Oh, Mimi: Mariah Carey’s 10 Most Memorable TV Moments

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Mariah is a lot of things. And whether you love her or hate her, you have to admit that the woman makes for good tv. Her flair for the dramatic ensure that we never know what Mariah will say or do once the cameras start rolling. She’s usually pretty good for a “moment” as she calls them. And when your career has spanned over two decades, there are plenty of moments to be had. Check out some of the more outrageous, more memorable ones on the following pages.


Check ‘Em! 
If it’s one thing you don’t do it’s sing Mariah Carey’s lines and or notes. There’s only one star of the show. And if you think just because you’re in front of a live audience she won’t call you out, think again. Most of us remember pretty well the time she essentially told her background singer to fall back and let Mama cook.


So Beau...Off Key

Man Beyoncégate, aka the lip synching scandal really has a lot of artists going out of their way to sing live…even when they certainly shouldn’t be. First there was Chris Brown squawking during the Billboard Awards in the midst of intense choreography and most recently, Mariah fell victim to the pressure as well. During her most recent Good Morning America performance, Mariah naturally decided to close her set singing her new duet “So Beautiful.” If you’ve heard the record, you know at the very end Mariah hits a series of those high notes she’s known for. Now, we can’t be sure if Mariah’s mic was supposed to be off and she was just supposed to pretend to hit the notes or if she really believed she was on pitch. Either way it made for an interesting performance.

And what’s most interesting about this story is that while folks on the East Coast witnessed this travesty, people on the West were none the wiser. Looks like there was some editing going on.


*Throws Glitter*

…and twirls. The only twirling Mariah was doing was when she pivoted and walked back to the judge’s table after sprinkling American Idol contestant, now winner, Candice Glover with glitter. After Candice sang a cover of The Cure’s (and then Adele’s) “Lovesong,” Mariah, in all her extraness, was at a loss for words. And when you’re at a loss, the best way to express your approval is to throw glitter. Remember that.


Step into the bad side
We wrote about this business of having a bad side earlier this year. Allegedly once upon a time someone told Mariah Carey that her left side was her bad side. And the interview above is proof that she really took that little tidbit to heart. When “American Idol” was just starting and the judges were doing press for the show, Mariah couldn’t even make eye contact with the interviewer because she was so focused on getting her right side in the shot. Poor thing.


Give her a Moment

Perhaps you’ve noticed that one of Mariah’s many catch phrases is “moment.” It works for her. And even though she doesn’t say it too much in one sitting, when you put all of those moment moments together, you realize just how much she loves the word. Check out a splicing of her HSN moments.


“He’s a man Barbara…”

Shortly after Mariah gave birth to her twins, she sat down with Barbara Walters to discuss the journey and her relationship with Nick. When Barbara asked her if she trusted Nick, Mariah responded in a way that shocked a few people, including Cannon who was sitting right next to her. His jaw literally dropped. And Mariah shrugged it off saying he’s a man. Later Mariah released a statement saying:

“Me and Nick have never been better. Here’s the thing, I am a real person so I’m not going to put on a fake Hollywood ‘Yes every single time Nick says anything I faint and fall on the floor.’ Sometimes we make each other mad. Sometimes I make him mad. That’s called why we’re not divorce.”

Keep it real, marriage isn’t always a picnic.

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All Up in the Tub
Remember when Mariah showed us her posh Manhattan apartment on an episode of MTV’s “Cribs”? In addition to Mariah telling us how far she’s come, she also showed us how she relaxes. She literally disrobed in front of the cameras, with just a towel covering her. In case you don’t remember, check out the footage here.


The TRL appearance  

There was a time when Mariah was doing entirely too much career wise. She ultimately had to check herself into a facility, so she could catch up on some much needed rest. But before that she appeared on TRL, pushing an ice cream and wearing a cut up t-shirt.


Whatchu sippin’ on?
Remember how phenomenal Mariah was in Precious? Her performance was so memorable that she ended up winning an award for breakthrough performance. During her acceptance speech Mariah was a little slizzard and admitted it during her speech.


Being Bi-Racial

Up until now, these memorable moments from Mariah haven’t been the most flattering; but for this last one, this bonus we want to talk about how Mariah used her racial backup and celebrity to inspire young girls who were struggling to be accepted in school and in society. In 1999, on the Oprah show Mariah spoke to several biracial girls who had also experienced the same turmoil she endured growing up .

Mariah is always one to watch because she prides herself on being a diva, fabulous but at the end of the day, most of us can appreciate her realness and the impact she’s had on people through her music.

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