Despite Their Past Beef, Nicki Minaj Still Calls Lil Kim A Major Influence In Her Career; Also Big Ups Missy And Left-Eye

May 29, 2013  |

With all the talk of Nicki Minaj and Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg “kissing and making up” after last year’s Summer Jam drama (which pushed Nicki to back out of her performance after feeling extremely disrespected when he said her song “Starships” wasn’t real hip-hop), a very interesting part of their interview on the station that we missed out on was the discussion of who influenced Nicki the most in her career. And one of the first names she gave props to was Lil Kim. This is of course pretty interesting considering the fact that the two women were verbally at each other’s throats in 2010 and 2011 with Kim claiming Nicki tried to rip her whole style. But Minaj’s pride wasn’t too massive that she couldn’t point out that New York femcees like Lil Kim, Foxy Brown and Remy Ma had the biggest impact on her enthusiasm for hip-hop. Here’s what she had to say during her interview on The Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Show with K. Foxx and Ebro:

“My favorite? Fox, Kim, Lauryn and then Remy. You know when Remy came out, I was very, very excited about her. Um, but with the Foxy, Kim and Remy, they were all from New York too. It’s no disrespect to any other female rappers, but those are the ones I felt like, ‘Oh okay,  yeah, I can get into that.’ They sounded like me when I spoke. I just thought they really made an impact. But I always loved Missy because she was playful. I always said with Missy and Left Eye, they weren’t afraid to be goofy at times and I loved that as well.”

And I think we can all see how these women influenced her, and in my opinion, I see it more with the Missy and Left-Eye props, because they were definitely playful, colorful and kooky at the height of their careers. Something Nicki tries to do with the colorful garb and the different voices she tries to spit in from time to time. But of course, most would say the person she seems most like would be Kim. Blame it on the wigs, I guess?

Check out her interview about her favorite female MCs on the next page and let us know what you think.

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  • Michelle Murray

    oh now kim making a comeback, nicki know want name her biggest idol. How fake

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  • Nicki looks so hot in the pic you used. She’s much prettier when she’s more subtle.

  • Trisha_B

    She has ALWAYS said Kim was an influence for her. But people just ignored it when Kim came out swinging. Plenty of utube videos of nicki during her mixtape days talking about kim influencing her…I always saw some Missy in her too. The playfulness & voices always made me think of missy. The only thing related to kim was the sexiness/vulgarity. I think a record w/ missy, busta rhymes, eminem, & nicki would be hot. All the weirdness & voices together will be nice

    **when does remy get out?

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  • Child_Puhleez

    Funny how being fired from American Idol can humble you. smh

    • Trisha_B

      Is it gonna huble Mariah & keith urban too? Smh she wasn’t fired, her contract was up just like everybody else’s

      • Child_Puhleez

        Psh. Oh, please.

        It was a wrap for all of the judges, esp. Nicki & her attitude & Randy leaving.

        AI loyalists saw through AI & the show further jeopardized its legitimacy through relying on antics (chosen judge panel / Mariah’s & Nicki’s beef).

        Lowest ratings in AI history. Look it up. Nicki’s negativity ran off AI’s core audience. Look that up, too.

        • Trisha_B

          Ai ratings been going down every season. So of course this season its gonna be the lowest ratings. People will see that again jext season when they bring back the tired show, it will again have the lowest ratings In ai history. Your acting like Nicki was talking to herself all season. Mariah had her negativity, eye rolling, huffing & puffing as well. Nicki, mariah were hired in hopes It will bring In a new audience, but the show in general is tired. Reason every season they have changed the judges. So I dont get how nicki is to be blamed for a show that has been going downhill since jordin sparks won

          • Child_Puhleez

            Mm-hm. You still haven’t addressed Nicki’s negativity turning off a great majority of AI’s core. You look long enough, she’s the one getting the majority of the loyalist’s stink-eye, m’kay?

            Of course the ratings drop every season because they got away from true talent. I never said she killed AI single-handedly, but she sure as #ell accelerated it.

            • AI was wack after the season with Fantasia was over. And to have Nicki on the show was poor judgement by production. I think people tuned in after seeing the ridiculous cattiness between the two girls. Nicki or no Nicki that show was done when they lost talent as you acknowledged. Recruit nicki was a desperate measure because they knew it was over. She’s always had a rep for being hard to work with. Production mde a bad call. But even if MJ, WH, and GL all rose from the grave to be AI judges they couldn’t save that show

    • She’s always credited lil Kim as her influence. Kim has just fallen off and has low-self esteem and considers everyone a threat right now which is why she keeps poppin off at everybody.

      • Child_Puhleez

        Um, no she hasn’t ALWAYS cited Kim as an influence. And Nicki has popped off at so many other celebrities it’s ridiculous.

        Keep chanting that ’til you believe it, though. LOL!!!

        • So obviously you haven’t seen everyone single one of Nicki’s interviews bc sh has always referred to kim outside of there beef as her influence especially in here early career. Do your homework before you call someone out. I’m not even a Nicki fan and I know that.

          • Child_Puhleez

            I’ve seen only ONE interview (when she was VERY early in the game), that she’s called Kim personally as an influence, but has spent a good deal more time shading Kim.

            EVERY single interview? You know that’s a lie.

            She’s a clone. Kim called her on it, then she had the nerve to get mad about it.

            Take your own advice & do your own homework & stop all that lying.

            • Reread Stan i said you haven’t seen every single interview. And i refuse to argue with a Stan it’s pointless. Respond if you wish i don’t argue over people idk or don’t gaf about. Yall stans should be on their payroll bc yall work harder than their own pr team. Get your panties out of a bunch.

              • Child_Puhleez

                Stans doing what stans do best: DEFLECTING.

                Get a life, bird. SMH

                • You must be on medicine. If not you should get on medicine. You are way too invested

                  • Child_Puhleez

                    See? Deflection.

                    Bird, seriously, tend to your life as much as you do this forum, unless this forum is your sorry life. smh

  • shade city

    Nicki style is nowhere relatable to missy or left eye. Missy was a creative female rap icon who wasn’t cocky or became a diva. kudos for mentioning Kim though. The blueprint for the start of your career and inspiration behind your style when you first came in the game.