep it moisturised. Please be safe when trying new things I’m learning from my stupidity on pitying this thing on my head

  • Kiki

    Hi, I after reading numerous reviews like this decided to give Mobistar 7 a go. I had a traction alopecia on my temples and I had decided to see what it could do for me. 3 days into using it, I thought my hair was a bit more sparse than usual and a week later I finally accepted that it was making my hair fall out. The exact pattern that I put this cream on my head is the exact pattern that hair fell out of my head. I know most people are going to say it might have been something else but prior to using it I had not used a relaxer for 6 months I had been transitioning. I had not put stress on it and left my hair in its natural state as I wasn’t going out much and though I had traction alopecia, the affected hair was slowly growing back. But only when I started applying this to my head did my hair start falling out. It’s been 3 and a bit months now and my hair is slowly growing back (it continued falling out for ages and I’m not sure it had even stopped) and that is partly due to use of minoxidil that I got from the Belgravia centre but I just urge everyone to be careful. This is not made for your hair do not chance it. If your desperate get a wig and leave your actual head scalp alone.

  • naturallyvain

    @pickneychile it’s true my 16 year old cousin has never been able to grow hairr in the crown… Her edges would just break… Her grandma told her mom to use monist at for 4 years and she never did until last year… Now she’s 16 and she has edges.. Her mom stated putting it in her little sisters hairr and her hairr is growing like wild fire

  • Kloe Kariki

    Just take the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse Pills. . .they are all natural and work for me and all my girlfriends – You can find them online and read the reviews. Lady Soma is well known for their Candida Cleanse. . .you can take the pills as needed.

  • Teri blaze

    Doctors often use alternative methods others may think of as wierd. Yeast is yeast no matter where it is located and yes an inflammed itchy scalp ca n be caused by yeast. You can treat your hair with antidandruff shampoo and possibly have the same results. The bottom line is a healthy scalp grows hair. I remember seeing a doctor treat an infected open wound with table sugar. I thought it was just crazy at the time but it worked. Another doctor treated a boil with clorox water. Point is before we had the fda people were still finding alternative uses for things. Who would have thought preparation h could reduce puffy eyes.

  • Alisha Dixon

    I have to say this DOES work if you have TINEA VERSICOLOR!!!! It’s a fungal infection of the skin that many people battle their whole lives (including a lot of African-Americans) It causes dry, scaly, roundish patches that range from no-pigmentation white to deep, dark red/purple/brown spots. It looks a little like ringworm, but it’s not because it’s caused by your body producing too much yeast and not the same germs that cause ringwork or athletes foot.

    The spots show up EVERYWHERE (especially in sun/humidity) and it’s you have this on your body to any significant degree, I bet all the money in the world that it’s hurting your hair growth. USE this (including on your head/scalp) if you have a fungal skin infection or are prone to them but I would not use this if your skin if fine. Using anti-fungals when you don’t have a fungal infection can weaken and thin your skin…you may find your skin splits open for no reason if you put this ish on you and there is nothing wrong with you.

  • Scarlet

    Yes, it does work. I don’t know of anyone who uses it daily. Most use it 3 times a week. You put it on before you go to bed and wash out the next morning (or that’s what I do anyway). My hair grows slow, less than half an inch most months. I have over an inch growth in two weeks with the Monistat7. For me, that’s two to three months growth in just two weeks!

    I was very skeptical at first, too.

  • rainwater

    A lot of drugs are used off label does not mean it is a bad thing. There is a shampoo prescription called ketocanazole which does the same thing MN does i am sure using monistat for hair growth is an off label use and guess what it does work no need to look down on it if you have not tried it. Aldactone is a diuretic used for Blood pressure but guess what it works for controlling hormonal acne too so if anything it makes it a good thing. If you can put it in your vagina i see nothing wrong with putting it on your scalp and yes like everything else it does have side effects and might work for some and not others.

  • This is nothing new. I first heard about it’s ‘wonders’ about 5 years ago on a hair forum.

  • Duni1

    So…. I talked to a dermatologist. And she said… if you are the type to have dandruff and extreme itch, you can use it on your SCALP just not every day…. Like once a month and when your hair is at its dirtiest preferably. Just like some conditioners, you put it in, let it set for like 30mins, wash it out… It will help stave off the frequency of dandruff and scalp itch and start to do some repair, but overall a steady scalp treatment is necessary for those that have the mild to extreme itch. It doesn’t help growth though. Standardized maintenance of your hair does.
    Try avoid mixing and matching products. If you’re going to use a certain brand (regardless of texture) stick to it and use it regularly. Map it out if necessary.

  • kierah

    I wonder why Monistat in particular. There are other anti-fungals like Tinactin or even SeaBreeze.
    Why naturalistas would use this is beyond me when there are NATURAL antifungals like tea tree oil and coconut oil.

  • FromUR2UB

    And how does one stumble on this discovery?

  • SheBe

    I think they use it as a face primer too. One of the coochie creams; not sure which one though.

    • phoenix

      lol its not one of the coochie creams it’s the hydrocortizone cream lol and yes it works and well. I use it myself lol which is why I came to read this:)

  • Deebeezy

    It is not just an anti-fungal. It also allows the scalp to get more oxygen which also promotes hair growth. A lot of women have fungal issues on their scalp and don’t even know it. Most of the time it just looks like dry scalp or excess dandruff. There are plenty of over the counter products that have multiple uses kids! Calm down. If you can put it on your lady parts, believe me, its not going to do much damage to your scalp. With all the chemicals we put into our hair daily, NO ONE should be afraid of trying this (Turn your shampoo and conditioner over and look at the ingredients. I bet you can’t even say half of them!) Do your research on the active ingredients in Monistat and judge for yourself.

  • Barbara Codner

    This may work by killing the bacteria on the scalp and allowing the follicles to grow hair freely. As far as people making a big deal about it being for the vagina, give it a rest. It goes on your scalp not in your mouth.

  • SMHgurl24

    The only thing it does is kill the bacteria on the scalp. If you take care of your hair/scalp, there would be no use for this stuff.

  • dddooonnnttt

    If you’re willing to put something inside of your most delicate area with no fear putting it on your scalp isn’t that serious. That being said, I saw this and tried it. I don’t think it works. lol

    • scandalous7

      but you dont know the long term effects of doing this for months, years…monistat 7 is only intended for fixing a temporary problem for one thing, not a permanent solution for a completely different thing.

  • Candacey Doris

    The reason these women’s hair grew is because when they were putting that stuff on their scalp they were manipulating their hair as little as possible. They didn’t sue heat. They didn’t wear weaves. They let their hair grow as God intended! Patience would have done the same. White or black, constant heat and chemical concoctions does damage hair. You have to know how to take care of your hair and scalp.

    • Taijue BigApple Hardney

      Well guys it actually does work!!! You can also use A+D (baby rash) cream in your hair. Now ladies if you would use Monistat for your nookies for yeast infections why get on here and say silly things about it. Ok yes I never thought I’d try the formula but I just started 6/1/2012 and my hair is growing. Not only is it growing but my hair has a smooth and shiny texture to it. You all are talking as if you ONLY use the Monistat alone. NO!! You mix it with Growth Oil and Hair Grease!! If your hair begins to break suddenly I know most of you will pull up the net to find out how to mix it and start using it on your hair as well! By the way…my hair isn’t growing on a regular daily basis…its growing 2X faster

    • naturallyvain

      Nah…. I know several people who have been patient my cousin got her hairr done biweekly… Roller set… No manipulation at all except greasing her scalp twice a week her hairr wouldn’t grow and edges would break until her mom started mixing monist at in her grease that’s the only thing she changed last year and now she has edges and her hairr is down her back.. She has been trying to grow this girls edges since she was 6

  • dee

    The freak out is silly. It’s not like its been on someone’s vagina first.

    Seriously, people should do what they feel works for them. A lot of people who have really healthy hair say it works. More power to ’em.

  • Tia

    Actually, I have a friend of mine that used to be a corrections officer and she told me that the inmates would use that to grow their hair in prison. She said it works. It might increase hair growth but I am not sure how fast

  • Ummmmm, I’m going to go on record and say I use this and it has made my hair grow a ton. I have natural hair that I occasionally get blown out dominician style. My hair grows really slow under the best conditions and if I have an ounce of stress during the month…forget about it. I’m grown 5 inches in 4 months. To me that’s alot. I use it once a week. So 7 day supply lasts me 7 weeks (mind you the expiration dates are a year away). I cut it with several oils so that it’s not straight monistat. But for some people it works but for some it gives them headaches (that’s why I cut it with something)

    • scandalous7

      it gives them headaches!, thats not good

      • TawnyBaby

        usually the headaches are from putting the monistat straight and not cutting it with oils….

        • Nvr2b4gttn

          What do you cut it with?

          • Redheadmom

            you should read before ask!

  • rainydaze80

    no, i think i’ll pass. besides the ridiculousness factor, it can’t be healthy to keep putting medicine on your body when you don’t need it. the next thing we’ll hear is that yeast infections are getting harder to cure because yeast has become more aggressive or resistant.

  • ariesdollface

    this is the first that i’ve ever heard of this & honestly, it freaks me out. however, there is a LONG history of drugs manufactured for one purpose & gaining widespread appeal, results, and profits (for the company) for other, unintended uses. the GREAT example is viagra…created as a drug to regulate blood pressure. no need to wonder how those guys learned of its other, more desired usefulness.

  • pickneychile

    I remember hearing about this back in 07 or so. I thought it was rubbish then, and I still think it’s rubbish now. I can’t believe people are still falling for this! The people I’ve seen who have showed comparisons between before they started and several months after using it don’t even have a dramatic amount of growth. it just looks like regular growth every time! I think it’s a placebo or something…people think they’re helping their growth but really all they’re doing is paying more attention to it so they notice it more. It doesn’t make a lick of sense. Just take care of your body and hair, and it will retain length. No need for coochie cream, or any other ridiculous methods.

    • A_Goddess

      Coochie cream though?

      • more

        growing hair is like pulling teeth! if it worked i would buy that ish myself but it dont

        • Tamira

          Well if monostat cures fungus or something like that and they maybe have a mild scalp infection it might be helping their hair grow clearing it up some.