Excuse Me Miss, Can I Have Some C**chie? My Summer Jam Struggles & Successes

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First, let me say that I never envisioned myself going to Summer Jam. I’m a Hip Hop fan as much as the next person but being around other Hip Hop fans, in certain settings isn’t necessarily something that appeals to me. In other words, there’s a certain level of hood that one should expect at these type of events; and though observing and participating in this behavior can be fun, in excess it’s a bit much for me. But even still when an associate said she might have tickets for my sister and I to attend the show, I said yes before I really thought about what I was agreeing to. By the time Sunday arrived, and we were sure we were going to get the tickets, I started feeling a little apprehension. But since my sister was so excited about going, I decided to take one for the team. And even though, I sucked it up and made the trek, my apprehension was warranted. There was confusion and plenty ratch to go around. But at the end of the night, I had to agree the entire experience was fun…very fun.

Here’s how it all went down.

First my sister and I had to figure out how to get from the city to New Jersey. We made it to Port Authority only to be sent on a whirlwind mission to buy bus tickets. First we were on the ground floor, then we went upstairs. Then an attendant told us we needed to go back downstairs. Once we found the correct place to buy our ticket, stood in line and got to the window, the attendant told us he only accepted cash, despite the fact there was both a Visa and Mastercard emblem on the window. So we had to leave Port Authority to get cash.

As we were walking out the door to get to the ATM, a man, who appeared to be homeless, looked up at me from his spot on the ground and asked with all sincerity,

“Excuse me miss, can I have some coochie?”

As someone who was already apprehensive about the whole day, this was a bad, bad omen. I was too ready to go home and might have even mentioned this fact to my sister a couple of times.

But we pressed on.

As we were waiting in line to purchase tickets, we had to endure a man describe his recent sexual excursion with an Asian woman from last week. After listening to him imitating her sex noises, we bought our tickets and headed for the bus. At this point, I’d calmed down from the earlier assault and decided to enjoy the day as a social experiment, a chance to people watch.

After a 15 minute drive, we got to Met Life stadium. Just walking through the parking lot was an experience in and of itself. There were several barbeque grills set up, red Solo cups littered the ground, men flexed in drop top cars that had just been washed and to top it all off, there was a woman standing on the roof of a car dancing for her life. I had to smile (and snap a few pictures) thinking this was a scene straight out of The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff’s “Summertime.”

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  • Kelly Greenwood

    What!!!! Summer Jam is a must for real hip hop heads here in the northeast! This years show was one of the best. My child who is sixteen loves Bone Thugs, being able to see them live made her birthday extra special. WU Tang killed it!! Nikki and Kim rocking on the same stage was great. This year…hip hop history was made that rainy night in June. For me and mine, its our official kick off for summer. Fifteen years strong!!!! Thank you Summer Jam!!

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  • Tha Real Hamia

    Welp, at least he was being polite tho…

  • Ehh

    I semi enjoyed summer jam. 2 chainz was the best surprisingly lol.. Mariah hit those notes THANK GOD. I felt bad for fab. Foxy was supposed to show up after lil kim and she didnt so he was pissed and ended early. Chris brown n eeds to lip sync fine china those struggle notes he was trying to hit were sad.

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  • sabrina

    Bucket Naked is the only Papoose song I know. And I only know this because I have some hood azz sisters lol

    • guest

      believe it or not, if you look up some of papoose catalog you would find songs that you ladies would appreciate. he don’t call yall out yall name, he don’t lie about what he rap about and is a loyal husband to an incarncerated sister.

      • Kenedy

        Remy Ma!!

  • Tee Elyse

    I didn’t really appreciate Wu-Tang until I was older! But they did have some jams! I liked ODB, Raekwon and Meth aside from the group though!

  • Mimsy

    Funny recap..but 10 pages, really?? REALLY!!??

  • P. Tyus

    Thank you for a very excellent review. I understand exactly where you are coming from. I LOVE Hip-hop (make that GOOD Hip-hop), but these kind of LARGE shows scare me too. Out here in LA we have a big show called “Powerhouse” and it’s coming up soon…won’t be there though. Thank you again!

  • Say What?

    I feel the same way about going to large gatherings that are more than likely to be a bit too hood. Also not to make light of your struggle with the homeless man, but LMFAO!

    • Cool Breeze

      No smart man is checking for you at these events so you’re safe.

  • SBoogie

    Girl you are better than me! I still would’ve passed on those tickets lol But I am glad you and your sis had a fun and safe time… your “coochie” comment reminded me of a homeless guy when I lived in Silver Spring, MD…broad day light he politely asked me if he could come up stairs with me in my apt. and make love… O_O! I had on a business suit and everything… sigh…thanks for sharing your Summer Jam story…

  • Gabie Aldrich

    I would of sprayed that homeless dude cat calling with some water to cool his jets! Besides that nice recap!.