‘You Gotta Have Some Platonic Friends:’ Wale Says Rihanna Rumor Almost Ruined Their ‘Working Relationship’

May 31, 2013  |  

Source: Instagram

Rumors can be pretty damaging— just ask Wale. Earlier this month, the rumor mill got to spreading news that Wale and Rihanna allegedly engaged in some sort of sexual relationship. It all started when someone leaked photos of what appeared to be a private message between Wale and another Twitter user. In the message, Wale basically bragged about sleeping with Rih Rih. Now there hasn’t really been any evidence that proved the image’s authenticity, but of course it spread across the net like wildfire. During a recent interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Wale slammed the rumors and expressed that they had the potential to be really damaging to his working relationship with Rih Rih. According to his Instagram page, the two have been collaborating on a song together.

He expressed that the doctored message fiasco helped him to realize that some people are simply evil.

“I’m coming to the realization that people are just plain old evil. There has to be people like that otherwise there wouldn’t be good people in the world.

He also revealed that the rumor really grew into something huge.

“I was like ‘It got real…’ Just know it turned into a real thing. And I was like, ‘This is gonna mess up my potential working relationships’. You gotta be a sick individual to do that. Lets say I had a girl friend right now? What if I was in a committed relationship? It would’ve got real. I’m honest with my joints though.”

The “Bad” rapper went on to say that his relationship with the Bajan beauty is platonic.

“The thing about Rihanna is her realness. I can’t be really cool with a lot of girls. When you have a friend like that, that got more than you, you just gotta appreciate the friendship. You gon’ smoke alot, you gon’ chill, you gon’ dance, it’s gonna be a movie around you. You cant try and smash everything. You gotta have soem platonic friends.”

Turn the page for footage from his interview. 

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  • Trisha_B

    Rihanna gets linked to all these men but they all come out denying it. Don’t people think if these men were sleeping w/ her they would be bragging, just like how they brag about sleeping w/ all them other females? It’s sad woman can’t be friends or be seen w/ a man w/out people making up stories. Yet she still get labeled, but we have Taylor Swift, who is seen cuddling/kissing a new guy every other month but she’s our american sweetheart smh.
    Further proves why Miguel comment was true!

    • Kenedy

      I think Drake bragged about sleeping with her in that song “No lie” with 2 chainz? but I could be wrong

      • Trisha_B

        Drake excluded LOL. He was in love w/ that girl lol

  • NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Not that trick!!! Ugggggh…he probably did though…he’s just doing damage control but I hope he has enough sense to keep it strictly professional cuz RihRih is a certified TRAINWRECK!!!

  • Common Sense

    Another thing that bugged me about this article; THE LAST SOME IS SPELLED SOEM!

  • Common Sense

    Leave it to people to try and start drama. Its so sad, people always hacking and other nonsense to EVERYONE, live your life and stop targeting others.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    So then why did he brag that he did???? *confused*

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      Cause he need a little controversy in his life smh . . .

    • Common Sense

      So much people hack twitter these days and create fake pages for celebrities and the general population too. They do it for a million of reasons that no sane person would understand. I’ve had people add me to things and speak on my behalf and all kinds of stuff, before I became real strict with the cyber world.

    • Trisha_B

      Someone did some editing to a DM, to make it seem like wale was dm’ing someone about sleeping w/ rihanna. But it was clearly fake b/c the person made absolutely no sense lol. They started going on a gay bashing rant lol. The screenshots came out after the pic of them together in the studio came out

      MN, this is like the 2nd time this week that you half a-s’d your post by not including pictures/proof so the story can make sense smh