What His Facebook Behavior Says About His Commitment To You

June 21, 2013 ‐ By Julia Austin


Hate it or love it, everybody has a relationship with Facebook. That relationship could even be their choice not to use it but, being the mega platform that Facebook is, even that choice says something about a person. Facebook is a tool for many things, including understanding your relationship better. So use it.

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  • dj r

    To sum it up, he can’t use face book !

    Seriously girls, we men don’t think that much though behind what we do ! Stop analyzing everything he does. If we did this to you, something tell me you would be screaming ” he is a control freak”.

  • kasiola

    This is BS, no self-respecting person would advertise his/her relationship for all the world. That’s just an invitation to problems.

  • announcergirl

    I made a conscious choice not to use Facebook. After dealing with too many men who were addicted to Facebook and MySpace, who had pictures of women and ex-girlfriends clustering their pages. Men who constantly dialogued who didn’t have to let go of women of the past because they were connected on the network, and who were constantly in touch with new ones. I do not want a man that uses social networking that much. So, I can’t either. I have gotten a lot of flack. People say that it is not the network but the person. I agree. I also know that I just don’t need the extra headache of thinking about FB. I deleted my account.


    It worked.

    • Lana

      I have social media accounts but I’m rarely on them. When I was I never did status updates but I always saw people who always gave a play by play of their day . I feel like social media has ruined a lot of relationships (not just romantically but friendship, family etc.). People don’t communicate anymore they just go to Facebook to decipher and assume what someone is up to based on the info on their page. So sad

    • guest

      I feel the same way I have no Facebook,Twitter, or Instagram I don’t need it. If I don’t call or text u on a daily basis it means I don’t care to know what your doing. To many friendships and relationships have been ruined because of these three sites.

      • Bianca

        Yes! People look at me as if I’m a magical unicorn when I tell them I have no social media accounts and never will. Like you, I always tell people you can call, text or email me–plus what would you have to say to a person in person if you talk to them on social media all the time? Also, why would I share my personal business with people who I don’t know, don’t talk to anymore or never liked? lol I think the whole thing is stupid.