And When She Get On, She Leave Yo Arse For An Industry Man: Celebrity Women Who Left Their Men When They Got Fame

May 31, 2013  |  
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We always talk about the men who left their women when they got on, but what about the women who’ve left their boo thangs once they got some shine? There have been plenty so click on to find out who.


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Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson began dating professional wrestler and Harvard law graduate David Otunga when she achieved mainstream fame in 2008 – just one year after she conveniently broke things off with her hometown sweetheart of eight years, James Peyton.

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Zoe Saldana

In 2011, Zoe Saldana dumped her long time love Keith Britton after she shot to fame starring in a string of big budget Hollywood productions like Avatar, Vantage Point and Colombiana.

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Kerry Washington

In 2007, Kerry Washington broke up with her fiancé of three years, David Moscow, whom she admits to having left in order to find herself – and her fame apparently. By the time Kerry dropped him, she had become widely recognized (and highly compensated) for her roles in award-winning movies like Ray and The Last King of Scotland.

Jennifer Lopez

In 1997, Jennifer Lopez married model Ojani Noa but divorced him right after the successful launch of her acting and music careers. Right after that she began dating Puff Daddy, and of course the rest is history.

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Megan Fox

Before the pouty lips and Transformers movies, Megan Fox was just a struggling actress looking for a break. She lucked up in 2003 when she met and began dating 7th Heaven star David Gallagher who frequently brought her along to Hollywood parties and Lakers games. But though David is probably responsible for Megan’s come-up, she dumped him upon landing her first film role, then shacked up with Beverly Hills 90210 star Brian Austin Green shortly after.

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Remember when Omarosa was Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth? Yeah, that was before she separated from and divorced her husband in 2005… which just happened to be right around the time she made it big on The Apprentice.

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Olivia Wilde

At just 19-years old, Olivia Wilde married Italian filmmaker and musician Tao Ruspoli, but divorced him in 2011 (soon after she’d gotten her big break playing Quorra in Tron: Legacy). She then embarked on a series of high-profile relationships with A-list stars like Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper before settling down with now-fiancé Jason Sudeikis.

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Mo’Nique wasn’t always in a ridiculous-sounding open marriage with Sidney Hicks. While she was still just a comedienne on the come-up, she met and married Mark Davis Jackson, the father of her 23-year old son, but dumped him around the time her role as Nikki on The Parkers began garnering her big time fame.


Mila Kunis

Before becoming a fixture on the Maxim Hot 100 List, Mila Kunis was just the ditzy girl from That ’70s Show who dated co-star Danny Masterson. But upon scoring mainstream fame and eventually big time movie roles, Mila dumped Danny like a hot potato, ultimately opting for her more A-list co-star, Ashton Kutcher.

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Nene Leakes

Ok, ok so Nene has now remarried Greg. But remember how quick she was to dump his behind just as soon as she landed that Glee acting gig and all those magazine covers? Very quick.

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  • jess

    It’s really horrible going out with someone considerably less gifted than you are. That ought to be the title of the article really.

  • Tammy

    Well men have done it since the beginning of time in/out of Hollywood. They get a come up and it’s later gator for the person who was there in the beginning. Sometimes ppl’s taste change, and they just plain ole out grow each other it’s life!

  • Randy John Crane

    mila kunis dated macully culkin before dating ashton kutcher. laura prepon dated danny masterson’s brother.

  • GoddessTia

    1) Mila Kunis was dating Macaulay Culkin for YEARS before her and Ashton even got together. 2) Nene been told ya’ll why her and Greg divorced. It was his idea.

  • Brittany Juliene Todd

    Olivia Wilde’s ex wasn’t a come up. You failed to mention that her ex-husband was a PRINCE! I hate to be shallow but I’d never divorce a prince EVER how could you get tired of being called Princess and having it be real. I wouldn’t date someone for money but I couldn’t let my childhood dream of being an actual princess go.

  • Kimiko Austin

    You are dead wrong about Mila Kunis. She did NOT dump Danny Masterson for Ashton, she was with Macaulay Culkin for at least 5 years. He was one of her first boyfriends being that when she was very young when she was on that 70s show. This article is pure BS.

  • bj

    Wasn’t Ashton Kutcher also Mila Kunis’ costar on that 70s show?

  • Michelle

    I seriously doubt all of these ladies left their men just so they could “trade up” to a better model. Anybody ever think maybe their men couldn’t handle being with a successful woman?

  • Nadine Gloster-Overton

    This is more often than not the biggest crap gossip page ever written, How does this rag get its info? Half of what this crap is saying is so not the truth it is almost laughable, but it’s not funny at all.

  • Blah_banks

    That’s actually incorrect…After being with Masterson, Kunis was in a long term relationship with Macaulay Culkin for 8 about years. Then dated various other men, then got with Ashton Kutcher.

  • JoiningTheDebate

    How come no one is talking about the fact that alot of men have a hard time adjusting to women who are more successful then themselves and the impacts this has on their relationship.

  • Adrianne

    Monique was being abused, that’s why she left.

  • dirkradke

    I wonder if a lot of these relationship breakups was more because fame changed one or both parties and made the relationship incompatible. Fame like money can change people and the people around you.

  • TL Dragon

    I can’t sort out what’s for dinner a day ahead, and here Hudson is leaving a man a frakkin YEAR before she is ready to move on.

    Whomever penned this list is a moron.

  • pinky

    Why dont’t they do one showing black man who left their wife/gilrfriend for someone famous?

  • pinky

    Why dont’t they do one showing black man who left their wife/gilrfriend for someone famous?

  • TM McKeny

    I can only imagine Mila Kunis dumped Danny Masterson once she realized how deep he was into Scientology.

  • Phil Rozzi

    Shocker, most of them are negroes

  • VM

    Jeniffer Lopez on this list?? Haters in the house!!! Why not recognize that the LAST kind of man a Woman Who Already had her Big break role w Selena movie would marry is a Cuban waiter fresh in the US?? The Low Class Looser tried to sell a ‘tell all’ book eventually TAKING Advantage of HER fame; Who’s the USER then? Hater!!!! She’s an All around Success Entrepreneur, musician, golden globe winning actress, humanitarian…Get Real! She’s an inspiration.

  • Jake

    Since when is Ashton Kutcher an “A” lister?

  • Courtney

    Mila Kunis was last dating Macauly Culkin for several years before getting with Ashton Kutcher.

  • Kara

    People change. I see this as pretty much the same as when someone in a partnership looses weight. Often their lifestyles change (how often their home, how active they are) and when you start dating/marry someone, you don’t always expect that your lifestyle will change as drastically as it does. Often times those relationships cease to work because you become different people.

  • MimiJax

    I’ve always counted on you for accuracy but the info on Mila is not accurate. She was fifteen when she started that 70’s show and began a nine year relationship with Macaulay Culkin when she was nineteen. They split up in late 2010 and she began dating Kutcher last year after Demi left him. She never dated Masterson.

  • Jennifer Hudson dumped her hometown boyfriend after becoming famous for NY Jets football player.

  • Kitten

    She’s not a sista, but 2 time Oscar winner Hillary Swank loudly dumped her husband, actor Chad Lowe. Not only did she forget to thank him after winning her first Oscar, but when they broke up, she said it was because of his coke habit, which I think he denied. BTW, if this is a dupe, I’m sorry. Computer won’t let me see the rest of the comments.

  • jas

    Nene Left greg after he dogged her and cheated on her.

  • Lakota

    This is frigging misogynist BS! What about all the FAMOUS MEN, black and white who have a rampant, epidemic history of leaving their wives and girlfriends once they become famous. Why are we crucifying women for doing what men have been doing and getting applauded for? Stop it……

  • Froggage

    Since when is Omarosa a celebrity? As for JHud, I had no idea that I Love New York’s sloppy seconds was considered an industry insider. (And let me know when she gets that to the altar — this is Star Jones and Al Reynolds all over again, except “Punk” doesn’t want to sign a pre-nup.)

  • brian

    I can’t believe I read this stupid thing…(@_@)

  • ImALadyToo

    That makes me really angry that women do this. They are superficial little gold diggers who are interested in fame and money. Let’s see how that fame and money do for them in their old age or sickness.

    I dated a millionaire, but I didn’t love him. I met my now husband who didn’t have 2 nickels to rub together, but we just really clicked. After 17 years together we’re still going strong. We’re not wealthy (very middle class), but we are really, really happy together.

  • Rainey

    Mila Kunis doesn’t really on the this list — she dated Macaulay Culkin for years before they split up in 2011 and she didn’t start dating Ashton until last year and this was long after her star started to rise.

  • Rainey

    Mila Kunis doesn’t really on the this list — she dated Macaulay Culkin for years before they split up in 2011 and she didn’t start dating Ashton until last year and this was long after her star started to rise.

  • Hardtruth

    B^tch made dudes! Real
    dudes like 50 Cent hit quit it and ain’t down with it!

  • Come on. Really?

    Olivia Wilde was well-off on House before Tron…..Mila Kunis was with Macauly Culkin for 7 years, and single for quite awhile before Ashton Kutcher…this is just a bullshit list, looking to pick women apart. What about that fact that the men probably couldn’t handle the women getting famous?

  • Don

    Women always leave their men when they get their big come-up in the world. As a matter of fact, women are more likely to do it than men. There is not a famous woman out there who will marry somebody who is not on their level financially (or at least close to it). Men do trade-up too but fame or finances is never the issue. It is usually about looks. Both are equally shallow but I am just pointing out the difference.

  • Tresix

    Ashton Kutcher is considered an “A-lister”?

  • guest

    This woman is famous? Hollywood in America takes anybody.

  • reg

    Those to are exactly the same trying. Believe it or not. No problem with interracial dating but dating nothing but white men to further there careers is just apart of that self hating slaving mentality. Sad….

    • Guest

      Hmmm, what do we have here? A bitter black man I see.

    • Don


      I think Saldana is Latina. BTW, I have no problem with them dating white men as I am a black man married to a European woman. I can assure you my decision had nothing to do with self-hatred. I simply got tired of being overlooked by other black women simply because I was not hip enough (in their eyes) or judged me as a person based on the clothes I was wearing or the car I was (or was not) driving. Now, my wife is getting to experience the benefits of her love and patience as I will complete my master’s degree this year and take my career to even greater heights. It is nice to always go home though and see women who previously dissed you throw themselves at you because they know that they lost out.

      • Ally M

        Latina is not a race as in asian black white etc. Any race can be latino. White hispanics from spain, black latinos from cuba or dominican republic or even myan/aztec descent latinos from mexico shoot they even have asian latinos although rare. In a recent interview Zoe classifies herself as a black woman. I’m jamaican and cuban but my cuban side racially is black but of cuban culture. Not that any of this matters, im just a “nit-picker” lol glad you have a happy home. Im with an Asian man (cambodian) & my decision had nothing to do with self hatred either, I just dont see race as important. When people limit themselves to color they can really miss out on what “could be”. Congrats with your Master’s.

        • Chantal A

          I agree with you, but you are slightly wrong on one thing; if you were born in Spain you are not Hispanic, Spanish/Spaniard is the general term for people from Spain, Hispanic is for people of culture or descent that correlates with Spain or Portugal(mostly Spain), or even further back Italy. Example: Penelope Cruz is Spanish/Spaniard; Zoe Saldana is Hispanic.

          • Ree

            Thank you for correcting Ally M. I was going to say the same thing.t

          • Margo Wilkins

            Portuguese people are not Hispanic. They are Lusophones or Lusitanic. Italians are known as Italics. Collectively, Italians, Portuguese, and people of Spanish descent are known as Latins.

        • Toni Childs

          Race is a made-up category.

        • Don

          Thanks for correcting me and thanks for the support.

      • givemeabreak

        Typical simple negro who is married for impure reasons. BW are not the cause of you going to the other side. You chose to skip over there your damn self! BW put up with so much crap from you species & your reasons for interracial dating are ALWAYS impure. I feel sorry for the non-black women that you procreate with, because you will only continue to contaminate this world with seeds full of hatred, bitterness and racism – it’s a learn behavior and I will pray for you!!

        • Don

          I actually pondered just letting this fly but I could not.

          1. I LOVE my wife. That is the reason why I married her and not because of her skin color. I simply made a choice in my late 20s to stop limiting myself to dating black women after refusing to date white women for several years because I told myself I was going to stay in the race. Fortunately, I was able to find THE ONE and she is awesome and I am very lucky. No need to pray for me. I pray everyone on this blog can find the happiness I have found–awesome wife, awesome kids, and an awesome career. BTW, we have been together nearly 20 years.

          2. Black woman have never put up with any crap from me. I was never a womanizer, drunk, woman-beater, player, or wanna-be thug. I also have do not have kids from a variety of women. All of my kids are with one woman–my wife, my partner, my lover, my friend, my confidant. If anything, I got nothing but crap from black women. I tried to treat them with respect and like a real lady should be treated but a lot of them could not see past the fact that (at the time) I did not have a pimped-out ride or dressed with the latest fashions. I was young and struggling and actually tried to live within my means. I do not blame all black women for that. I blame myself for making some bad choices in dating.

          3. There is nothing impure about my love so I do not know what you are talking about and I will not waste anymore time addressing that nonsense.

          4. “You species” should be “your species”.

          5. Judging from your last statement, you are either very bitter woman or a woman who likes to troll black man who outside their race. I will give you the benefit of the doubt–you are both.

    • Hardtruth

      Agree with you 100%1

  • HR

    BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAHHHHH!!!! If they’re happy, it’s on them!!!! Mind your own business and let them be! It’s no wonder why racism still exist these days!

  • lorraine smith

    Have any of you given a thought to this fact? You stated that “she left him when she got famous”? How about “HE LEFT HER BECAUSE SHE GOT FAMOUS” and he was jealous? Some “men” cannot stand that their woman is making more money or has more fame than he does.

  • annashun1

    UNBELIEVABLY backwards and myopic comments here about who these women are dating based upon skin color. They are adults, it is a free world and it is no one’s business but their own who they decide to be with!

  • toofunny

    They’re almost all knee grows.

  • dlws8607

    I hope these men at least got a big paycheck and lifetime support after sacrificing their good years to help these females become successful. Or does that argument only fly when females use it?

  • Leticia

    Olivia Wilde has a big head!

  • dorothy campbell

    Was she dating white men before she got her nose done? Just asking.

  • c.c.

    Actually, Mila Kunis dated McCaulay Culkin for 9 years before they broke up and then she started dating Ashton Kutcher. Get it right Madame Noir.

  • Roy

    Freida Pinto dumped her fiance immediately after the success of Slumdog Millionaire.

  • vastlyamused

    Mila Kunis was dating (for 8 years) Macaulay Culkin, broke up with him and then started dating Kutcher a couple of years later. She never dated Matherson, and was a successful actress before dating either Culkin or Kutcher.

  • Andy1

    Yada, yada, yada. My son put his graduate work on hold and worked three jobs to put his wife through medical school. After getting her new MD and residency, she filed divorce papers. Old, old story, this one.

  • Dora

    Men have been leaving their significant others once achieving fame/wealth pretty much since time began, why is it a story when women do it and simply accepted when men do? Also, in at least some cases, one partner achieving an increase in career or financial standing just happens to coincide with a relationship running its course and is not necessarily the cause of the split.

  • JAS

    WHAT!! Kerry, how can you leave Davey from Newsies!!

  • Saira Ahmed

    Who wrote this article?
    Who ever did, did a very poor job.

    Mila was dating the home alone guy Mcauley and NOT Danny.. Danny has been with Bijou for a very long time.

  • sistaB

    I’m way late to this conversation but I just felt like adding to your point. I too have decided to stop dating black men. I just don’t like the way they’ve treated me. They’ve been mean (as in cheap), envious and plain rude. I’ve seen where some sisters find a good man in a non-black partner when black men rejected or mistreated them. I’ve also observed how many non-black men seem to understand better how to love/protect their woman. I saw how those 2 white guys gave up their lives to protect their women in the Aurora theater mass shooting.

    I came to this realization only last year that it will be a non-black man who’ll love me the way I deserve.

  • bigdede

    Since I moved to Dallas, that’s all I see here besides gay men. Go to South Dallas, you will see more Black men with white women on their arm and that’s suppose to be “da hood”. In the suburbs, you will rarely see a Black man with a Black woman. Up North, it’s not like that. I remember watching when a was 11, I was watching Jungle Fever on tv. It was the scene where all the Black women were discussing how they will only date Black men and Theresa Randle’s character was like she will date a man of any race as long as they treat her right. That stuck with me and I have not limited myself to Black men.

  • Richard Nelson

    So Mila Kunis dropped Masterson for “A lister Ashton Kutcher?” Are you sure that is A hole lister Ashton Kutcher?

  • done

    I am pretty sure that Megan Fox and David Gallagher didn’t break up because she became famous but because he is gay.

  • sellonebay2008

    Mostly minorities, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

  • Carissa M

    I’m not going to put Olivia Wilde in the same category as the others. 19 is too young to be married. She didn’t know enough about life to settle down like that. Maybe her “break” was what it took to realize that.

  • gwendolyn

    Black women no longer have to accept the disgraceful behavior of black men especially those Black women with money. I say let those white women have them so that they can experience the hardships we as Black women have. The only white women that black men can get is gold-diggers, ex maids, and exhibitionists. Look at Ice (CoCo is a tramp, Naomi Campbells man dumped her for the protégé, Tiger (wife was a babysitter), you go on from there. Look at them and feel glad that they will get what they deserve in those relationships

  • Rae

    Mila Kunis dated the famous child actor from Home Alone for eight years or so. They announced their separation after Black Swan. If she dated Danny Masterson (which seems unlikely as she was 14 when the show started and at some point started Culkin for an 8 year period) it was briefly and of little consequence to this article. Shoddy journalism (if we can even call this gossip “journalism”).

  • AnaRoW

    Mila Kunis dated Macauley Culkin for nearly 10 years after which she was single for about year before dating Ashton. She was never with Danny Masterson.

  • matt

    So Megan Fox dumped the 7th Heaven guy for the 90210 guy? Yeah a real social climber that one. C’mon…that one was just coincidence

  • layla

    This article might have been interesting had the 30 different ads per page take forever to load and out shine the actual pictures that I wanted to see.

  • layla

    This article might have been interesting had the 30 different ads per page take forever to load and out shine the actual pictures that I wanted to see.

  • Uhm, Jennifer Lopez has yet to launch a successful acting career.

  • Kazz Man

    Jennifer Lopez’s relationships are based on age. Once the guy reaches age 30, she replaces him with another 21 year old.

  • mlk84

    How adulterous Leann Rimes did not get on the list, I don’t know.

  • mlk84

    Jennifer Lopez was a success in her own right almost from jump street. I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger, but she has never had a broke …. But Jennifer Lopez should not be on this list. When she made it, she MADE it.

  • siStar Sassy

    Umm MN…. Mila Kunis was with Macaulay Culkin for 8 (not Danny Masterson). She only started dating Ashton Kutcher within the last year and it clearly wasn’t for a come up. Smh

  • oh_really_now

    Oddly enough when men do it they are vilified. Or if a man leaves a successful woman, it is because “he is intimidated by her success”. There is no way a man can come out smelling good in these situations. Women tend to land on their feet.

  • pia razon

    Most of the women mentioned were in long term relationships with men who refused to commit. Eventually they realized they deserve men who appreciate their worth. That is not the same as men who had wives for 20 years before they made it big in Hollywood and then dump them for the 20 year old vixen. We’re talking apples and oranges here.

  • brbt881

    mila kunis dated macually kulkin for 8 years!!! when did she have time to date danny masterson?

  • Barry

    Nene Leakes and Omorosa never heard of them. Are they really famous?

  • formula112967 .

    President Obama is racist. He hates white people.

  • Sara Stettler

    Mila Kunis dumped Macaulay Culkin after many years not Danny Masterson… and Jennifer Hudsons AMAZING hubby was on the game show I love NEW YORK (a game to win a trashy strippers love google it of you dont believe me lol )yeah he is a real step up NOT

  • TryThinking1956

    Umm…who write this stuff? It would be nice if they had done some basic research. Mila Kunis was with McCauley Kulkin for almost a decade, and broke up well before she got with Demi Moore’s ex.

  • saftgek

    Out of the whole lot of the women who dumped their partners after gaining “fame,” I recognized 3 names: Jennifer Lopez ( a legitimate star ), Mila Kunis ( a struggling woman, apparently, who needs to settle for the likes of Macaulley Culkin and Ashton Kutcher ), and Jennifer Hudson ( a fat woman who does weight loss commercials ).
    It would appear our society has severely modified ( and degraded ) the definition “star.” PIty !

  • Yep

    Faith Hill gets passed off as a wholesome country star. But she ditched her first husband as she started to move up in the music business.

    • mlk84

      So many women, specifically white women, not on this list. What about the female race car driver who left her husband for another driver now that she is a star on NASCAR.

  • Duh

    Mil Kunis dated Maculay Culkin…for over a decade.

  • RealSpit

    Kerry Washington dated an African guy. While in college for four years. So to say, she doesn’t date black men. Would be a stretch. Hate when people try to talk for other people.

  • balancingkarma

    Its good that black women date white men, It needs to get Balanced out. If black men can date everyone so can black women.

  • marie

    Sweetheart, I’m Not Sure Where You Come Up With These “Facts” But You Should Probably Do Actual Research Before Posting Your Nonsense For People To Read. I’ve Read A Number Of Your Postings And I’ve Got To Say Their Pretty Laughable…Anything To Get Noticed I Guess?!

  • krystal johnson

    Some of you people are so closed minded. We are in 2013 and you all are still crying over interracial dating. I see nothing wrong with it. Black, white, Hispanic, Asian; does it really matter who you fall in love with or who you are attracted to? I am dark skin chick and I never get affended when black men say they don’t like dark skin girls because guess what I don’t like light skin men. It is my preference, everyone has a type and just because you are black does not mean you have to date a black person and verse versa for other races. The world will never evolve if people continue to think this way.

    • saftgek

      Grammar, please. Word usage, sentence, structure, et al.
      Thank you !

    • Fladabosco

      I remember walking along with my grandfather sometime around 1970 when he saw an interracial couple with a young child. My gramps told me he thought the parents had doomed the child to a life of failure. I loved my gramps but he was pretty old fashioned. That was almost 45 years ago.

      Haven’t we moved on? I guess not.

  • Anthony blak martian Tinney

    MN deleted my comment,so I will ask again. Why do black women have such a problem with black male celebrities dating outside the race, when black women “PUBLICLY” for 35 years said they did not need black men and told the world we weren`t worth sh*t?

    • krystal johnson

      First of all every black woman does not have an issue with black men dating outside their race. The black women that have the issue with interracial dating are the bitter women that can’t find a man in any race because they have deep rooted hate for anyone that they think may possibly be happy. A black woman that is successful and knows who she is has nothing but love for anyone that finds that special someone.

      • Girl don’t entertain this troll. He goes from post to post blog to blog with black woman hate. Why does he spend so much time on a site that caters to BLACK WOMEN is beyond. Nor do i understand why MN allow it considering he’s a contradiction to their site smh.

        • Anthony blak martian Tinney

          Miss I don`t hate black women.I hate the notion that black women can do and say what they want without consequence,and use the black man as a scapegoat/punching bag.And I am here because this is a site that is rife with MISANDRY against the black man.

          • There you go one like for you since attention is obviously what you want. Now I’m finished entertaining you.

            • Anthony blak martian Tinney

              In other words,you don`t have a point but to be condescending.You want entertainment,watch tyler perry.

      • Anthony blak martian Tinney

        Thank you for being forthcoming,logical,and honest.

      • Guest54

        You corrected his broad generalization but adding your own. That wasn’t helpful.

    • Camryn

      Who said it first? Probably a BLACK MAN! Black women dating outside the race is reactionary! Hud?

      • Anthony blak martian Tinney

        Could you clarify your answer please?

  • FromUR2UB

    Some of these people might have envisioned how someone would fit into the life they wanted, whatever that was, and decided he didn’t. A decade is a long time to be in an adult relationship without marriage. Sometimes you just gotta go.

  • Meelah

    Mila Kunis was with McCauly Kulkin for a very long time before she got with Ashton.

  • Child_Puhleez

    If J-Hud was with her boyfriend (NOT fiance) of 8 yrs with no ring, she was a free agent. Sorry.

  • HaveSeveralSeats

    I suspect that someone at Madame Noire had a tight deadline and a loose imagination – because this list is seriously flawed. Thank you, however, for my lunchtime giggle.

  • emily

    Mila dated Macaulay Culkin for 8 years

  • IllyPhilly

    Fame on is very relationships especially for the unknown spouse.

    • Fladabosco

      That’s so true. My parents lived in quiet anonymity until my mom was chosen to carry the olympic torch through Sacramento in 2006. It almost killed my dad.

  • Maroonsista AtTwitter

    This list is so incredibly flawed. Nene left Greg because he did a radio interview airing out their financial issues and everything else. Everybody who watches “RHOA” remembers her “I have NEVA” scene. They separated. Then divorced. But she even took her sweet time doing that, and with the (Italian) guy who kept buying her a bunch of gifts, she never took the man seriously. She wouldn’t even kiss him for real. So how exactly did she leave? Her career gang came up but she didn’t throw up deuces or anything. Man, you all are really reaching with this one.

    • krystal johnson

      I guess you work for Nene because anybody that watches the show knows Nene and Greg are just acting for ratings. “If” they are really divorced they did it for television only. In my opinion I never believed they were seriously married. They just always seemed like friends or business partners. No chemistry at all; they will do anything for a quick buck.

      • Maroonsista AtTwitter

        Krystal, you make a lot of “guesses.” No, I do not work for Nene. I also am not goofy enough to start posting comments about the behavior of a couple that I cannot prove because I don’t know them personally. I’ve never met them. And unless you heard directly from Greg or Nene that they renewed their vows for ratings YOU DON’T KNOW EITHER! I’m shaking my head at you speculating on two people you have never been around, talking about how don’t have any chemistry and were never serious. These two were married for about 14 years. How much more serious could it get?! No one marries for that amount of time without being serious about the marriage. She’s been on reality TV a few years. She was married to him long before we knew who he was. I can’t STAND it when people feel the need to start talking about somebody else’s marriage like they’re BFFs. These are the same people who think gossip magazines and blog sites regularly fact check!

  • Maroonsista AtTwitter

    I don’t know about this one. Mila Kunis was dating Macaulay Culkin when she was 18 (2001) for 8 years. She didn’t start with “That ’70s Show” until 2006. So she didn’t really LEAVE her man when she got famous. She was with him during that show. I’m guessing she dated Danny Masterson after MC. But I think it’s natural to date someone in your field. Quite a few people end up dating someone they work with or in the same industry. They’re more likely to understand your lifestyle.

    • Relica85

      She started with “That ’70s Show” in 1998 when she was a young teen. So she could have dated Danny before MC

      • Maroonsista AtTwitter

        But the gallery doesn’t mention Macaulay Culkin at all. It goes straight from Danny to Ashton like the “Home Alone” star wasn’t her boyfriend for 8 years. You’re right about the show being in 1998 though. Good point. But “That ’70s Show” was still during the time she dated MC so it’s not like she was anymore or less famous. People have linked the lady to Justin Timberlake, too, just because they did a movie together. I’ve said this on another board. Sometimes we act like every single time a guy and a girl are in the same room, they must be k-i-s-s-i-n-g. This isn’t elementary school. Sometimes folks JUST work together.

  • How did j hud leave her man for an industry man when she was single a whole year before getting with her fiance? Sometimes people just break up. This list tho……i can’t

  • Vee

    David Moscow is an actor .

    • Guest54

      Right….he was the boy (Josh) in BIG with Tom Hanks.

  • PleaseDOBetter

    There is a difference between causation and correlation. We can assume that fame CAUSED these breakups when in actuality, they may have just been a CORRELATION and there were other concerns at play.

    • A

      Exactly! Have we, as a society, become so judgmental that we claim to know exactly why people broke up? It’s always phrased as “J. Hud left her man,” never a neutral “the couple broke up.” Puh-leeze. Unless you were in the room, you don’t know!

  • xxdiscoxxheaven

    Who made this list?? Mila was with Macauley Culkin for years. She was never with Danny Masterson (Hyde) outside of their characters on the show.

    • vanelle22

      Thank you I was just about to say that…..they were together for 8 years I believe…

  • bigdede

    Zoe was with her man for 10 yrs. I dont think she left him after she was famous. Jennifer Lopez was with her high school sweetheart for years until she came up and dumped him for that model she married a year later. Mila Kunis was with that Home Alone boy for like 8 years before they broke up just as she hit it big with that Sarah Marshall movie. Also there is nothing wrong with Zoe and Kerry liking white men. Quincy Jones, Tiger Woods, cant walk out the house without a white woman on his arm. Jamie Foxx two kids are by white women! Taye Diggs would go crazy if white women would cease to exist. He would jump off a roof. So I’m sick of ppl dissing Black women when they date outside their race but for Black men it’s ok smh

    • jjac401


    • inessa

      It’s not OK when black men do it and you KNOW this !!!!! The women on this site are the first to bash them!!!Stop the hypocrisy please!

      • bigdede

        What hypocrisy? I’m just pointing out in Hollywood, Black men do it all the time so ain’t nothing wrong with a Black woman doing it. I don’t recall saying anything was ok.

        • Real Truths

          Black women been doing it in Hollywood but of course MN would never show that would they?? They only want to highlight the black men never the countless black women engaging in the same behavior.

      • Maroonsista AtTwitter

        It’s not okay when black men do what? Date another race? I say it’s okay for anyone to date whomever we wanted. The 13th Amendment passed. We own NO ONE.

        • Anthony blak martian Tinney

          I agree.It`s NOT o.k for black women to treat black men as property!

          • Maroonsista AtTwitter

            Anthony just so we’re clear, I meant black men shouldn’t treat black women as property, too. BOTH should be able to date whomever they like.

            • Anthony blak martian Tinney

              I agree!

            • Camryn

              Just to be clear since some knigggas never seem to “get it”. Ha!

              • Maroonsista AtTwitter

                There’s nothing funny to me about calling black people self-hating terms or finding new ways to spell the same stupid terms. You could’ve kept that “ha” to yourself. But anyway…

                • Anthony blak martian Tinney

                  I know that @disqus_L7tRKglDpH:disqus `s comment was directed towards me.Thanks for shutting down bullsh*t.

        • Don

          People like Camryn are part of the problem and she does not realize it. I do not which one is sadder.

      • Fladabosco

        Really? It’s not ok?

        So it’s not ok for a black person to date a white person?

        Is it OK for a white person to date a black person, or is it racist to ask?

    • Bored With Your Mediocrity…

      …i find nothing wrong with dating whomever you wish, but what i do find odd is when the said person, for instance, only dates white but when questioned of their preference in interviews will quickly exclaim, “oh, i LOVE my bruthas (or sistas)”!!! But I’m thinking “no you don’t, that’s a cop-out” becuz if you had, you would’ve giving us a chance, perhaps, in between relationships or at the very least, you would have been seen publicly with us.

      I know this is going to rub some of you the wrong way, but part of me believe the underlying reason behind this exodus is HAIR. Yep, i said it: HAIR… they’re concerned with the texture of their would be offspring’s HAIR.

      • Guest360

        How exactly do you know that they ARENT dating black people in between relationships? I agree with some of the stuff you said. Black women are the first to talk about a black man when they see him with someone that’s not black. But I do have to disagree with what you consider a cop out. Unless you’re able to follow them 24/7 or know their deepest, darkest thoughts, I don’t think you can say anything about their preferences, who they date, or why they may not date black women. The only think you can do is either accept their statement as truth or disregard it altogether. But it’s hardly something you can state to be true or deduce something further that was never stated.

        • Bored With Your Mediocrity…

          …how do i know?? Well, there would be evidence of such liaisons. How often do you date someone and not be seen with them publicly?? I suspect you wouldn’t give a guy or girl the time of day if they chose not to be seen with you publicly. Plus, if they had dated someone who just so happens to be black, then why haven’t we seen it, we see them with non-blacks all the time!! Tell me, what gives… is it just a simple coincidence??

          Here’s the thing, i know most people, particularly high-profile celebs, are not at liberty to HONESTLY state their preference or lack thereof,.. they have an image to uphold, and i’d imagine the backlash from making such a comment would be utterly debilitating to their careers. I get that… i just find it deceitful to act as if you do, when you don’t. ijs

          • Guest360

            Evidence? This isn’t a trial. They don’t HAVE to prove to you that they date anyone. You are not entitled to that kind of information. Janet Jackson was married for nearly 10 years and no one knew anything about it until she filed for divorce. Have you ever seen Jamie Foxx’s TWO baby mamas? How about Adele’s baby? Do we even know his name yet or ever seen his face? So I would say it’s very easy to date someone, have a relationship them, marry them, have a kid by them or what have you without being seen with said person. It’s possible if privacy is something you want to hold on to.

            But that’s the thing, you don’t know if they’re telling the truth or not. Unless you have PROOF (which you don’t), it’s incredibly short sighted to attribute your own thoughts to their actions that you aren’t even aware of.

            • Bored With Your Mediocrity…

              …sista, you’re not being completely honest. Wait, is it safe to assume you’re a sista?? And yes, i happen to speak from a place of knowing!! I actually live and work in Hollywood, so yes, contrary to what you THINK you know of me, i’m privy to quite a bit of PROOF.

              However, your preference of both Jaime and Janet is kinda weak, as the both of them are known, at least in Hollywood circles, to have dated both black and non-blacks… i know, i’ve seen it with my own eyes!!

              Plus, when i mentioned LOVE for us bruthas, i was referring to “Eros” not the Agape or Philia kind of love, so maybe you missed the point i was attempting to raise. But look, here’s where i get off, i concede, you win… although i wouldn’t say my point is a complete fallacy, but i was only trying to get a rise… and it seems to have worked. So thanx for the exchange of dialogue… no hard feeling, meant no disrespect. Ciao, Ms

              • Guest360

                Yes I am a girl lol. And I’ll just wrap this up by saying no one knows why people do the things they do but the person themselves. For me, I choose not to attach my own thoughts or feelings to people’s actions because I’m not privy to what goes on in their head and why they do the things they do. That’s all I’m saying. To you it seems that some of these people don’t date black women because of their hair, their skin, or because they’re black. But for me, unless I hear a man say so, I’m not going to automatically assume that is the case. There are some people that genuinely find love outside of their race and I don’t want to assume otherwise if that is truly the case.

                And I hope you didn’t take this as an attack against you. I meant no disrespect if it felt that way. I like a good debate. No harm. No foul 🙂

                • Ohmygawd

                  This was great to see a debate between a brother and a sister with no acrimony, just a difference of opinion. With no disrespect on either side, and no malice. I wish all our interactions can be way. This is a great start

                • Ally

                  Aw You two should date. Cute debate you had going. Kept it classy. Lol

      • bigdede

        A lot of Black actors and actress say they love their brothers and sisters and date white men/women. That’s just like Julian Bonds. He was president of the NAACP and he loves white women!!

        • Ed

          Why you capalize “Black” and not “white”? That’s racist!

          • bigdede

            I’m racist because of my capitalization? First learn how to spell before you want to call someone racist.

            • Camryn


          • Nene

            White isn’t a race but Black is. Most Caucasians identify themselves through their ancestry lineage, i.e. Irish, Scottish, Russian.

            • Fladabosco

              It’s too hard to say ‘My mother is Polish but her ancestors came from Russia but she grew up in England then moved to Canada before she came to America and my father’s family is from Austria-Hungary but they came to California in the 1890s.

              Nah, I’m a white guy.

              And when people of other races judges us, we are white not German or Polish or Italian.

            • lily

              So do black people, Jamaican, African, Trinidadian, Brazilian,Canadian, British etc…

      • Maroonsista AtTwitter

        If someone is trivial enough to date another person based on hair texture, why would you want to date him anyway? Anybody can buy a weave if it’s that deep. I think people date who they are attracted to and those who brainstorm on why they’re not dating you should put that much energy into someone who DOES want to date you.

        • Bored With Your Mediocrity…

          You’d surprised, Ms… No, i would never date someone so superficially shallow, but i encounter them quite often.

        • Camryn

          Agreed, Maroon, same thing for men who only want to date “light-skinned” women… *smh*

          • Maroonsista AtTwitter

            Actually I’ve known more women who do that than men. It’s all trivial. Personally it makes me no never mind if people are that specific with those they date. It helps me weed out the people I won’t. I don’t bother even complaining about it. I just don’t do it.

      • Anthony blak martian Tinney

        No one OWES anyone else a relationship based on race!!

      • tt

        don’t forget the lighter skin & exotic looks that many crave; especially black men. i really believe that many of these black men have children by non black women because they don’t want kids that look like them…especially the girls. the girls must look exotic.

      • Fladabosco

        That is SUCH a relief. As an average white guy I was really worried there was another part of us that black women were concerned about.

        • Beauty-Queen

          lol. Don’t get too confident. There is another part of you that black women are concerned about. Size does matter, i.e. the SIZE OF YOUR HEART! 🙂 Btw how tall are you? Just playing. Confident people who have positive self-esteem want to date someone who is a complement to who they are. Regardless of someone saying we can’t know what’s in a celebrity’s mind, studies have already proven that people who date a particular “type” exclusively, obviously didn’t get the memo in King’s Dream i.e. being judged by character rather than skin color.

      • lily

        not For Zoe, she is a Latina and we come in all shades and many hair types.

        • Camryn

          Latina but looks BLACK! Yea, I know she “hates” it! Ha!

          • Ally

            Latina is not a race as in asian black white etc. Any race can be latino. White hispanics from spain, black latinos from cuba or dominican republic or even myan/aztec descent latinos from mexico shoot they even have asian latinos although rare. In a recent interview Zoe classifies herself as a black woman & SHE IS PROUD. I’m jamaican and cuban but my cuban side racially is black but of cuban culture. Not that any of this matters, im just a “nit-picker” lol glad you have a happy home. Im with an Asian man (cambodian) & my decision had nothing to do with self hatred either, I just dont see race as important. When people limit themselves to color they can really miss out on what “could be”. Congrats with your Master’s.

      • Camryn

        Self-hatred on the black man’s part is more like it. I doubt very few black women would date out of the race if black men had remained loyal to himself and his women. But naw, the minute they freed him, off he went trotting off with a white woman and begging the white man for a dollar (Family that Preys…still stunned by that scene). Ha! Typical…

    • sellonebay2008

      Are you reading a different story then the rest of us….who said anything about mixed dating? They are talking about women who got famous and then left their men, pay attention.

      • bigdede

        Fool, I was responding to the comment made above mine. So why don’t u try reading. Pay attention yourself. I posted a comment about the topic then I decided to address the comment made by another poster. Pay attention honey. Read, it helps.

    • Wildflower528

      People seem to hate white woman for dating outside their race also. Some of my male friends think it’s wrong for white women to date a black man but they have no problem with Robert DeNiro dating/marrying black woman — these same dudes look at every cute black girl that walks by. I guess some people just want it to be like it was 100 years ago in this country. Just look at the attention that Cheerios commercial got for portraying an interracial couple (with the black guy laying down on the couch sleeping during the day – or was I the only one with a problem with him being portrayed as lazy)? People are actually boycotting the makers of Cheerios. This world is crazy.

      • Guest54

        I would question anyone who thought the guy was being lazy for taking a nap. Who’s to say that it wasn’t a weekend and he was resting after working his heiney off in the yard the whole damn morning? I think it’s playing into stereotypes of the worst order.

      • DAN

        please..there are no cute black girls

  • get real

    What’s the difference between her and Zoe Saldana? Her as in Ms. Sally Hemmings herself, Kerry Washington.

    • Sarah

      Up to date comment: I bet people going in on Kerry Washington about her interracial dating feel stupid, as she is now currently MARRIED and pregnant by a black Nigerian-American man (and a fine one at that)? Sit down somewhere; people may find a person attractive and click with them, regardless of race. Just because I date one or two white men doesn’t mean I have a hang-up about being black.