She’s Killed For Less…(Kidding!): Fan At Beyoncé Concert Slaps Her Booty During Show, She Sets Him Straight

May 28, 2013  |  

If there’s one thing a lady doesn’t want, it’s a man sexually assaulting her when she’s minding her business trying to work.

Unfortunately for Beyoncé, that’s the exact situation she found herself when performing in Copenhagen. During her performance of “Irreplaceable,” while dressed in her sequin blue jumpsuit, the singer took to the crowd to give her fans the chance to sing her song. When she walked up to a young man and put the microphone to his face, it’s not clear if he really sang anything at all, but when she turned around to continue singing, he slapped her on the backside. While she’s not the feistiest chick in the industry ready to curse folks out, she turned around really quick, pointed at the guy and said, “I will have you escorted out right now. Alright?”

And as if nothing happened, she continued on, roaring out the song: “Don’t you ever for a second get to thinkiiiiiiiing!” As the entertainers say, the show must go on. But with all foolery at live shows, someone caught the man with the hands he couldn’t keep to himself on camera. Despite her threat to get him thrown out, according to NME, the overzealous fan was allowed to stay and enjoy the rest of the show. This isn’t the first time folks have come too close to Beyoncé during her up-close-and-personal moments with fans. Earlier in the tour while walking through the crowd at a show, a couple fans grabbed at her hair and touched her face. Not to say she shouldn’t interact with her fans, but yeah…she might want to be a bit more careful.


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  • folamix

    He would have been gone

  • get real

    That dude should put that hand on Ebay.

  • Better not let Jay-Z hear about this; we’ll never hear or see from that man again…

  • justaguy

    Looks like a duck, talks like a duck, walks like a duck…Then it’s a dam duck! Looks like a stripper, dances like a stripper, sings like a stripper….what do you expect?

  • MLS2698

    Total disrespect! No woman should be treated that way, performer or not. Another site said he was put out during the intermission, is that true? Do y’all remember when Tim Mcgraw’s crotch was grabbed by a woman, and his wife checked the lady? I guess some fans just think you are a piece of meat while gyrating and wearing close to no clothes during performances. The nerve of them!

    • Alecia Murphy

      I remember the Tim McGraw incident and Faith Hill was good to just give that lady a talking to instead of decking her.
      But yes I agree whether or not you agree with how someone looks, performs, or acts- they deserve to be respected as a person whether or not they’re doing their job.

  • amirbey

    She loved it, likes the attention!

  • Longpig

    Another deluded white man that thinks black women’s bodies are at their disposal. She has waaay more self control than I would -_-

    • Tee Elyse

      I don’t think it has anything to do with him being white, more so just being a man, if anything! Black men do the same thing too… I thought she was rather classy when she checked him, because I would’ve cursed him out! That’s just me tho!

    • Dreama41

      *Rolls eyes* Why does every topic have to turn into an platform for racial hate? News flash, black men aren’t exactly known for being respectful to women. Please stop with the nonsense.

    • Hello

      Why can’t people just see each other for their personalities, humor and sensitivity instead of viewing them by skin color. Racism stays alive because some people continue to segregate with descriptions of others.

  • I think she was jokign with him..kinda like flirting. It looked harmless.

  • YaY!

    Wow! Bey has classsss! That man had ballllllzzzz..