Oh, Heeeey…It’s You Again: 10 “Celebrities” You See Everywhere, But Don’t Really Know Why They’re Famous

May 29, 2013  |  
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Before you get your panties all in a knot, this isn’t about really dissing anybody. But have you ever noticed certain faces and people everywhere, but don’t really know why they’re such a big deal all of a sudden? You can probably blame it on blogs and Instagram, but it’s something that’s been going on for years and years. Hence the rise of folks like Paris Hilton, everyone from Laguna Beach and The Hills, and other people who are famous just for being in front of a camera. Some of these people finally did something with their talents, while others are still just trying to be seen everywhere to make you care. And it seems to be working. Here are 10 celebrities who are famous but we still aren’t 100 percent sure why…

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Rita Ora

So Ora is one of the “First Ladies” of Roc Nation, but is it just me, or do you rarely hear her music on the radio? Maybe she’ll have the same type of upward mobility that Rihanna’s career eventually had after “Pon de Replay,” but for right now, I don’t get it. I see pictures of her coming out of every place, yet I’ve never seen her perform at an awards show. Every time I turn around on fashion site’s, I’m being asked what I think of her style, but I’ve only seen one of her videos on MTV. She’s gorgeous, but honestly, I don’t know this baby from Adam. She needs to shake Jay-Z to put her music on somebody’s station because I don’t know anyone that can name more than maybe two of her songs. But we’ll see what the future holds for her…her vocals aren’t bad!


Adrienne Bailon

Don’t freak out just yet. I’m fully aware that Bailon used to be a big part of 3LW and the very popular Cheetah Girls franchise, but that was five years ago. She did the reality show Empire Girls, but we haven’t seen a new album or new music from her. Instead, we’ve just seen her kicking it with rappers, “accidentally” exposing her poom poom, and at one time, being Rob Kardashian’s girlfriend on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She’s got too much talent to just continuously ” just show up” at events and red carpets for the hell of it, and she’s literally been everywhere. No lie, I just saw this girl at the Barclays Center recently all dressed up and red carpet ready for the Rihanna concert even though there wasn’t a red carpet there. The most.

The Kardashian Clan…Minus Husbands Bruce Jenner And Lamar Odom

I know Kim and her sisters have their store Dash, but the sisters and Rob are famous because they’re Kim’s siblings, and Kim is famous for…you know what. And besides “you know what,” she was famous in the beginning for kicking it with the super-famous-for-no-reason socialite, Paris Hilton and allegedly being a stylist. They’re all businesswomen now, but before, they were just another family with money trying to be seen. And let’s not forget about Rob, whose mom finally gave him some attention by letting him start a sock line. And don’t even get me started on Scott Disick…


Karrine Steffans

While some get on for being a famous girlfriend, Karrine Steffans is famous for messing with men who had girlfriends and wives. She got caught up in the whole video vixen lifestyle and had relations that she exposed in her book, Confessions of a Video Vixen, including with Shaquille O’Neal, Ja Rule, Jay-Z,  Diddy, Bobby Brown, Usher, Method Man, and quite a few others. So she’s famous for something actually, and I guess you could say it required a particular type of talent…hence her nickname.

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LaLa Anthony

One of the funniest comments I’d ever read online was about LaLa Anthony. It was under a picture of the TV personality smiling on the carpet for a Dr. Scholl’s event. The individual went on to say the following:

“LaLa would show up to the opening of an envelope.”

It’s kind of true though! For a while there, before VH1 caved in and gave her LaLa’s Full Court Life, Anthony was just everywhere to be everywhere. Running around with Kim Kardashian, running around with Ciara, showing up on the red carpet to every event she could think of. And now that Carmelo has started playing in New York, she’s got cameras following her to get ice cream with Kiyan and just running simple errands…which she just so happens to do in stilettos. But now she’s making the most of her newfound fame, getting into acting and starring in Think Like a Man and its upcoming sequel.



Let’s be clear. Cassie is by far one of the prettiest people I’ve seen in a long time. That’s probably why I don’t understand why she won’t just be a model for good. She has a unique look and she already knows how to work a camera. But these days I only see her hosting parties, putting out mixtapes, and trying to let people know in an undercover way that she loves her some Diddy. And it’s been like this since she put out her first album. There’s only been one, and it dropped in 2006. So what is Cassie really famous for? Is she a model? Is she a singer? A fashion/style icon because of that haircut? Is she a famous girlfriend? Still not sure…

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Evelyn Lozada

You might be able to say this about the whole cast of Basketball Wives, maybe even half of the people on reality TV, but I think we all know Lozada best for her relationships gone sour or her bottle throwing antics on the show. She’s entertaining, but she’s sadly most known for her drama with Antoine Walker, being all over the news after the abuse she suffered at the hands of Chad Ochocinco, and most recently known for asking Iyanla to fix her life. Yet and still, she’s on magazine covers and in big magazines, abs out, oiled up in a bikini just for the hell of it, hosting parties and getting money. Reality TV just broke everybody and their mama off, ya’ll. We’re in the wrong field.

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La Toya Jackson

While a majority of the Jackson siblings have been famous for their musical talents, the ones who haven’t been as fortunate in the industry stayed in the background and supported their family. Like Rebbie Jackson. But La Toya is the Jackson sibling famous for just having the last name. And for spilling a few family secrets of course. She had some success musically in the ’80s, but after that, she was known for posing in Playboy and trying to part ways from her family. She eventually returned to her family after being married to a very abusive husband, and would later join Jermaine as something of an unauthorized spokesperson for the family. But these days, she’s catapulted her turn on Celebrity Apprentice into a reality television show on OWN. And she’s everywhere once again.

Bridget Kelly

The first time I heard of Kelly, she was speaking on her problems with Frank Ocean, who had written the song “Thinking About You” for her but titled it “Thinking About Forever,” only to take it back and propel his fame to the next level thanks to the jam. But ever since then, I’ve seen her many a time on a red carpet and at parties smiling in the camera. But when I asked people if they knew her music, only one person in my office could really let me know who she is signed to and what songs she sings. Her voice isn’t bad either! But the whole, I-feel-like-I-know-you-but-I-don’t-think-I-know-you thing is what happens when you sign with Roc Nation or Bad Boy, folks…


Amber Rose

She’s come so far right? Before we had seen her before, what exactly was her occupation? I saw her in one video (Ludacris’ “I Know What Them Girls Like”), but after she and ‘Ye started dating, we saw in her in some magazine spreads, doing some modeling, and shopping A LOT. But mostly we knew her for being a new fashion “It girl” when she would travel around the world with Kanye West to hit up fashion shows. Since they split, she continued to host parties, met Wiz Khalifa, and came up once again.

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