End Of Engagement Parties And Men On The DL? The 9 Most Talked About Moments From Last Night’s “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta”

May 28, 2013  |  
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Yesterday’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” was brought to you by the letter “H.” H, for the word “h*,” which was said and used to refer to many different women on the show way too much last night. From Joseline talking about Che’ Mack, to Traci Steele talking about every woman Drew knows,  it was rampant. And as usual, the foolery was rampant as well. Rasheeda told Kirk about the baby, Scrappy set Momma Dee straight and K. Michelle got a taste of her own medicine. Let’s talk about it all…

Kirk Thinks His New Baby With Rasheeda Is A “Setback”

Despite trying to set the mood right by lighting candles and placing pillows around their living room ever so romantically, there’s just no right way to tell a man in financial straits that you’re bringing a baby into the world. And sadly, Kirk didn’t smile or even hug Rasheeda when she broke the news. He just put his head down and blamed her for not taking her birth control pills (and tried to defend the pull-out method…fail). Despite talks of having one more child in the past, Kirk calls this unexpected blessing a “setback” and Rasheeda is left to figure out the situation on her own. For now…

Shay Pretends She’s Over Scrappy, But Shows Up Everywhere He’s At

After a sit-down with Traci Steele of all people, where the DJ tells Shay not to seek revenge on Scrappy or wait for him to get right, but to move the hell on, Shay seems confused about what “moving on” means. Eventually, she realizes that trying to make Scrappy feel the pain she felt when he dumped her to get back with Erica just won’t work. She decides that she’s done with homeboy. But of course, Momma Dee won’t let that happen because she has no “act right”…(see next page)

Momma Dee’s Crazy Behind Throws Scrappy An “End of Engagement” Party

Excited as hell by the news that Scrappy and Erica have temporarily gone their separate ways, Momma Dee buys a cake and cooks all of Scrappy’s favorite food to commemorate the usually sad situation. The cake even says “EOE,” which stands for “End of Engagement.” The soiree is also attended by the girl who allegedly moved on from Scrappy–Shay. She’s actually the first person to cut a slice of the cake, the only other person there, and she listens as Momma Dee tells her it’s time for Shay to take her place in the “kingdom.” But when Scrappy shows up, the party turns sour. He reminds Momma Dee that he and Erica aren’t done for good, but just need some time, and that her constant intrusion in his business is starting to work his nerves. Momma Dee pretends that she will “step the hell back” then, but we all know she has nothing else better to do.

Traci Steele and Drew Interview Video Vixens For The Shoe Boutique That’s Not Happening…Things Get Ugly As Usual

In the most tired storyline of the show, DJ Traci Steele and DJ Babey Drew come together to interview women for a chance to work in the shoe boutique they’re trying to put together. I don’t know why though. She hasn’t given over the money needed for it, and they can barely sit down together without arguing. Either way, a few women show up to be interviewed, and of course, they are dressed like they’re going to the club after 11. Boobs out, crop tops and tatts for the world to see–it’s clearly a staged scene by Mona and Co. Drew proceeds to ask extremely unprofessional questions (about their tattoos and lips), and even Traci has a rude moment when one says she used to be in a few music videos, and the DJ calls her a “video h*” for no reason. In the end, the one called a “video h*” calls Traci a hater and every candidate is asked to leave as Traci threatens to whoop a**. Once again, Traci and Drew get into a big argument where she accuses him of bringing in those particular girls to “disrespect her.” He denies it all, and as usual, asks her if she can still run him that $25,000. So done with these two…

Che Mack Gets Her TV Stolen, Stevie J Is Her Shoulder To Cry On…Of Course

So after acting a fool in the club on the last episode, Che Mack ended up having a bad week. Her house was broken into and her TV was stolen (and we’re assuming other more important things). Like a wannabe Santa Claus, Stevie J shows up to comfort her, with a new television (42 inches by the way), a hug, and the possibility of taking their working relationship to the next level (while also reminding her that he’s worked with big names like Jay-Z, Beyonce and more). Che opens about the struggle of trying to make it, and doing everything by herself, and in some deja-vu, Stevie lets her know that he’s got her back. Somebody won’t be too happy about this though.

Joseline Tells Stevie J To Stay Away From “Metal Mouth,” aka, Che Mack

And that somebody is Joseline. When she met up with Stevie later for hookah, she set him straight about rumors “little white girls” were telling her about Che Mack and Stevie working together. He denied it, of course, and in reality, it seems that Joseline is feeling as though Che is a threat (she’s literally in the place Joseline was with Stevie last season). She grilled him about taking their relationship more seriously and why he needs to get it together so she can trust him. He makes his usual rat faces and folks fall in place.

The Real Reason Why Scrappy Texts Other Women While With Erica Is…

Sitting down with his father to discuss everything from his meddling mom to his relationship with Erica, his dad asked him the million dollar question, which was why he felt the need to be in contact with other women while with Erica.

In the words of Martin Payne, he wanted to see “if I still got it.” Despite all that they’ve been through together, he admits that he put his relationship on the line because he felt that when Erica wasn’t acting in the way he wanted (not being lovey-dovey, getting on his back, etc), he had the right to hit up other women, just to see if they’d be down to clown if he asked them to. Men…

K. Michelle Makes Claims That Mimi’s Man And His Singing Friend Are Gay, Gay, Gay

Now this whole last scene? Messy. Mimi invited Arian and K. Michelle to see her have a cameo in her man Niko’s new music video. While getting her hair and makeup done, the ladies came in, and after realizing that a singer named Johnny was in the video too, K went on to spread the word that he was gay. She didn’t know for sure, but her gay male friends in the industry had claimed it was true. Mimi disagreed with K’s conclusion since she’s been around Johnny, while Ariane agreed, and eventually, the women moved on.

But somehow, Johnny got word of the rumor K was spreading at his shoot and confronted her. Which he had the right to do. Clearly caught, she got defensive, and before you knew it, Nikko was running over to yell at the tiny singer too (which he shouldn’t have done). Before long, it was a mess, and K was calling folks out as gay out loud in front of others, (including Niko).

Mimi Snaps On K And Ariane For Ruining Things For Her With Their Drama

When K finally decided to leave, Ariane decided to let both men know they were out of line for calling K out like that and basically ganging up on her. The men went back and forth with Ariane while Mimi was outside shooting her scene, but when she finished, she came back in to give everybody a piece of her mind. In true Mimi fashion, she pumped hard with a lot of hand movement, letting people know that she’s tired of K Michelle trying to ruin things that are about Mimi and not about K (must we remind you of the candle-throwing incident she had with Rasheeda at Mimi’s housewarming??). Arian and K left in disgust, and Mimi continued to scream at…nobody in particular.

However, the stage has been set for Mimi and K Michelle to go toe to toe in the next episode. Should be ratch!

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  • aDayLateAndAdollarShort

    Furthermore, if that’s how Drew really is, he’s a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen. He needs to mature, as a professional.

  • aDayLateAndAdollarShort

    I hope after the season ends Traci takes some time to do a little reflection. That man does not love her nor does he want to be with her. And I have an inkling that they were never “together” before or during her pregnancy. She’s just mad she was sold the dream. And Drew continues to sell her the dream smdh.

  • pretty1908

    For the first time , Kmichelle tried to be the bigger person and look where it got her! True, her and arianne could’ve chose another setting to discuss their opinions on the DL guy, but we all saw that K. tried to squash it and go on with the shoot. It amazes me how to two guys got so negative and defensive, but you could look at them and tell that they were in fact homosexual. I agree with K.Michelle if you going to be gay or bisexual , you should be honest about it. Mimi and Rasheeda loves to point out the fact that K. Michelle is single, but look at who they are dating or married to. Rasheeda’s husband wasn’t even excited about her pregnancy. Mimi has been dating stevie off and on for the last decade or so. Erica just needs to focus on her career and leave scrappy alone. He isn’t ready for marriage or a monogamous relationship. Poor shay is too stupid to realize that scrappy won’t treat her any better than he did Erica. Why won’t you want to be with a man who has toxic relationship with his mother?

  • clove8canela

    I thought Traci was waaay out of line as she continues to define what “baby mama drama” means to me. It’s time for her to get some professional help & move on. Insulting and attempting to fight every woman Drew deals with is pointless & unhealthy. And as she continues to assert that all women that he associates with are h*es…then what does that make her? The exception to the rule?

    Also, I thought Kirk’s reaction to Rasheeda’s pregnancy announcement was real foul. I expect that from a jump off or something, but her husband?! Of 10+ years?! I understand if he’s not thrilled about it but he was acting as she was just some chick off the street.

    Lastly, I think Mimi might be on something. She’s lost a lot of weight since last season & I think she’s been getting way too turnt up (moreso than usual) whenever she starts to spazz. .

  • Trisha_B

    Mimi got w/ a man that looks & sounds just like Stevie J lol

    K is just annoying!!!! Why does she feel the need to always call someone out. It’s none of your business what goes on in someone else bedroom. & why was Ariene yelling at the guys for calling K out? w.e

    Momma Dee needs help. It seems like she’s the one that pushed Scrappy’s dad away

    I feel bad for Traci & she deserves so much more. It seems like Drew likes to get her mad. How he was flirting w/ those girls right in front of her was disrespectful. & that one girl who kept throwing out her degree but yet she was at an interview for a retail job that wasn’t gonna pay her no more than $8.50 lol. I think they were hired by vh1 b/c they know it would have caused a reaction out of Traci. B/c they couldn’t be serious coming to an interview dressed like that lol

  • Jazz

    I actually didn’t think K was wrong in that situation. Her, Ariane, and Mimi were speaking and the men chose to eavesdrop. Ariane co-signed K’s comments saying that her gay male friends had said the same thing about Johnny. I was confused as to why everybody came for K when Ariane was saying the same things. K even said she’d be quiet & watch the shoot but they wanted to get all crazy with her.

  • CoCo Lee

    Che Mack looks like she smells like old onions…

    • Ms. Kameria

      She isn’t the prettiest thing in the world. I really felt bad for her though when someone broke into her house. That was very sweet and noble for Stevie to replace the t.v that was stolen.

      • CoCo Lee

        Yea that was sad… but I hope he doing this out the Kindness of his heart.. and not 2 get the panties… then again this is Stevie we are talking about

        • MLS2698

          He should have gotten her an ADT system and paid the bill, too. Oh, he is going to try for the panties, no doubt! Did she have renters insurance? And how is she going to keep the new TV from being stolen? IJS

      • MLS2698

        Sweet and noble, huh? Don’t tell me you are falling for Steebie’s game too. That’s the same stuff he used to pull with Mimi, buy her something, and say how pretty she is. What was that TV, a Vivio ( or however you say it)? Anyway, they cost like, 12 cents per inch of screen……..cheap, but sweet.

        • Reese

          Aye now I got a Vizio! lol they are pretty decent TVs for the cost.

          • MLS2698

            I was just joking. Most Tv’s are pretty cheap now. My school has 70 inch tvs for viewing, and a whole slew of 50 inch TVs for the young college students to play video games. SMH, that’s where my tuition is going. Remember the days of having a 42 inch TV was considered huge?

            • Reese

              Lol it’s all love I took it as a joke.

        • Ms. Kameria

          No, I’m not “falling” for anything. I was just saying that was a kind gesture….I don’t get too deep into reality tv people’s lives like that.

          • MLS2698

            Uh, I was joking. You need some lessons from REESE. Gesture, huh? Okaaay…..

      • sweet and noble? Which Stevie J are you talkin about? There is nothing sweet and noble about ulterior motives…

  • MLS2698

    K-Michelle is hella-funny! LOL at g@y co-pilot! I missed some parts, but those dudes, Nikko and his friend, just look odd to me. But Mimi insists they are not…….

  • Really?!

    The only part I seen of last night episode was Mimi spazzing out (for whatever reason STILL unknown to me). Its funny how Mimi be ALL THE WAY turnt up at the “non-threaten” individuals. Now lets see if she will have that same “turnt” up energy when talking to Joseline or K. Michelle? *sits patiently awaiting for that day*

    • Guest

      Couldn’t stop laughing because I thought the EXACT same thing when she went off…..on no one in particular and for no particular reason.

  • Say What?

    I’m not a fan of the show, but it’s quite obvious that Scrappy’s mom has a love for her son bordering on incestuous. Also I’m tired of the gay thing. The reason a lot of people are closeted are because of people like K. who admonish them for it and probably won’t work with them because of it. Ironically K is the first to put other business out there, but like to keep hers personal. She’s the definition of immature and messy.

    • MLS2698

      That’s not love, it’s fear. She has no man, nor has she ever trusted a man. Anyone who can be a p-i-m-p does not have natural feelings for others. Anyway, I wanted to know what Scrappy’s father looked like since he looks nothing like Mama-Dee.Boy! does he look just like his dad; lucky for him. This whole show is messy, and just entertainment…..I hope.

    • Jay Lane

      Just a note- K didn’t admonish him for being gay, per se. She called him out for being gay and not being honest about. In the show, he is attempting to pass himself off as an exclusively straight man.

      • aDayLateAndAdollarShort

        Agreed. And I also agree with what K said, but necessarily how she went about it lol. If you are gay, you need to be honest about it and not risk the health of yourself and others.

  • Tarin50

    LOL! Thanks for the update

  • Yolanda

    Scrappy’s mom is so ignorant that it isn’t funny. We think that it is only men that make men leave their kid and family. Now we see how ignorant some of these moms are….Let your son be the man that he is trying so hard to be..