“You Are A A**hole”: Kendu Isaacs Goes In On Mary J. Blige Fan Who Blamed Him For Mary’s Tax Troubles

May 27, 2013  |  

You’ve probably already heard about Mary J. Blige’s current tax woes. As we reported last week, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul owes the IRS more than $3,000,000, claiming she neglected to pay taxes for three consecutive years: 2009, 2010, and 2011. We haven’t heard from Blige as of yet, but her husband sure has a lot to say. Well, at least on Twitter. When a fan of his wife tried to blame Kendu Isaacs for Mary’s money trouble after Isaacs claimed it was all a lie (Isaacs is reportedly her manager and has been since the early 00s), he fired back, and it got a little ugly:

@Kenduisaacs Go home & raise your kids, Mary needs a professional team. And being quite don’t make anything better.

@iNewYorker get ur own life and live it! My wife & I are fine & u believe that stupid Isht if U want to, because u have nothing else to do.

@Kenduisaacs Who’s gonna lie about an IRS lien? (@TMZ) I never came for y’all relationship, dummy. You a bad manager.

@iNewYorker you are a asshole. You do nothing but sit online and watch others lives and think you know what your talking about.

Clearly this is a very touchy subject for everyone in Mary’s circle. But honestly, I can’t understand how celebrities and the people who manage their finances find themselves going YEARS without giving the IRS their money. Anywho, as for Isaacs, it probably would have been best to ignore the Twitter follower. Isaacs has bigger fish to fry…like figuring out his family is going to pay back the IRS ASAP so that Mary doesn’t end up in a situation like Wesley Snipes or Lauryn Hill…

What do you think of his back and forth with the follower on Twitter? 

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  • Alexis Morris

    why dont mary just pay her taxes? I am sick of these celebs and rich people not wanting to pay their taxes. I am not rich and I certainly have to pay my taxes and shut my mouth. they get alot of things for free and what is 3 million to mary j. really? I would think a couple of appearances and concerts would knock that right out. she is blessed to be making that much money to have to pay back that much… and I hope she realizes that taxes pay for more than welfare, foodstamps, etc. b/c I know alot of people are like ‘im not paying my hard earned money for people to do this and that, yaddda, yadda, yadda…”

  • Jasmine

    I would think that my spouse who is benefiting from my hard earned money would show an interest in our financial stability. I asked my husband questions and rejected his choice of a financial adviser. When the IRS came knocking, I clearly stated, “not my signature, not my debt.” He left everything to the adviser discretion. Bad move that I advised against; however, he was my husband and I was looking out for both of our interest. Financial it not hurt him, but the family as a whole.

  • It’s Mary’s fault for not checking on her money. That is one thing she should NEVER be too busy to do. NEVER leave that to someone else. Her finances AND her taxes should be her priorities.

    • Guest360

      I was just about to write the same thing. Married or not, it’s your money that YOU are responsible for. The tax lien is against her. Not him. Which leads me to believe he damn sure paid his taxes lol. For the life of me I don’t understand how these celebs end up in these situations when they’ve got example after example of how to NOT behave when you get money. Just don’t get it at all.

    • Fair and Balanced

      Unfortunately, Mary has always given her life over to the man that was in it. Whether or not she can pay her taxes we will probably never know the truth behind it but what we do know as far as paying taxes according to news reports her name is floating alone not jointly with her spouse. Thus, she is responsible and should know where every dime is going or in her case every million.

  • guest

    Ever since Mary’s been with him…she’s had money issues after money issues so what are we to think? Maybe she did have $ issues before him but I don’t recall hearing about any. I think she needs new management b/c even her music has taken a hit with him being in charge of her career.

    • JB#3

      We aren’t to think anything. That’s Mary’s life and her situation. We should stay in our lanes and focus on our own finances.

  • Nia

    I don’t have a twitter and if I was in the public eye I definitely would not have a twitter. Mary is not the only one who has had big IRS problems and she’s not going to be the last. There are a bunch of other celebs who also have big IRS issues and Kendu isn’t married to them so they need to stfu.

  • Mercedes

    Seriously why dont she just pay it and get on with her life.

  • Fans kill me thinking because they hear a song and read a blog that they know EVERYTHING about their favorite celeb. People need more distractions in life and less Twitter. Most people including me don’t know what it’s like to have that amount of money or to even owe taxes rather than receive at the end of the year so passing judgement on people who find themselves in tax trouble is ridiculous.

    • kierah

      Kendu is Mary J. Blige’s manager. He has proudly stood up and said that when times were good. It seems like Mary’s reputation is taking all the knocks and as her management, Kendu has nothing to say. Between the IRS problems and defaulting on a loan, there is clearly an issue and he’s not representing his wife/client very well. Clapping back on Twitter is not a good look.

      • Either way my point is it’s no ones business and people shouldn’t judge seems like someone is always ready to judge something they know nothing about

  • kierah

    Did someone hit a little too close to home Kendu?