Another Sad Love Song: Trina Braxton Files For Divorce From Husband!

June 2, 2013  |  

Source: WE tv

By no means am I a fist pumper of divorce but quite frankly, this has gone on long enough.

According to TMZ, Trina Braxton has officially filed for divorce from her husband, Gabriel Adrian-Solis.  As we know, Trina claimed a year or two ago that she was going to divorce him but never went through with it.  But this time, she says she’s done, citing irreconcilable differences.

The couple has been married for 10 years but have been together for much longer. Gabe has been a strong father figure to her two boys from a previous relationship.  In fact, part of the reason Trina said she didn’t want to get a divorce – based on an episode of Braxton Family Values – was because she wasn’t sure of the effect the divorce would have on the boys.

But since Gabe’s cheating ways have come right into the light, they’ve seemingly walked on eggshells around each other. They both decided to recommit to their marriage and even had a ceremony last year but apparently that wasn’t enough to keep the union intact.

According to papers obtained by TMZ, Trina is asking for an “absolute divorce,” which means there is no chance of reconciliation.  They’ve been living in separate homes since March.Trina allegedly has stated that they’ll try to amicably divide their assets.

In the event that Braxton Family Values is renewed for another season, I’m pretty sure this will play out, once again, on camera.

Are you surprised to hear about this?

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  • Jud Jud

    The Braxton Sisters are beautiful women but they have problems when it comes to men (except Tamar). I was thinking about that the other day its crazy how beautiful women have so many problems with men and relationships.

    • Nikkita Michelle

      Unfortunately their father, a Pastor at the time, cheated on their mother. You know that is going to shape what type of men they choose. I’m glad that when it got down to the baby of the family, the cycle started to reverse.

      • Jud Jud

        Yeah I was thinking about that too their father did cheat on their mother. I hope they can resolve some of their father issues though. At least Tamar is happy.

  • They were cheating on each other. It wasn’t just gabe though he was an as§. You have to be a special kind of man to be married to the Braxton sisters because they don’t seem to put their husbands first and treat their men kind of whimpy (outside of Tamar) . I wish them both the best. They are two kind of people that need to be single.

    • angie Allison

      So true. I think they both were cheating and doing alot of finger pointing. It’s so funny bec we talked abt the show all the time and noticed the way they treated their husbands. I love their show. Tamar and Tracy keep u laughin. I like the way yet keep it real. U can notice when some actors start critiquing the shows but I think they keep it real…

    • Nikkita Michelle

      I don’t think they treat their husbands like wimps. I think they married wimps. You can’t marry a pushover and then get mad at him for not sticking up for himself. Tamar might run her mouth, but Vince is only going to let her go but so far and that’s what real men do. Love Tamar and Vince.

    • kierah

      Tamar had it right. She’s the only one who seems to like her husband. The rest of the sisters are backwards. All they do it talk about sister time. If they take any vacays with their SOs, we don’t even hear about them. But they got time to fly all over the country on a show? Leave and cleave just wasn’t referring to parents.

      Trina really disgusted me with her behavior. One minute she was dogging Gabe out and the next she was cozying up to him for money for her video, her CD, and the clothing store. She sold herself out and called it winning. That’s what hoes do – not loving wives.

      • Tamar LIKES VINce, or shall I say the lifestyle she is able to live being married to him. I even think she loves him. In love with him?,,, hmmmm.

        • Vicky London

          Girl please, it’s very clear Tamar loves Vincent Herbert. Don’t try and find fault where there isn’t.

  • just sayn

    Good! He’s creepy!

  • Treacle234

    On to the next. They were always miserable together.!

  • more

    looked like they where just in it for the kids

  • newgirl

    Note to Tamar, now is not the time to say I told you so.

  • I wish Trina all the best, and Gabe too. They were toxic to one another and they both should be able to have have happy relationships elsewhere.

  • Just saying!!


  • pickneychile

    It seemed like they were doing so much better this season, and they actually acted like they liked each other. But they probably never truly worked through their issues from before. A vow renewal is not the end all be all if you haven’t really worked through some stuff.

    • Nikkita Michelle

      Things appeared to be improving. He must have screwed up again!