LHHNY’s Mendeecees Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison?

May 31, 2013  |  

Source: HipHopWired

We haven’t heard one word on Mendeecees Harris since “Love & Hip-Hop New York” wrapped in April. During the reunion, Yandy Smith provided a small update on her fiance, saying he was waiting to hear about bail and she was only speaking positive thoughts about his future, which at the time seemed rather bleak.

During the last season of LHHNY, Mendeecees was facing two criminal cases. The first was a sex abuse charge involving the daughter of the reality star’s first child’s mother. The now 19-year-old alleged Mendeecees was sexual with her when she was just 15, but by the end of the short trial he was cleared of all charges. Unfortunately for him, not long after he was headed back to court on drug charges. As we reported in March,   “According to court documents, Harris along with two other men, his brother Tyrus Harris and Ronald Walker, are accused of transporting $2.5 million worth of drugs throughout Rochester and New York City between the years of 2005 and 2012.”

Mendeecees turned himself in January 24 and was reportedly facing 20 years in prison, and just recently, rumors began swirling that he was quietly sentenced to 15. So far, there’s no real evidence to back that claim. A search of Mendeecees name on the Federal Bureau of Prisons simply lists the 34-year-old’s status as “in transit” and his release date unknown.

HipHopWired reached out to Mendeecees lawyer, Donald Thompson, who told them in a statement that rumors of Mendeecees being sentenced to 15 years in federal prison are just that, saying he has not “been found guilty of anything yet, much less sentenced.”

Let’s hope for the sake of Yandy and their family, those 15 years behind bars will never come to pass.

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  • Why would you hope it doesn’t come to pass? I’m tired of people getting away with doing bad things. If he’s guilty than he needs to go to jail. If he cared about his family he wouldn’t have done his to begin with.

  • Real

    Crazy. And Mendeecees crimie Ronald Willie Walker claims to pay the FEDS 2.5 million dollars to get lesser time. Didn’t work for the mob. Sounds like ratting!

  • Bianca

    Also,cases such as these is where rehabilitation should be the only option
    and not jail. Jail and prison are inhumane! Very few people learn from
    deterrence. Rehabilitation for minor offenses should be enacted. Sickos
    who rape children and evil people should be tortured or sent into the
    public for the people to handle. S—t would be a lot more stable LMAO

  • Bianca

    Like someone stated above, he has been sentenced, he’s just not in the system
    as of yet. Ugh. That man will be locked up for the next 15 years in
    maximum security. If he’s lucky he might be in minimum security. That
    breaks my heart! I know he was involved in illegal activity but
    damn! It was damn near 10 years ago!

    • MLS2698

      Yandy got the boy locked up ( and the fact he used to slang that stuff) by wanting him to appear on TV, and prove she had a man. If I were him, I would have been ghost and just handled my affairs quietly.


    I feel like this everyone has a past…Once this is all over they both will be clean and clear. True HAPPINESS

  • u69capri

    If You are in TRANSIT , You have been Sentenced. They just have not updated his info within the System yet. If he has not been sentenced it would just say ” In Custody”

    • MLS2698

      Whaat…whatchu say? You are schooling us. Now we need that update.

      • u69capri

        In the FEDS , In Transit means he is being Transported to a FBOP Prison or back to the Court on Appeal from his Original place of Conviction. Which depending on his prior convictions and if he has any Violence could be anywhere within the United States. Until he makes it to that Prison and gets checked in his release date will not be posted within the BOP. He could start out in the Penitentrary( Violent Inmates sentenced up to LIFE) or Medium( Violent Criminals Up to 50 years) or Low (Under 25 years mostly minimum Violence) or Camp( 10 years or less Non-Violent can’t have any violence on Wrap Sheet) You make it to a Camp it’s like a Big Boys Club filled with Lawyers ,doctors,non-violent drug offenders, Fraud. He will not be eligible for this spot for a few years.
        He has not been Designated for any particular Prison yet. But he will be going by Bus and possibly by Plane to whatever Prison in the United States . FYI , I was sentenced to the FBOP to 18months for 140lbs of Cannibas Possession, I had 2 months in for Time Served .FEDS require you to do 85% .So I lost 4 months ,Total time in FEDS 12 months.I was Non-Violent so I did the Camp 1st.I turned myself in.Of course I messed up there ended up in Transit for 3 months.Started in Pensacola,FL in transit to Tallahasse,FL next to Jacksonville, FL . Got on CON-Air flew down to Miami picked other inmates up,then flew to Oklahoma City, Ok, We got out to a Prison at the Airport,stayed there a week then Flew to Alexandria , La and was bused to Oakdale , La. The Whole 3 months the FBOP online just read that I was “In TRANST”

        • MLS2698

          Well, dang! That’s enough to make anybody leave the cannibas alone. Sounds stressful. Glad you are out. Good luck. And I guess we know what happened to Mende….Mandec…whatever dat boy’s name is.

  • kittymabach

    well damn

  • Kylie

    If he goes to jail she’s probably dodging a bullet. It may not seem that way now especially since they have a kid but she probably doesn’t need to be with him anyway.

  • Jay Lane

    I hope for two things:

    1. He truly learns his lesson about whatever it is that brought him to this juncture in the first place (since he hasn’t been found guilty of anything at this time) and never repeats it.

    2. He gets a very reduced sentence (or credit for time served) if only for the sake of his children. Whatever has taken place does not need to compounded by two more children losing a father. That last scene on LHHNY of him turning himself in and having to talk to his son about it was beyond heartbreaking.

    *Btw, it is so disheartening to look at those court dockets b/c I know the “black” and “male” part hardly ever changes from page to page.

    • My 2Cents

      Thank you!!!! It seems as if we (people who probably come from and live the same realities day to day) would have a little more empathy and compassion.

    • u69capri

      Mrs. Lane unless he is doing some Co-Operating he will not get a reduced sentence. He is in the FEDS now his children will not see him Free til at least 13 1/2 years from now. FEDS do not care if you have Kids?

  • nick

    Lets not HOPE for anything. If he is guilty he NEEDS to go to jail PERIOD(.) The future of Yandy’s family doesn’t matter if in fact he was selling drugs. Lets not think about how many “families” 2.5 million dollars worth of drugs can ruin.

    • MLS2698

      Women like Yandy HAVE to know the risks of being with a man with a shady past. But I swear, If Mende…hadn’t been on TV, and made himself so public, he would still be flying under the radar right now. Ladies, when a man tells you about his past adventures, YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE ON HIS PROBLEMS; there is nothing wrong with keeping a standard. That was HIS choice to do things that were against the law. #WHATSloveGOTtoDOwithIT

      • We dont know if he comitted any crimes yet, because he wasnt convicted. If a female chooses to hold a man down after he was sent to jail for making a bad decision in his life, then theres nothing wrong with that. As long as he learned from it and is trying to move on with his life for the better.

    • My 2 Cents

      Nick people like you crack me up. If this man was a wall street investor you would be patting him on the back. If this man was the CEO of Johnson and Johnson pharmaceutical or Tyson Food Industries which destroy millions of lives per year with their sick disgusting genetically manipulated foods you would applaud him for achieving such high status in a corporation. The difference here is I’m sure these CEO’s didn’t have to chose between selling horrible food and a starving family. I don’t condone drug selling but your pompous attitude towards the plight of Black males makes my stomach churn. If God sees fit for this man to be back on the streets with his family as DAD and raising his young BOYS like so many young men need, now getting legitimate TV money I say go for it. To say have no hope that he is redeemed and freed is just disgusting and reiterates what most people feel that Black men are in America, worthless jailbait.

      • nick

        I dont have a pompous attitude towards black men. i happen to LOVE black men!! The ones that realize that we all have choices, and choose to do the right thing and put goodness out into the world. Mendeces is a human being, and like all human beings i’m sure he has a GOOD and a bad side. But if its proven that he chose to do the wrong thing he has to suffer the consequences cuz he got caught!
        The PROBLEM with people like you, is that you wanna hand out passes to people just because they happen to be black. Negative, Wrong is wrong! There is no way around that.
        And im not patting wall street investors and J&J Ceo’s on the back. We all know they are crooks but they hold a lot of cards. There arent too many ways to get around em when they produce what you Need. And i try to be selective about who i give my money to.

        • My 2 Cents

          You stated your exact feelings at first, your clean up method falls short. I wish Mandeecees, Yandy and any body else the best! Jail isn’t rehabilitation and there’s no reversing the psychological affect of spending years of your life there so if there is an alternative I wish that for them PERIOD (.)

          • Maciana

            I LOVE Yandy & I hope Mendeecees gets out and goes home to his family honestly, I don’t believe in long sentences for drug related crimes…but what exactly did Nick say about black men to begin with????? So are you saying only black men sell drugs?? You basically said that drug selling and being poor is the plight of black men?? Mendeecees didn’t make the choice between feeding his starving family and doing illegal activities because at the point he was caught he was doing he was doing quite well and chose to keep doing it…They were caught with a couple million dollars and he continued to do the drug trafficking, he had many choices and opportunities to do things the right way and Yandy is quite successful herself, he did what he did out of pure greed. People like YOU are the ones who separate us as a people…I just think it’s sad you think so little of black men that when you describe a white mans crime its that of a successful man working for a corporation, yet if its about dealing drugs you associate it with black men, but have a problem with what Nick said about thinking someone (Basically anyone) who commits a crime should go to jail??

            • Justice 4 families of addictio

              Drug sales ruin countless families everyday. I wish they would give him some tough love and let him do the time and let him feel the pain that all the families felt from the millions of dollars in drugs he

        • Sam

          Mendeesces did not ruin those families by selling drugs.. The ppl who bought those drugs (if true) are the ones who destroy their families… I’m pretty sure that drug dealers don’t point a gun to anyone’s head forcing them to buy drugs

        • Alove

          Bottom line if she loves him she should stand by his side

      • this has nothing to do with the plight of Black males as a whole. This is about the plight of Black males who choose to partake in illegal activities, which is a self imposed plight.

        And let’s not even get into that reach of a comparison you just typed. Show me an instance where genetically modified food has broken up families or landed them on the street.

        Stop making excuses for the choices people willingly make just because they’re Black.

    • Say_No_Go

      and I am pretty sure she knew what he was doing…Girl Bye