Hot Mess: Find Out Why Erica Really Called Off The Engagement

May 29, 2013  |  

Source: Vh1

Just like Erica Dixon’s mom, we had our doubts about whether or not Erica and Scrappy would ever get married. And sure enough, the second season revealed that these two just couldn’t get it together. We knew before the season even started, and Erica wasn’t wearing her engagement ring, that these two were no where near the alter.

Well, in a conversation, with Mouth to Ears, Erica Dixon provided additional context for why she snapped at that dinner and why she called off the engagement.

The Snap:

“The reason for my snap…what they did cut out was the fact that she called me a Beyotch again and that’s what made me snap. Like blatantly in my face and they cut it out.”
The status of the engagement:
“We’re co-parenting. I definitely called off the engagement. Clearly Scrappy wasn’t ready. I feel like the whole proposal at the end of the day was to save his image. It was all about how he looked to the people. So that’s why I believe he proposed at the end at the reunion because he was getting so much hate from fans and I think it was just too much for him to deal with. I feel like as time progressed, the truth came out about what his true iterations really were.”

Hmm. Well, that certainly explains why she went ham during what seemed to be a peaceful sit down. Momma Dee is all the way out of control.
But the theory that Scrappy proposed to her to save his rap career, seems like a bit of stretch to me. Scrappy’s rap career has been on strug, so much so that a mere “Will you marry a n*gga?” wasn’t going to do much, if anything to revive it. But that’s just me. Maybe Erica has a different type of insight. Who knows.
Anyway, Scrappy whose been very vocal about their breakup, saying he was sorry he ever introduced Erica to the reality scene, posted this image on his Twitter account.
Source: Twitter


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  • MonicaT

    I think Erica is doing the right thing. She tried to make it work for 10 years and now it’s time to cut your loses not only for herself, but more importantly for their daughter.

  • Cece

    I feel zero sympathy for either of them. Scrappy has no idea what he wants but he does no he doesnt want to pay child support . Shay take notes and move on it aint even worth it. Erica baby your not fooling anyone you knew why scrappy proposed and it had nothing to do with him saving his career, you did it to crack shay face which you were successful in and you did it cause you knew you couldnt get childsupport out of him so why not get a ring instead ( saw how you didnt want to give that ring back in that episode you “snapped”). If he hasnt changed yet he’s not going to, if he hasnt stopped his mother from controlling his life he’s not going to. Co-parent and let that be the end of it. Bow out with a little dignity Ms. Dixon

  • scrappy=crappy

    hmmm let me go off for erica in 5 4 3 2 1…lol.

    i think erica just tried because she really loved erica.

    and she is absolutely right, some men just dont like appearing a certain way in front of other people. scrappy is just this type of dude…he just wants to be seen as a good guy to erica even though he wasnt. its almost like he leaves her or cheats on her any time he things something better or more exciting comes along. and buckey stop playing stupid, you knew he was still messing with erica, talking about ” i didnt know”, you knew, you just wanted him to end up with you.

    scrappy basically wanted erica to accept a disrespectful man, a disrespectful mother in law and a disrespectful side chick on top of his crazy spending habits.

    how she gonna raise her daughter and you and the same dam time? makes no sense.

    and he was complaining about her leaving him when he went out drinking all night then said he couldnt breath, then he TOLD HIS MAMA ON HER so she could go off on erica.

    erica you dont need him in your life, seems like all he adds is stress, and you seem so much more mature than him.

  • miaJ

    Erica needs a MAN and Scrappy isnt quite there yet

  • driven

    I one hundred percent believe her. Erica seems like the only one on that show that has a little common sense about how to be treated in a relationship. I feel sorry that she was toyed around by scrappy that long, but i am proud that she is making a stand for herself instead of being played and walked over like (ahem* mimi). Scrappy and his mother are a mess and they deserve a messy female to join their family. Scrappy is full of crap tryinb to pretend he is a good man on tv, but talking to other females behind her back. Triflin!!

  • FamuRattler85

    I read that in her voice.

  • scandalous7

    i believe it

  • CC

    Scrappy is a loser and he lives up to his name…of a character from Scooby Doo….and he is nothing but some scraps….lol… had to laugh at that myself…But Erica was smart in ending the engagement…I have been seeing him with that ugly girl Shay…so he is doing Erica a favor…he would take care of his child and we could co-parent but I would keep it moving…Erica you deserve but than something called Scrappy….

  • WeekzTC

    I think she used iterations wrong. #Random.
    But i guess I see what she talkin about.

    • hollyw

      I thought the saaame thang lol.

    • Sharene14

      me too and I’m reading it like she must have meant intentions lol

    • Crumbcake

      I don’t even think “iteration” is a word!! lol. But like you said…we get it. smh

  • mskane808

    i once was team erica until i wanted to interview her, i not go into to much detail but she messy an rude ,,don’t believe this bytch, she has always played second best to him, scrappy never wanted her azz, getting knocked uo will not make a man want you, she has been a door mate for him for the last 10 years plus, what she need to do is gain some self esteem an move on an stop letting her baby daddy run in an out her life, she knows who he really love an it was never her an never will be #DIAMOND

    • whocaresiknowidont

      Well…aren’t you a sad little thing. I’m absolutely floored that she denied you an interview, given your grip on executing the english language. #READABOOK

      • mskane808

        B**** sad lmao u are so terribly funny, i almost forgot to laugh, thank you English teacher for paying attention to my grammar, you do realize she a regular person right? not a patti, not beyonce, not a tina turner , so again you d*** riding fan why am i sad? you clowns need a life an stop watching tv idolizing people who don’t give 2 sh**s about you nor know you exist, i’ll make sure,, i tweet her an tell her that her captain save a ho,, came running out the woods for her defense

      • MLS2698

        I was wondering if this person was claiming to be a journalist because I could hardly read what they wrote. #NOTonePERIODinTHEwholePARAGRAPH or in the response to you! #DOUBLEcommasTOO

    • CC

      Yes she does need to stop letting him run in and out of her life.

    • Jay Lane

      Gee, I wonder why that interview never happened?
      *insert sarcasm here*

      • mskane808

        gee i wonder why non factor people be all up in somebody else business?? *insert sarcasm here*

        • Jay Lane

          You are on the internet ranting about Erica’s life choices, chapter and verse, but I’m all up in someone’s business??

          Why hello Pot! May I introduce you to Kettle?

          • mskane808

            im not ranting about shi*, i just made a comment, which i am entitle to on an open form, you no life having people being fans of folks you have no idea about,, need to have a damn seat, if you didnt agree with what i said you could have kept your dumb a** comment to yourself. but no instead you want to come co sign. child bye, i will no argue with a computer robot

            • Yeppers

              Shay is that you!?

              • mskane808

                no its mama dee,,, mimi

      • mlw1924


  • Ms. Fox

    you went from one womanizer to another.. i hope those floyd mayweather stories are false…

  • clove8canela

    I think Scrappy is so full of it. It’s always the dudes that treat you the worse that are so sorry & remorseful after you finally decide to get rid of their sorry a$$ for good. I’m not really quite sure what his intentions were when he proposed but I do agree with her in that they may have not been entirely pure. Scrappy is still not quite a man yet with such boyish behavior. Maybe once he learns that there’s more to a relationship than the honeymoon phase, then he’ll finally be ready for something more.

    • right

      so true, just begging and acting so sorry with tears in their eyes…wtf for? they need to just forget about it.

      but really its because they are very insecure, but that aint my problem…